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In front of the Abyss Island Rift, Rao Yaoyao felt another wave of holy power.

She hesitated.

Last time, she thought that the Ghost Beast was attacking.

Hence, she immediately gathered all the law enforcers and set up the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array.

Who would have thought that the rift spewed out a large number of treasures instead

This time, would it be the treasures again

“First, they used a wave of treasures to confuse us so that we will lower our guard.

Perhaps, they would sneak in the Ghost Beast in this second wave” Rao Yaoyao guessed.

She didnt dare to be careless, so she once again gathered everyone in the battle channel.

In a split second, all the law enforcers immediately stopped their current mission and returned to the front of the Abyss Island Rift.

The Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array was once again deployed.

“Sword Deity Rao, arent you being a little paranoid”

Amongst the thirteen higher voids, Reverend Huang Yang said with a smile, “Last time, the red-clothed didnt have enough manpower.

This time, with our help, no matter what comes out of the extradimensional spatial crack, we can stop it.”

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Rao Yaoyao laughed coldly and didnt respond.

Teng Shanhai turned around and stared at Reverend Huang Yang with his cold eyes, “Did I ask you to speak When I didnt ask you to act, you better be obedient and wait for my orders.”

After being given a cold shoulder, Reverend Huang Yang retreated and didnt say anything more.

He really wanted to help Rao Yaoyao collect these treasures that contained holy power.

Unfortunately, Rao Yaoyao was too cautious and didnt give him a chance.

Not long after.

While all the law enforcers were waiting solemnly, the familiar whistling sound came again.

“Whoosh Whoosh whoosh!”

Like a sharp arrow, the second wave of treasures gushed out.

It was even more ferocious than the first wave.


One of the law enforcers in the lead, who was a cutting path, tried to block the holy power treasures with the same strength as last time.

However, he was blasted backward with blood spurting out of his mouth.

He was shocked but immediately adjusted his state of mind before returning to his original position in a flash and continue maintaining the great array.

As for that holy power treasure, after losing its Holy Power, it was intercepted by the person behind him.

“Everyone, be careful.”

“The impact of the holy power treasures this time has increased by more than one level compared to the last wave.

Use the strength of the Sovereign Dao realm and the power of the great array as much as you can.

Dont attack in excess.”

The law enforcer of the cutting path stage immediately informed everyone.

Inside the great array, everyone became cautious.

Two waves of treasures spewing.

No matter how stupid they were, everyone had already sensed that something was wrong.

Their greed had long been put away.

What they needed to do now was to carry out the mission seriously.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

The first holy power treasure was taken down, and the next flying treasures shot out like spears and halberds, smashing the figures in the great array.

“Damn, why is it so fierce this time” One of the sovereign stage law enforcers was blasted to the point that his chest caved in and his body cracked.

He instantly fell into a state of self-doubt.

He wanted to grab a spiritual sword, but in the end, the spiritual sword that carried holy power almost pierced through his chest.

Fortunately, his reaction was quick, and he dodged in time, giving the sword to the person behind him.

However, the momentum of the sword that was given away didnt decrease.

After passing through three sovereigns, it was intercepted by a cutting path stage law enforcer.

“The strength has increased!”

Rao Yaoyao narrowed her eyes.

She felt threatened.

A wave of treasure spewed out from the Abyss Island Rift.

It was probably a test of the red-clotheds defensive ability.

After understanding the power of the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array, this time, it directly pushed everyones defensive limits and increased its attack level.

“Using the treasures as carriers to carry out cross-border attacks is understandable.

But, how did they manage to know and understand the defense information of the outside world” Rao Yaoyao was puzzled.

As long as the channel between the Yunlun mountain range and the Inner Island of the Abyss Island was not opened for spiritual senses to enter and exit, the distance between the two could be said to be farther than the distance between the two regions.

Only the demi-saints were qualified to investigate the situation here.

Therefore, the only explanation was that the people of the Inner Island of Abyss Island had spies in the Yunlun mountain range.

In addition, both sides are capable of forming communication across the space restriction.


Rao Yaoyao quickly thought of the Storytellers clone that the Night Guardian had discovered.

Perhaps, only the strange ability of the Storytellers clone could explain everything.

“Chief Teng!” Amongst the forty outside of the array, Reverend Huang Yang couldnt stand it anymore.

He pointed at the group of people inside the great array who had been blasted to the ground by the treasures and asked, “Are you sure that you dont need us to intervene”

Teng Shanhai looked straight ahead, he said calmly, “Without the protection of the Great Array, you might not be able to handle the impact of the Holy Power any better than them.

So, forty more of you wont make much of a difference.

Just stay calm and wait.”

Reverend Huang Yang was silent.

He held his horsetail whisk and retreated.

To be honest, when he said this, he wasnt thinking about the treasures.

Instead, he was thinking about the feeling of getting hit by the Holy Power.

After all, he had only heard of the demi-saints power and was never daring enough to provoke any of them.

Naturally, he had never experienced the true strength of the holy power.

He looked at the great array.

There were many powerful aurae from the cutting paths, but without exception, they were all blown away by the treasures.

“Is it that powerful”

Reverend Huang Yang was envious.

Being protected by the great array and feeling the holy power without any worries was an opportunity for any spiritual cultivator on the continent.

Especially so for the higher voids, who were extremely greedy for the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

They were thirsty for any wisp of holy power.

Looking back at the Abyss Island Rift, Reverend Huang Yang was tempted.


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