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“This doesnt look like the holy power from the black scale, it looks more like… Its brought by the Black Dot!” Reverend Huang Yang looked at the black dot in the sky, not knowing what it was.


The sound of the wind breaking grew louder, and the Black Dot grew bigger.

This time, someone finally saw what it was.

“An arrow!”

Granny Tianling was shocked.

Her eyes were wide open as she thought of something and said in shock, “It is an arrow! An arrow shot from the Central Region! Its Lord Cangshengs Evil Sin Bows arrow!”

A flash of black light arrived first, and then the arrow set the prairie ablaze.

The entire sky was drowned by the flames drawn by this arrow!

The moment the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons scale appeared, Ai Cangsheng, who was far away at the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe in the central region, used the eyes of the great path to see everything that happened in the Yunlun mountain range.

He was in front of the sacred palace, sitting in his wheelchair, with his bow and arrow nocked.

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One arrow pierced through two regions, bringing with it endless wind and fire.

Under the shocked gazes of the people, it flew straight toward the small target in the eastern region.

“How long has it been…”

The thirteen higher voids were beyond shocked.

They all knew that Ai Cangsheng, a demi-saint, was one of the three emperors who guarded the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace in the central region.

He had not left Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe for decades.

However, it had only been less than ten minutes since the black scale appeared

What was the speed at which the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was shot by Ai Cangsheng From the Sacred Mountain in the central region, it had broken through the space restriction thousands of miles away and landed on the Yunlun mountain range!

“This is crazy! This is crazy!”

“In my lifetime, I can actually see Saints fighting.

This is a battle between saints from two different regions and two different worlds!”

“Demi-saint! Lord Cangsheng is indeed a demi-saint.

If this arrow of Holy Power had been aimed at me, Im afraid I would have been crushed to death by the concentrated holy power before it hit.”

“What an impressive power!”

“This is the power of a Saint!”

The thirteen higher voids were excited.

It was a great opportunity for them to witness a battle between saints.

Rao Yaoyao, who was at the side, was not as excited as these people.

She immediately thought that since the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon had set up this trap, how could they not have thought that the appearance of the dragon scale would attract the attention of the eyes of those on the Great Path

“Its here!”

After everyone left the battlefield, the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow finally showed its magnificence.

It contained endless power of evil sin as it flew toward the black dragon scale.

Rao Yaoyao did not turn her eyes away.

She just wanted to see what the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, who could not even come out in their true form, could do to resist the powerful attack of Ai Cangsheng, the demi-saint

Holy Emperors dragon scale, a demi-saints arrow…

Who was stronger

The arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was locked onto the black dragon scale.

As expected, there was no time for its heart to beat.

After digesting the power, it hatched out another dragon roar.


After the roar, when the arrow approached, a black light shot out from the dragon scale.


The moment the black light appeared, Rao Yaoyaos Cang Godhood sword trembled.

It shook violently and exploded with a humming sword roar.

“Humm Humm Humm…”

All the trial-takers from the Yunlun mountain range had their spiritual sword floating in the air.

It was as if the ten thousand swords had submitted to the light, and they were in a state of worship in the sky.

“Humm Humm Humm Humm Humm…”

Ten million spiritual swords also appeared out of thin air in Dongtianwang City.

After losing the control of their owner, these spiritual swords formed an array in the Abyss.

The power of each sword surged and gathered into real power, converging into the black light at the peak of the Yunlun mountain range.


The thirteen higher voids were shocked.

A sword flew out from the black dragon scale.

This was something that no one had expected.

Everyone looked at the new and unfamiliar sword and could not help but turn their heads in unison, turning toward Rao Yaoyaos direction.


Rao Yaoyao was also somewhat stunned.

The black light flashed and disappeared, but she could clearly see that it was a black broadsword.

The black broadsword was seven feet long, taller than a human body, thicker than a palm, two feet wide, and extremely heavy.

There were nine black dragon reliefs coiled around it, all of them with five claws.

As the sword body danced, nine dragons swam, teasing the nine skulls, looking down on the world.

Everyone could not recognize this broadsword that had been lost in the world for hundreds of years.

As one of the Seven Sword Deity, how could Rao Yaoyao not recognize it

21 famed swords, ranked fourth!

Devil Sword, Myriad Weapons Devil Lord!

(Trivia: although the 21 famed swords are ranked, the difference isnt big.

The power mainly depends on the cultivation level of the sword-bearer and how much power the famed sword can activate.)


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