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If something were to happen and nobody can restore the array formation to its original position, it would be a huge mistake!

“Night Guardian.” Rao Yaoyao directly called out.

The red-clothed Night Guardian immediately stepped out.

He was somewhat surprised as to why Sword Deity Rao wanted to talk to him.

To Rao Yaoyao, she wanted to control the overall situation, but she couldnt arrange the details herself.

When the treasures had appeared earlier, the Night Guardians performance had been plain and straightforward.

He had only carried out the treasure-collecting mission according to orders.

Furthermore, he also had the contribution of discovering the storyteller previously.

Rao Yaoyao only took a glance before she directly pointed at him and instructed, “Arrange the investigation of the Ghost Beasts matter.

Be careful.

Once there is any movement, I will give the order.

Everyone must return to their positions immediately and maintain the great array!”

Night Guardian felt a relief.

So that was why she called on him.


He immediately responded and carried out the mission.

Rao Yaoyao then turned her eyes and looked at the Abyss Island Rift.

Her expression became serious.

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No one was more knowledgeable than her about the current situation on Abyss Island.

There was a significant movement inside.

How can it be so simple

Moreover, did the incident with the eruption of treasures simply conclude like that

“For what”

Rao Yaoyao was confused by this move.

Everything, no matter how strange, had a purpose.

But now, she couldnt figure out the true purpose of the existence of Abyss Island, and why it had erupted these treasures.

Was it festering morale

Otherwise, what was its purpose

The enemy was in the light, and we were in the dark.

The most important thing now was obviously to deal with the possible future movements of Abyss Island.

After all…

“With the first wave of treasures, will there be a second or third wave”

“Even if there isnt any ghost beast in the first wave, will it just be a distraction and allow the ghost beasts to blend in with the others”

Just as she was thinking about it, waves of powerful and ferocious auras were rapidly approaching in the distant sky.

All the law enforcers immediately became alert and turned their heads to look.

They saw that in the direction of Dongtianwang City, many of the Sovereign Stage and Cutting Path Stage, and even experts of the Higher Void had unknowingly gathered.

They were currently flying towards the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“These people…”

With just a glance, Rao Yaoyao was able to deduce the identity of these people.

There were more than a hundred people from Dongtianwang City, and they were like a swarm of bees as they approached instantly.

There were monks, Daoists, hemp-robed old ladies, and muscular men…

Without exception, the leaders of this group were from everywhere, including Cutting Path Stages and Higher Void Stages.

And behind them were some Sovereign Stage juniors.

She had never met them before, but cooly received their greetings from afar.

“Greetings, Sword Deity Rao.”

“Wow, could this be the ruler of the Red-clothed people, one of the seven Sword Deities, Rao Yaoyao, who is ranked 24th on the Continents List of Peerless Beauties Higher Void Rao”

“Rao is as beautiful as a celestial immortal.

Id never met her before, only knew of her.

She is indeed impressive and outshines all others.

I feel inferior.”

“Greetings to Sword Deity Rao.”

“Hello, hello…”


More than ten Higher Void Stage leaders, together with dozens of Cutting Path Stages and more than a hundred Sovereign Stages, arrived in front of her.

This large group of people came politely.

When they approached, they did not hide the greed in their eyes.

They scanned the many treasures on the Red-clothed peoples side, which have been examined by the Ghost-seeking disk.

Even if the Holy Power disappeared, the traces were still there.

Many Cutting Path Stages and Higher Void Stages came for this.

How could they know nothing

Rao Yaoyao did not even give these people half a look.

These people were the ones who had been covetously monitoring outside the Sky City and had been trying to fight for the illusory “Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension”.

However, old foxes were old foxes.

Other than a few Cutting Path Stages who were temporarily caught because of the evidence, the Higher Void experts rarely made moves.

Even if they did, they hid it well and did not leave any traces behind.

Rao Yaoyao knew that these people wanted to sneak in, but she did not have any evidence to take them down.

At that moment, she faced about ten Higher Void Stages and said coldly, “Theres no need to be so polite.

Why are all of you here”

“Sword Deity Rao, theres no need to reject us to this extent.


A Daoist stepped out.

He was in the Higher Void Stage and was not afraid of Rao Yaoyao.

He said, “I came here because I saw a strange phenomenon in the spatial crack.

I want to make a little contribution to help the Red-clothed people resist the enemy.”

Rao Yaoyao sneered, “Since you said its a little contribution, it should be nothing helpful for the whole situation.

Everyone, please go back.

The red-clothed people do not need any help from outside.”

“Eh, Sword Deity Rao is being too polite.”

The Daoist waved his fly-whisk, and with his unchanged smiling face, said: “At least, the power of these Higher Void Stages can help Sword Deity Rao.

There are thirteen Higher Void Stages, which means that Sword Deity Rao has thirteen extra supports.

Isnt it a good thing”

Rao Yaoyao did not intend to engage in a war of words with these old foxes.

She talked straightforwardly to these people.

“Everyone, your assistance is insincere.

What you all exactly want are these Holy Power treasures, right”


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