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The entire mountain reeked of stench.

In the beginning, it was just one person, and everyone despised him.

After that, it was everyone, and everyone was filled with grief and indignation.

Being a Spiritual cultivator… was a noble profession…

How could they start defecating in public without even taking off their pants


They couldnt take it anymore!

As soon as the strange seed of spiritual medicine grew, the fragrance wafted through the entire Fourth Dragon Range.

Everyone was caught off guard and fell for the attack.

Xu Xiaoshou had received the seed of spiritual medicine from the Yuan mansion world, and his level was quite high.

In addition to the constant nourishment of vitality spiritual energy, the Yuan mansion world was constantly being nurtured by the power of evolution.

Those spiritual medicine varieties had already experienced countless mutations.

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This caused…

All of their dignity!

The dignity of the people on the mountain peak was completely shattered!

Originally, when the Xu faction attacked, everyone thought that the worst outcome would be nothing more than being expelled from the Yunlun mountain range and losing the qualification to participate in the trial.

They never thought that there was something more terrifying than being stripped of the qualification to participate in the trial in this world – losing their dignity!

Luo Yin smelled the stench of the entire mountain and felt a wave of nausea.

He had also fallen into the trap.

The powerful immunity of the sacred physique allowed him to last longer than the others.

However, the fragrance of spiritual medicine was omnipresent.

The main function of the Sahā sacred physique was not to detoxify the poison.

The only thing he could do was to last a little longer.

“You cant come out! You absolutely cant come out! I am the descendant of the higher void, I am the descendant of the higher void…”

Luo Yins face turned purplish-black, his gluteal muscles were tightly clenched, like a precise gear that was seamlessly stitched together.

He was trying to use external force to stop the gear from starting to operate.

But the people on the mountain were all affected and started to defecate.

Everyone knew about this one matter.

If this situation was publicized, it would be enough for them to experience a devastating social death.

How could they accept that among their companions, there was someone who could be detached from the humiliation

One of Luo Yins brothers held his buttocks and walked over with difficulty.

As he walked, he beckoned with his black hand, “Brother Luo, dont endure it, alright As companions, we should all share our blessings and troubles with one another…”

Luo Yin looked at that hand and his expression changed drastically.

He shouted with a stern expression, “Dont come over!”

He was afraid.

Even though he was afraid, Luo Yin did not dare to move a single inch.

At this time, if he made a move, his whole body would be affected.

If he lifted his feet, a certain part of his body would start to leak… how could he do that

Good brothers were good brothers after all.

He had even experienced last nights fierce battle, how could he be scared by Luo Yins words

“Brother Luo, Im sorry, but this matter, I will keep it a secret for you.

You must, must keep it a secret for everyone too!”

His good brother walked straight in front of Luo Yin, “Its not that I dont trust you, its just that I, as a brother, have seen you holding it in for too long.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand…

“You dare!” Luo Yins voice seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth, but he did not dare to move an inch.

His good brother really dared!

He released his hand and lightly patted Luo Yins shoulder, “Dont worry, I didnt hear anything.”

“Zi ~”

A palm struck down.

A very strange sound came from behind Luo Yin.

This was obviously something that could only be emitted when it was suppressed to the extreme.

The decibel was extremely high!

His good brothers eyes lit up when he heard this, and he opened his mouth to speak.

“You shut up!” Luo Yin gave up resisting and cursed angrily.

This time, it was like a landslide…


“Pu Pu Pu!”

In one go.

The feeling of catharsis came out.

The feeling of being unobstructed and comfortable also came out.

The bitter and sweet feeling came.

It was nothing more than that.


They came out!

Luo Yins face turned from black-purple to deathly white.

He raised his head helplessly to look at the sky and his state of mind collapsed.

He was a descendant of the higher void.

He was the Sahā Sacred Physique.

He clearly had a different starting point and ending point compared to the person in front of him, but why did he have to go through the same process

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Luo Yin gave the person in front of him a heavy punch.

“Get lost! Dont let me see you in the future!”

There was a loud bang.

That good brother was tall and sturdy, and his defense was obviously not low.

However, Luo Yin did not use much of his strength in this simple punch, but it sent him flying.

After that.

There was a “Bang” sound.

Black blood seeped out of that persons body, and his entire body exploded into stars as he was sent out of the Yunlun mountain range.

“Qian Lei”

Luo Yin was stunned.

This scene shocked him.

He really didnt want to kill that person

He didnt even use the power of the Sahā sacred physique, and this simple punch didnt even have any spiritual source, how could it shatter a person


Luo Yins pupils constricted, and he reacted: “This poison, it can even break apart the defense of a spiritual cultivators entire body, turning them extremely weak”

Everyone on the mountain was originally enjoying their suffering.

When they saw the small interlude between Luo Yin and Qian Lei, they all panicked.

They originally thought that this poison and spiritual medicine fragrance only had the ability to make people vomit and have diarrhea.

They didnt expect that this symptom was only the beginning.

In the future, would something even more terrifying happen


Someone suddenly clutched his throat.

It was clear that he couldnt breathe, “Save, save me…”

With a pop, he shattered into specks of stars in the next second and was teleported out of the Yunlun mountain range.

“Suffocated to death”

Luo Yins expression changed drastically.

This was another symptom.

Just how many different types of poisonous spiritual medicines were mixed into this mountain

“Youre bleeding!”

Another person pointed at his companion in front of him and looked at the symptom of bleeding from all seven orifices in shock.

In just a short moment, that fellow started bleeding from all seven orifices to his entire body.

In the end, he was sent out of the Yunlun mountain range…

More and more peoples symptoms of poisoning changed, and the scene became chaotic.

“My feet are numb!”


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