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Wood attribute.

At that time, his cultivation level was still at the innate stage, but now, he was already a master.

However, it didnt matter if he was a master or not.

Luo Yin knew that the most dangerous person in the Xu faction wasnt the vanguard in front of him, but Young Master Xu.

However, Young Master Xu had yet to appear, and as soon as Mu Zixi appeared, the Xu faction members fled in panic..

What did that mean

This girl had mutated

“How are you holding up”

Luo Yin took a step forward and questioned sternly.

He knew that Miss Mu had the ability to summon ancient trees and detonate ancient trees, but these methods were only effective against a dozen to twenty people.

To deal with a few hundred people on the mountain peak alone, how could a mere master like her withstand it

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She was only “one person”!

The moment Mu Zixi appeared, the members of the Xu faction escaped from the mountain peak in the blink of an eye, as if they were afraid of being targeted by the Grim Reaper.

The people guarding the mountain didnt realize anything because the quality of the spiritual medicine seeds that were sprinkled out was too good, and their life force was abundant.

It was obvious that they were all good treasures, and some people were even secretly collecting them.

Meanwhile, the two flag pullers were still continuing their task.

It wouldnt be good for them to chase after the members of the Xu faction down the mountain.

They were afraid that it was a trick to lure them away from the mountain.

However, at this moment.

That young and pretty Loli, with hair tied into two pigtails, slowly extended her hand.

She didnt give everyone any time to think and be enlightened.

Her small hand clapped.

“Little flower, rise!”

Under the gaze of everyone, Mu Zixi seemed to have been sucked dry in an instant.

His face became extremely pale.


Patter sounds came from all directions on the mountain.

It was like stir-frying lentils.


Luo Yin scanned his surroundings and realized that the spiritual medicine seeds that he had seen earlier had been scattered all over the mountain without him knowing.

And now, these seeds had been summoned by a wood attribute spiritual cultivator and were splitting apart one by one.

Flowers blossomed and the fruits grew.


Nothing else happened.

The ostentatious operation that the Xu faction members had done previously had come to an end.

After summoning these spiritual medicine and spiritual herbs, Mu Zixi didnt have the slightest bit of reluctance.

She turned around and ran.

“Goodbye! Take care!”

The mountain guards were confused.

That was all

It ended just like that

Everyone thought that there would be some earth-shattering situation that would follow.

It might be an explosion or something else, right It had to be earth-shattering, right

In the end, the Xu faction members caused such a scene for nothing.

It was as if the thunder had rumbled loudly, however, it was only a drizzle.

Other than the smell of spiritual medicine all over the mountain..

There was no follow-up

There wasnt even an explosion that they had been waiting for a long time but didnt want to experience!

They left gently, just like how they came gently.

They waved their hand gently as if they were the clouds in the western sky.

In a flash, the members of the Xu faction disappeared without a trace.

Some of them even dropped their shoes, but they didnt dare to turn back to pick them up.

“Idiot!” The people on the mountain had been shown off, and they started to curse.

Luo Yins mind was also blank.

He had fought for more than twenty years, and this was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

It was baffling.

He squatted down and picked up a spiritual medicine.

Luo Yin sniffed it lightly.

It was very fragrant.

It really was very fragrant.

It did not look like a poisonous spiritual medicine at all.

On the contrary, it was the same as what he felt when he picked up the spiritual medicine seed.

This things life force was surging and abundant.

If he could swallow it and refine it, his cultivation level would definitely increase by a large margin.

But it was too strange.

The Xu faction was so mighty just to send so many spiritual medicine to everyone on the mountain

So, they were actually good people

After thinking for a while, Luo Yin suddenly felt a little disgusted.

He felt that he should have been disgusted by the Xu factions inexplicable actions.

The next second.


Luo Yin retched.

He was frightened.

His lips trembled as he suddenly looked at the others.


“Barf, barf, barf”

Everyone was retching.

Some started to retch until their faces turned pale and their lips turned purple.

There was vomit all over the ground in front of them.

“Brother Luo, your, your mouth… barf”

Someone pointed at Luo Yins purplish-black lips.

His pupils trembled as black liquid vomit spurted out from his mouth.


It was really poison!

How could such a surging spiritual medicine of life force be poison!

Luo Yin was numb.

At this moment, something even more exaggerated came.

“F*ck, whats going on Im starting to feel it… excuse me, everyone, excuse me!” Suddenly, someone clutched his stomach and let out a strange cry.

It would be fine if he didnt cry out.

Once he cried out, everyone looked back as they vomited.

These were the two contestants in charge of removing the flags!

At the same time that Luo Yin realized that things werent looking good, a terrifying voice sounded.

“No, dont ~”

“You cant come out! Absolutely not, you cant ~”


“Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu…”


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