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When Bazhunan was in the battle, his cultivation level was only at the normal Sword Deity level.

How could he be above the magnates of the Black and White Veins

Moreover, those who had witnessed the shocking battle between the two Sword Deity outside the City of the Dead Bodhisattva knew the result of that battle which in fact was something different.

After all, as long as Bazhunan had challenged Seven Sword Deity as normal, and Hua Changdeng had accepted the challenge as normal…

No matter what the outcome of that battle was, it would be one of them had died, and the matter would end here.

The exchange of the Way of the Sword between ancient swordsmen did not involve any conflict of interests with heaven and earth.

It was only a dispute about the Way of the Sword.

This was not an exception even for Hua Changdeng.

However, after the battle, Bazhunan, who was the most outstanding talent in the world, unexpectedly shocked everyone.

It was so shocking that he was easily defeated by Hua Changdeng with three strikes and died.

After that…

You Tu killed his way up to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe and beheaded the previous hall master of the Holy Divine Palace with seven strikes.

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These things were unrelated to the outside world.

However, the people of the Holy Divine Palace knew that it was because the news had been sealed.

The reason for the battle between the two Sword Deity must have been something else.

Teng Shanhai also didnt know what had happened.

However, he had personally experienced the dominance of Bazhunan from the previous era.

No matter how weak this person was, he wouldnt have been killed by Hua Changdeng with three strikes.

You Tus ascent to the mountain and the death of the previous hallmaster all meant something…

Teng Shanhai indeed didnt know what the real situation was like, but he roughly knew that Bazhunan was extremely talented and wanted to challenge the authority of the supreme power.

In the end, Bazhunan was sent into Abyss Island by the Holy Divine Palace and completely sealed.

Bazhunan was sent there by the Holy Divine Palace!

Bazhunan was only a more outstanding pawn at that time.

But the pawn was still a pawn.

He couldnt control the situation of the chess player.

Therefore, he was forced to be sealed!

However, after that, the inner island of Abyss Island changed.

The legend of the Master of the Black and White Veins started to spread among the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace.

In the end, there were too many stowaways on Abyss Island.

There were rumors from the higher-ups that Bazhunan had appeared, but no one could prove it.

Only after the battle at the White Cave and the Saint Servants declaration of war against the Holy Divine Palace did everyone confirm that Bazhunan was still alive!

Moreover, he had successfully sneaked out of Abyss Island!

However, the phrase “both black and white veins will be under my command” was only verified a few days ago when Bazhunan brought Storyteller sneaking into Abyss Island.

That was what he had said.

But who dared to believe it

Back then, a Sword Deity of the Higher Void (level) was merely a junior.

After falling into the inner island of Abyss Island, facing the Demi-Saint and Holy Emperor, Bazhunan had actually conquered everyone

Who would believe it

Teng Shanhai didnt believe it from the bottom of his heart.

Until the moment when he heard the shocking news from Rao Yaoyao that someone was taking the lead in the inner island of Abyss Island, and the Black and White veins had been unified into one faction.

“How did he do it”

Teng Shanhai felt his mouth and tongue go dry.

This incident happened decades ago.

However, it was already too late to salvage the situation after such a long time.

Teng Shanhai felt that he couldnt figure out the plans of the higher-ups.

It couldnt be that they had been used, right

Rao Yaoyao knew What Teng Shanhai was thinking, and she also fell silent.

She was one of the Seven Sword Deity.

Strictly speaking, she had obtained the highest honors of the Way of the Sword that Bazhunan had wanted the most, but couldnt.

But now, the achievements of the two of them were completely different.

Rao Yaoyao raised her head and looked into the distance.

The sky was vast.

The ancient city pressed down on the city in the distance, and the black shadows covered the entire continent.

It was like the area of darkness in her heart, and the pressure it brought was simply suffocating!

After pondering for a long time, Rao Yaoyao finally let out a long sigh.

“Perhaps, this is a genius…”

Teng Shanhai was now at the peak of the Higher Void (level).

It had been a long time since he felt powerless.

However, at this moment, a sense of dejection welled up in his heart…

He was speechless!

If Bazhunan could only be called a genius, then what should those who lived under his radiance all their lives who were also called geniuses by the people in the world be called


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