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She still wanted him to come over to verify it.

It was just for peace of mind and taking a chance.

And now, taking a chance was eliminated.

The motive, strength, time spent on the scene, and so on of Mu Zixi and the others committing the crime were seriously lacking.

The trial officer dismissed the idea of continuing the interrogation.

Originally, his mission had included verifying Mu Zixis wood attribute ability and strength to see if it was a transformation of the Imitator.

However, during the interrogation process, the little girls natural use of the wood attribute, as well as her habits of watering plants and weeding, had perfectly addressed the concerns.

No one could use the wood attribute ability so skillfully after obtaining the Imitator.

Before Yi imitated a person, he had to study the living habits, abilities, and details of the person to be imitated for a long time.

In the camp of the Xu Faction, there was perhaps only one person who could perfectly imitate Mu Zixis living habits and wood element ability without wasting any extra time — Young Master Xu!

However, he had to know in advance that he would obtain the Imitator in a few years.

Only then would he spend a lot of time secretly observing his subordinates living habits, tone of voice, micro-expressions, and other details, right

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If this was a trap set up by a young man…

How shrewd this person would be

Taking years to set up such a trap with so many twists and turns.

In the end, there was only one target to kill, and the trap was successful.

It was terribly meticulous!

Most importantly, Young Master Xu had a very direct alibi — from the beginning to the end, he was in the Xu Factions tent, not taking a single step out.


“I suspect you.

You have to come with me!”

This kind of statement could be said to anyone in the world by Holy Divine Palace but only not to the descendant of the Demi-Saint faction!

Young Master Xu was tough.

This could be seen from the fact that even Yu Lingdi was forced to retreat.

If the above statement worked on the Demi-Saint descendant, Yi would not have to wait so long before he could personally interrogate Mu Zixi.

He had even secretly brought Mu Zixi out for questioning.

Otherwise, all the subsequent disasters would not happen!

“Theres one more target…”

The trial officer didnt plan to interrogate Young Master Xu.

Rao Yaoyao also agreed that Young Master Xu wasnt someone to be trifled with.

What he needed to confirm was the guardian Xiaoqing.

A small Master (stage) who had mastered a bit of Divine Secret technique.

It was very ridiculous but in the Demi-Saint faction, it seemed to be very normal for him to be Young Master Xus guardian.

The interrogation began…

The interrogation ended…

There wasnt the slightest anomaly!

Patriarch Wujis name was Xuan Wuji.

Even if he wasnt as unfathomable as Dao Qiongcang, he wasnt someone a mere Cutting Path (stage) intelligence officer could force out anything.

Yi could torture him to the point where his physical body collapsed, leaving only his soul, was that he was under the weapon prohibition order and couldnt resist.

Now that he was fully capable and had made preparations beforehand, what could he possibly get out of him

If he could get anything out of him, Xuan Wuji could slit his throat and commit suicide!

“Theres nothing unusual.”

In the air, the trial officer of Cutting Path (stage) was hiding in the Way of the Heavens.

After two fruitless actions, he was deep in thought.

After considering all the circumstances, he could only come to the same conclusion as Yu Zhiwen.

Yi died within a quarter of an hour because he had fallen into a trap.

For the stowaway of the Yunlun Mountain Range to be able to accurately determine Yis whereabouts, there must be a mole in Holy Divine Palace!

He used his spiritual senses to probe into the chiefs tent.

Young Master Xu was resting his chin on his hand and dozing off.

He was heartless, which suited his character very well.

“Do you want to give it a try”

The trial officer was not sure if Demi-Saints descendant would notice if the spiritual guidance worked on him.

He only knew that Young Master Xu was not someone to be trifled with.

However, for the sake of the mission, sometimes he had to put out the fire no matter how dangerous it was.

Rao Yaoyaos mission instructions did not require him to interrogate Young Master Xu.

But as a subordinate, to be used by Rao Yaoyao at this moment, the trial officer knew that he had to have the spirit of dedication.

He was not afraid of death.

What he was afraid of was the truth which was probably hidden in a coincidence that was a hundred thousand times unlikely!


Just as he wanted to risk his life to probe, the communication bead rang.

The trial officer picked it up.

It was Rao Yaoyaos communication bead.

He took it very seriously and directly connected it.

“Come back,” a very tired voice came out of the communication bead.

“Senior Rao, I still have one last step to finish.

Give me another couple of minutes…” the trial officer struggled for the last time.

“Theres no need to do useless work anymore,” Rao Yaoyao interrupted.


The communication bead was silent for a long time.

Only rustling sounds could be heard.

Finally, a voice with suppressed anger appeared, and it was very heavy.

“Wang Dachui found the remnant power of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap trap left behind by Saint Servants Storyteller at the scene of Yis death!”


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