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An arrow of the Evil Sin Bow shot from the Central Region, while the Devil Sword shot out from the Holy Emperors dragon scales.

In a split second, the two weapons made their first contact under everyones watchful gaze.

“Clang— ”

The ear-piercing sound of weapons resounded so loudly as if threatening to burst ones eardrums.

Even the higher voids present frowned.

They had no choice but to use their spiritual source to protect themselves from the shockwaves of the Holy Power.

“Boom, boom, boom… ”

The magnificent waves of holy power spread out and shattered the space within a radius of several miles into pieces.

The waves impact resisted the charging spearhead arrow, which continuously emanated a reddish-black aura and tried to break through the defense.

However, the Devil Sword, undamaged, withstood the great pressure without budging.

The overwhelming devilish energy was also pushed back endlessly.

Both the Holy Emperor and the demi-saint were evenly matched!

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On one hand, the Devil Sword was limited by the space of the Abyss Island and could only exert one-ten-thousandth of its full strength.

On the other hand, the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was going at full force.

It wanted to completely thwart the ghost beasts evil plans.

No one could predict the outcome of the first battle between the Holy Emperor and the demi-saint.

However, the intense attack and defense shocked the higher void spectators.

“What great power…!” the higher void spectators exclaimed.

The arena was filled with utmost tension.

Neither partys shockwaves were backing down.

One count, two counts, three counts.

The two were still in a stalemate!

Watching the battle of two entities possessing Holy Power, the higher void spectators were envious of their strength.

Everyone could feel an immense power from even the lingering shockwaves, and they did not dare to get near at all.

For all they knew, their physical bodies might be shattered on the spot!

“The Devil Sword cant hold on for much longer… ”

Teng Shanhai stared intently.

He could clearly see that the shockwave from the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was getting stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, the Devil Sword, which was barely holding on, was evidently getting weaker and weaker.

It was being forced back.

“Boom! ”

Finally, after thirteen counts, the Devil Sword couldnt hold on any longer and was sent flying by the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow.

“We won! ” Teng Shanhai was overjoyed.

Given the terrain of Shengshen continent, the arrow had had the upper hand.

As expected, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, spacially restricted by Abyss Island, was no match for the Evil Sin Bow!

Rao Yaoyao, however, had a solemn expression.

She shook her head slightly and said, “Im afraid youve underestimated the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, otherwise known as Devil Sword… ”

Teng Shanhais smiling face froze.

He shifted his gaze and asked, “What do you mean ”

Rao Yaoyao pointed at the Devil Sword that had been sent flying and said in a deep voice, “Among the 21 famed swords, the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord is known as the Devil Sword.

In ancient times, it once ranked first among the famed swords.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be called Myriad Weapons Devil Lord! ”

“The Devil Sword had gone into a slumber for too long, so much so that all of you have forgotten its greatest ability… ” Rao Yaoyao sighed.

“What is it ” Teng Shanhais heart couldnt help but clench.

The thirteen higher voids around him also raised their eyes and looked over, somewhat curious.

The public only knew detailed information about a few of the 21 famed swords.

Most of the famed swords had been lost for a long time, so the public only knew their titles, not their abilities.

Rao Yaoyao explained, “The greatest ability of the Devil Sword is that with every clash, it can weaken the spirit, energy flow, and essence of the opposing weapon.

That means with ten clashes, the weakening is amplified by ten times.

She continued with amazement apparent in her eyes, “In ancient times, the Devil Sword had the legendary saying,Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, one strike, one grade.

‘ Theone grade here refers to the grade of the opponents weapon dropping by one grade every time they fight.

Its because the Devil Sword would absorb the energy of the opponents weapon to refine itself and improve by one grade! ”

While Rao Yaoyao was aware of the legend of the Devil Sword, it was her first time witnessing its ability first-hand.

Obviously, in her eyes, the legend of the Devil Sword was exaggerated.

It was not to the extent that every time it battled another weapon, the opposing weapon would drop a grade while the Devil Sword rose a grade.

Nevertheless, its power was real!

Rao Yaoyao paused for a moment, then worriedly looked at the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow that was shooting straight for the Holy Emperors dragon scales.

“Look, the power of the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow is already weakened.

Everyone looked at the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow as they spoke, somewhat perplexed.

The arrow had indeed weakened, but it was only to a small extent, not as exaggerated as Rao Yaoyao had described.

Besides, they thought that it was normal for a demi-saints arrow to lose some of its power when fighting with the Holy Emperors sword.

It was not necessarily due to the Devil Swords special power.

Just as they were thinking about it, everyone saw the Devil Sword, Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, let out a ground-shattering buzzing noise.

“Bzz— ”

With this sound, everyone could discern the emotions of the Devil Sword.

They cheered and rejoiced.

“I-Its back… ” Reverend Huang Yangs eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at the rejuvenated Devil Sword, Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, which had prevented the Evil Sin Bows arrow from reaching the Holy Emperor.

“Its really become stronger! ” Teng Shanhai could also sense that the aura of the Devil Sword, which had made a comeback, was much stronger than before.

The arrow of the Evil Sin Bow didnt want to bother with the Devil Sword at all and only wanted to destroy the Holy Emperors dragon scales.

However, when it was about to touch him, the Devil Sword intercepted in time.

With a swift turn, it fearlessly stood between the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow and the Holy Emperors dragon scales.


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