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The twenty-seven cutting paths were ignited by devilish energy in an instant.

It was as if they were covered in devilish flames.

Even their appearances couldnt be seen in the devilish energy.



“Graar graar…”

The twenty-seven cutting paths roared in a strange and hoarse voice.

In the next second, these people completely lost their minds.

They endured the attack of holy power and ran toward the dragon scale without caring about their bodies being destroyed.


“This is my opportunity.

Get out of my way!”

“Argh! Die! All of you, go to hell!”

The twenty-seven cutting paths whose cultivation had deviated swarmed toward the dragon scale like moths to a flame.

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Halfway through, the twenty-seven pairs of hands that tried to grab the foundational roots of Saint Ascension were destroyed by the Holy Power.

The moment their bodies touched the dragon scale, they turned into spiritual light of flesh and blood and were fed to the scale.

Their souls were shattered.

Their will was gone.

Before the Abyss Island Rift, there was no longer the crazy roar.

It became extremely quiet, leaving only the ripples of holy power…

“Oh my God!” Reverend Huang Yang felt his scalp go numb.

Those were twenty-seven experts in the cutting path stage.

Some of them had even passed two or three tribulations of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

However, under the influence of the dragon scale, they couldnt resist at all.

They all died in a frenzy!

They could not even resist a little.

Before they died, they probably thought that they were about to capture the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

“If not for Sword Deity Raos help, Im afraid that I would have ended up like them…” Reverend Huang Yang could not help but look in the direction of Rao Yaoyao and swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

He knew that he owed her a favor.

The cutting paths could not resist the holy power at all.

Similarly, the higher voids, who had lost their reason, could not struggle at all.

If not for Rao Yaoyaos help, all thirteen higher voids would have perished as well.

“Oh no.” On the other side, Rao Yaoyao stared at the Black Dragon Scale that had swallowed the flesh and blood of the twenty-seven cutting paths.

Her heart began to race with unease.

This dragon scale definitely hid something!

The Demon Emperor Black Dragon used its holy power to send the scale out of the Abyss Island, but those external forces would have been completely consumed by the spatial fragments power and precise positioning.

Hence, when this dragon scale landed on the Yunlun mountain range, it needed to borrow other powers to activate its internal secrets.

And the power it needed to borrow…

In front of her, it was nothing more than the flesh and blood of the twenty-seven cutting paths who were crazily rushing to their deaths!


After swallowing the flesh, blood and power of the twenty-seven cutting paths, the dragon scale suddenly stopped spreading out holy power.

A muffled sound came from within.

It sounded like heart beats.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths…

There was still no movement!

Teng Shanhais heart was beating faster, and his mind was crazily going through various decisions.

Very soon, his eyes hardened, and he turned his hand to take a drop of saint blood, wanting to swallow it.


Rao Yaoyao understood Teng Shanhais intentions.

This guy actually wanted to risk his life to suppress this dragon scale!

However, he was only a higher void.

Even if he consumed the saint blood, it was still only a bottle of demi-saints blood.

The power of the Holy Emperor was not something that mortals could imagine.

Even if it was just a dragon scale, drinking a bottle of demi-saints blood would be of no use!

Rao Yaoyao thrust out her sword and sent the saint blood flying.

Teng Shanhai glared at her and roared, “What are you doing! If you delay any longer, everyone will die!” He had already made up his mind to die, but he was stopped.

His expression turned to madness.

“Thud thud…”

The heartbeat in the dragon scale suddenly sounded and started to accelerate.

“Thud thud, thud thud, thud thud…”

Everyone started to panic.

There was a drastic change in the situation!

Rao Yaoyao did not respond to Teng Shanhais question.

Instead, she casually slashed out with the Cang Godhood Sword.

Sword energy flew over and slashed towards the dragon scale.

However, the moment it touched the dragon scale, all of the attack power disappeared and the sword energy was directly devoured.

“If you still want to attack, you can continue,” Rao Yaoyao said coldly.

Teng Shanhai fell silent.

He kept the saint blood.

He knew that even if he consumed the saint blood, he would end up like the twenty-seven cutting paths.

He would be directly swallowed!

“What should we do next” Teng Shanhai landed beside Rao Yaoyao.

He was completely at a loss.

Rao Yaoyao shook her head, “Since the black dragon has already made a move, this matter is no longer something we can control.

Lets wait.”

“Wait” Teng Shanhai was going crazy.

He pointed at the black scale that was beating wildly and said furiously, “If we wait any longer, do you know what will happen!”

“I know.” Rao Yaoyao nodded calmly.

She suddenly turned around and looked at the empty sky behind her.

Teng Shanhai looked back as well.

The thirteen higher voids also looked back.

However, there was nothing in the distant sky.

“What are we waiting for”

Everyones hearts were filled with questions.

No one knew Rao Yaoyaos trump card, nor did they know the reason why she was able to remain so calm before the dragon scale was about to mutate.


At this moment, the sound of wind breaking could be heard.

As Rao Yaoyao looked in the direction of her gaze, a black dot suddenly appeared in the distant sky.

“This is…”

Teng Shanhais pupils constricted.

Only then did he realize that Rao Yaoyao was looking in the direction of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe of the central region.


Just as the black dot entered everyones eyes, the Great Sages might descended and the sky was shattered on the spot.

Everyone bowed their bodies and bent their legs, unable to withstand the pressure.

“Holy power again!” One of the thirteen higher voids was shouted in fear.


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