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Yunlun Mountain Range, core zone.

The Nine Dragon Range was divided into nine mountain peaks and their coordinates were marked on the trial jade pendant.

After one night, it could be said that the Nine Dragon Range was occupied by a large number of people.

Among them, the First, Sixth, and Eighth Dragon Ranges had all been conquered by the trial-takers.

This was announced by the trial jade pendant and the coordinates of the three ranges had changed from gray to dazzling gold.

As long as they occupied the mountain for a day, the Dragon Lord and Dragon Guards of the Dragon Range would receive the corresponding points.

Next, it would depend on whether they could defend it or not…

The Fourth Dragon Range.

This was the Dragon Range closest to the Xu faction.

Because the forces of the Xu faction had wreaked havoc in the surrounding land realm, the trial-takers still had lingering fear in their hearts.

Even those with a little knowledge would not dare to occupy the mountain nearby and become the king.

They had all run to other places to fight for it.

However, not all the trial-takers participated in the battle for the path principles origin stone.

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There were still many trial-takers who had little information.

They chose the Fourth Dragon Range that was closest to them and chose to undergo the second round of the imperial city trial test.

After a night of fighting, the Fourth Dragon Range was covered in blood.

However, despite such circumstances, the trial jade pendant still did not announce that this Dragon Range had been conquered.

Its true owner had yet to be born.

“Brothers, hold on!”

“We still need to remove two more Dragon Guard flags, and then well be able to take down the Dragon Lords flag of the Fourth Dragon Range!”

“When the time comes, those that have contributed in this battle will be rewarded according to their merits.”

“Those that should become Dragon Guards will become the Dragon Guards, but those that cant become Dragon Guards.

I, Luo Yin, also have a large number of resources for you to continue cultivating!”

On the mountain peak of the Fourth Dragon Range, Luo Yin had a fierce expression and his clothes were soaked in blood.

He roared at the top of his voice as he pulled out the sixth Dragon Guard flag in front of him.

Luo Yin was the descendant of the higher void in the Grand Yuan Mansions Zhaoluo Heavenly Palace.

He has the sacred physique of the Sahā.

He had been unrestrained all his life and had never experienced defeat.

However, in the heaven geomantic battle in Dongtianwang city, he encountered the descendant of the demi-saint, Young Master Xu, and was defeated by his cheeky sword technique.

Luo Yin was fine with that outcome.

Luo Yin could accept that he had been defeated by the demi-saints descendant.

Thus, he calmed his emotions and started all over again.

When he obtained the qualification for the Imperial City trial, he resolutely chose to fight in the Yunlun mountain range.

Everyone was forming factions.

Luo Yin did not care about this.

He only found a few good brothers.

With his own powerful strength, he forcefully led everyone to the top of the rankings.

At the highest point, Luo Yin had even entered the top five.

But he had not expected that the second round of the Imperial City Trial would actually be a team battle!

Luo Yin had suffered a loss and had spent the entire night recruiting troops.

He had finally arrived before the Fourth Dragon Range was about to be taken over by another team.

He had killed his way here and had the initiative in his hands.

He pulled out the sixth Dragon Guard flag and placed it on his back.

Luo Yin looked around, killing intent surging in his eyes.

The surroundings were filled with noise.


“Kill all these people, kill Luo Yin!”

“Dragon Lord, Dragon Guard, they are all ours!”


The entire mountain was shouting for death.

With the addition of all the factions, there were hundreds of people attacking the mountain.

The mountain was filled with rivers of blood, but upon closer inspection, there was not even half a corpse.

Luo Yin was slightly absent-minded when he saw everyone going crazy.

He did not know how many trial-takers he had sent away in one night…



He did not care about these things.

He only knew that since he, Luo Yin, had come to this mountain, no one would be able to snatch the flag from his hands!

There were two brightly colored Dragon Guard flags planted on the sides of the mountain, and the ten feet tall Golden Dragon Lord flag was standing on the peak of the mountain, facing the strong wind.

The brothers beside Luo Yin were all resisting the invasion of the enemy.

Every one of them, more or less, had wounds on their bodies, but they were all clenching their teeth and holding on.


Just as they were in a daze, there was a slight sound in their ears.

Another trial-taker had broken through the blockade and was stabbing straight at them from behind with a long sword in his hand.

Luo Yin did not even need to turn his head back.

He just tilted his head and the spiritual sword behind his back brushed past his ears.

He bent his knees, bent his body, and struck backward with his elbows.


The powerful covert attack of the Sahā sacred physique directly blasted the ambusher into specks of stars and sent him out of the Yunlun mountain range.

“A weak person like you dared to attack me”

Luo Yin sneered.

With his strength, as long as he didnt meet the first echelon of the Yunlun mountain range, these little ants wouldnt even be able to withstand a punch.

Luo Yin didnt hesitate too much.

After bombarding a covert attack, he immediately ran to the next Dragon Guard flag.

The rules of the Nine Dragon Range were too vicious.

It took 15 minutes to pull out the Dragon Guard flag.

During this 15 minutes, the person removing the flag could only continuously inject spiritual source and couldnt do anything else.

Luo Yins loss was that he had too few people to use.

Generally speaking, if a large number of people were used to defend, the person who pulled the flag would be safe and sound.

However, there were only a few dozen people around Luo Yin.

It was slightly difficult to even defend against the mountain attackers.

Occasionally, a few covert attacks would be unleashed.

He could only rely on the Sahā sacred physique to pull the flag while resisting the covert attack and waiting for his teammates to support him.

Even though it was such a difficult defensive battle, Luo Yin still relied on his Sahā sacred physique to hold on until the seventh Dragon Guard flag.

The battle situation was indeed a little tragic.

But the victory was right in front of him.


Luo Yin unleashed his Sahā sacred physique, his eyes filled with ferocity as he clenched his teeth and held onto the seventh Dragon Guard flag in front of him.

He was prepared to endure the mountain attackers frenzied attacks.


“Charge over! Luo Yin is pulling out the flag again!”

“Within 15 minutes, he wont be able to move, this is our chance!”

When the attackers saw Luo Yins actions, their eyes turned bloodshot.


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