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“Sword Deity Rao…”

Lan Ling could only hold the Secret Divines communication bead.

She could only wait…

Waiting for Sword Deity Raos notification.

Waiting for another battle order.

If this communication bead did not move, all the red-clothed people, white-clothed people, and Holy Divine Guards in the Imperial City would be smashed to death by the meteors.

They were also not allowed to quit their jobs.

In front of the Abyss Island Rift.

Teng Shanhai, the Chief of the Combat Division, stared at the sudden opening of the extradimensional cracks in front of him with a solemn expression.

Countless spatial blade fragments burst out from within and slashed out, blasting the surrounding space into dust.

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A huge spatial black hole was slashed out.

This was the fundamental reason that the spiritual cultivators of the Yunlun Mountain Range and Imperial City could see the Abyss Island Rift opening its bloody mouth.

These signs that could cause the weak to panic were nothing to Teng Shanhai.

The overflowing spatial blade fragments couldnt even break through his Cang God Armors defense.

However, the powerful holy power appeared with the whimpering sound along with the sudden appearance of the Abyss Island Rift that caused the space to collapse and Sky City to descend in advance, made Teng Shanhais scalp go numb.

“Rao Yaoyao!”

He immediately communicated with Rao Yaoyao in the Higher Void (level) world.

He wanted to know immediately what exactly had happened in the spatial fragment.

The spirit mirror image that Yu Zhiwen had sent over wasnt as big as the anomaly of the Abyss Island Rift.

Thus he had temporarily held it back.

After waiting for a long time, he lost contact with the Higher Void (level) world.

Rao Yaoyao still didnt reply.

Teng Shanhais heart trembled.

This was not good news!

Could it be that she had been killed

However, Seven Sword Deity was the Seven Sword Deity.

As one of the seven people who stood at the peak of the Way of the Sword in Shengshen Continent, how could Rao Yaoyao be so easily devoured by the spatial fragment

After losing contact for a while, the Higher Void (level) world trembled.

Rao Yaoyao sent a telepathic message over.

“Im fine.”

Very quickly, after the telepathic communication, Rao Yaoyaos slightly battered figure rushed out from the Abyss Island Rift.

Her long dress was torn.

Only half of the strap was left hanging on her shoulder, barely holding up her entire dress.

The fair skin of her entire body had been stained with blood.

It was obvious that she had experienced a great battle.

Teng Shanhai looked at her injuries and asked in shock, “What happened”

He then immediately guessed that the changes on Abyss Island and the movements in Sky City must have related to what Rao Yaoyao had done in the rift.

Rao Yaoyao wiped away the bloodstains and said, “I found the source of the crack on Abyss Island.

Through that place, I should be able to enter the inner island directly.

“As youre aware, with the void token in hand, I can only enter the outer island of Abyss Island at most.

“And Yu Lingdi, other than in the beginning, there has been no news from him until now.

I want to try and see if I can enter the inner island to investigate the situation, even if I have to send in a strand of spiritual senses…”

“Youre crazy!” Teng Shanhai interrupted, and his face filled with shock.

“You dont know whats going on on the inner island of Abyss Island The people imprisoned there are at least Demi-Saint Stage! Youre only at the Higher void (level), so whats the use if you enter it”

Rao Yaoyaos beautiful eyes flashed with anger.

“I know the situation on the inner island of the Abyss Island better than you do.

If I want to enter, I must have confidence.

At the very least, I wont die.”

“So you ended up in such a condition” Teng Shanhai sized up Rao Yaoyao with his single eye.

Rao Yaoyao rolled her eyes.

“Of course, I was discovered, and they refused to let me enter.

They were crazy.

Bazhunan must have entered the inner island and was plotting something with the black and white veins.

Otherwise, the defense of the inner island wouldnt be so strong.

I only managed to open a crack, and then I was attacked crazily.”

“Who hit you Can you deduce it” Teng Shanhais voice sounded a little nervous.

Rao Yaoyao pondered for a moment and looked at the person in front of her with hesitation.

“The three ancestors of the White Vein or the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon” Teng Shanhai saw through Rao Yaoyaos worries with a glance and said angrily, “Rao Yaoyao, I know as much as you do.

Yi is already dead, and if you hide it from me, who else in Eastern Sky Realm can you trust”

Rao Yaoyao sighed, “It was DemonEmperor Black Dragon!”

She paused for a moment and told him everything, “The people of the Black Vein were like madmen.

They didnt let me in at all.

Usually, the people of the black and white veins only know how to fight among themselves and its impossible for them to be so strict.

It must be Bazhunan who is among them and has taken the lead.”

Teng Shanhai was shocked when he heard this.

So, the legend of the Master of the Black and White veins was indeed true…

Tens of years ago, the Eighth Sword Deity had fallen.

This was a rumor in the outside world.

However, the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace knew that Bazhunan did not die after the battle with Hua Changdeng.

Instead, he was sent to the inner island of Abyss Island and sealed permanently.

While Bazhunan had fallen into the inner island of the Abyss Island, for decades, the extradimensional space of the Shengshen Continent had prospered everywhere.

Most of these were true.

However, a small part of it was about the ghost beast of Abyss Island who was using the extradimensional space to sneak into the Shengshen Continent.

The higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace had calculated that since Bazhunan was sent into the inner island of Abyss Island, the number of ghost beasts of Abyss Island sneaking into the Shengshen Continent was more than 10 times than before!

The red-clothed people had sent more people and even transferred many people from the white-clothed people to join them.

However, they still couldnt completely block the sneaking in.

Such actions, plans, and premeditated results all over the place made peoples imaginations run wild.

Could it be that even Bazhunan was sent to the inner island of Abyss Island as part of the other partys strategy Bazhunan wanted to borrow Hua Changdengs hand to enter the inner island and lead the Black and White veins

But this speculation was too absurd.

It was at least Demi-Saint on the inner island of Abyss Island.


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