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In the Abyss Island Rift, Teng Shanhai and a few black-clothed law enforcers were all shocked.

Just now, the moment the time was up, Rao Yaoyao had promptly called back all the intelligence officers who had gone out to follow up on the clues about Yis death.

Just as everyone had gathered here, Wang Dachuis words stunned everyone.

“Was Yi killed by Storyteller”

Teng Shanhai stared at Wang Dachui with his single eye.

His eye filled with disbelief.

Rao Yaoyao shared the information with the higher-ups of this mission.

Even though the news of Yis death was still sealed in the outside world, it was known to all the black-clothed law enforcers present.

Therefore, who didnt know that Storyteller should still be in Sky City with Bazhunan at this time

How could he have the time to kill Yi silently

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“Impossible! I think theres a trap.

It cant be.

This is the power of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap stolen by another faction.

Theyre trying to shift the blame to Saint Servant to divert attention!” a black-clothed man blurted out.

As soon as he finished speaking, someone on the side immediately refuted, “Saint Servant, Storytellers Yin Yang Life and Death Trap, after doing so many years of intelligence work, do you understand his ability If you dont even understand it, how can you say that someone in this world can steal Storytellers ability”

“What you said is not unreasonable.

But how do you explain the fact that Storytellers original body is in Sky City, and he can teleport out to kill Yi”

“He has a clone!”

“A clone Its ridiculous! Putting aside the fact that Storytellers clone is not a Demi-Saints clone, his clones ability is not even comparable to the original body.

Even if Storytellers original body appears, do you think he can kill Yi”

“Although Storyteller is a Cutting Path (stage), his ability is comparable to the Higher Void (level).

In terms of the level of the strangeness of his spiritual technique, he is second to none in the world.

Perhaps he had collaborated with Divine Sorcerer and successfully killed Yi!”

“Perhaps Its ridiculous! Cutting Path (stage) is Cutting Path (stage), and Higher Void (level) is Higher Void (level).

If you want to mix up the realms, you can use it on geniuses and mortals… But who is Yi Is he an ordinary Higher Void (level) In terms of the level of the strangeness of spiritual technique, no matter how strange Storyteller is, how can he be compared to Yi”

“Perhaps, its a covert attack” another person spoke weakly.

The man in black who spoke first shook his head, and said in a deep voice, “Higher Void (level) has heart-blood sensing.

Unless one is extremely weak, who can successfully launch a covert attack on HIgher Vod (level) When Yi was out on the mission, he was at his peak state.

In his peak state, the Chief of the Transformation Division couldnt defeat Saint Servant, the Seventh Chief of Cutting Path (stage)”

The scene fell silent for a moment.

Everyone was suppressed by the aura of the man in black.

Teng Shanhai slightly narrowed his one eye.

Wang Dachuis face filled with impatience.

However, Rao Yaoyao remained silent.

The two of them did not dare to act rashly in the current tense situation.

They could only choose to watch by the side.

Arguing in front of the ruler of the red-clothed people, Rao Yaoyao, seemed to be an extremely irrational thing.

However, the few men in black did not show any signs of stopping.

After a short pause, someone sobered up after thinking for a while and immediately spoke up.

“Youre right.

Storytellers ability is a little strange, but its not as strange as Yi.

Perhaps he can collaborate with Divine Sorcerer to carry out an assassination, but he doesnt have the ability to end things.”

“So, he might not have killed Yi, but his Yin Yang Life and Death Traps power appearing at the venue of Yis death is definitely not as simple as being an outsider like what youve mentioned.”

“I speculate that other than Storyteller, there must be a third person or even a fourth or fifth party!”

After a pause, he added heavily, “Higher Void (level)!”

“Hehe…” the first man in black who spoke sneered when he heard this, and his words were filled with ridicule, “Other than the Yin Yang Life and Death Traps ability, you seem to have forgotten about Divine Sorcerer! Situ Yongren has said that Divine Sorcerers ability could rank in the top five or even the top three in the continent!”

“You mean Divine Sorcerer has the power of eradication, and Yi was killed by him”

“You can understand it that way.”

“Didnt you think that Yi was killed by someone else”

“The Divine Sorcerer can besomeone else, other people can also besomeone else.” The man in black who spoke first was very calm.

He then said, “What I mean is that we dont know anything about the connection between Divine Sorcerer and Saint Servant.

Its meaningless to speculate without any evidence.

He might have formed an alliance with another organization and framed Saint Servant.”

Everyone fell silent again.

Such bold speculation was indeed possible.

No one had strong evidence that Divine Sorcerer and Saint Servant had collaborated and what the killing process was like.

No one knew!

“Youre wrong.”

At this moment, after calming down, someone refuted.

“Theres no way that Divine Sorcerer has killed Yi.

Dont forget, the person in charge of Cloud Realm was Yu Zhiwen.

Her ability may not be as good as Divine Sorcerers, but…”

“Pearl Gem Star Eyes!” someone immediately echoed.

“Yes, Pearl Gem Star Eyes.

The power of this pair of star eyes can break through the secrets of the heavens and be used to fight for the control of the Cloud Realm.

Even if Hallmaster Dao comes, we cant completely ignore it.

We must put pressure on Yu Zhiwen to resolve it.”

“But if that was the case, Divine Sorcerer would have been held back and wasted a lot of time.”

“So, its impossible for him to have killed Yi.”

“Theres definitely a third person present, or even the fourth or the fifth!”


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