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“Keng –”

The arrowhead once again hit the Devil Swords sword body.

The sound of weapons passing through peoples souls caused their scalps to go numb.

This time, it wasnt the tip of the sword against the tip of the arrow, but the tip of the arrow hitting the sword body.

Everyone could see that the Devil Sword was on the passive defenses and was at a disadvantage.

However, the last time they fought, both sides lasted for 13 breaths.

This time, after 26 breaths, the Devil Sword was sent flying by the arrow.

And the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was also sent flying by the Devil Sword.

However, it made a big circle and went straight for the dragon scale, refusing to let go until it died.

“The Devil Sword is really getting stronger!”

Its ability to swallow and evolve was clearly seen by all the higher void present.

All of them looked at Rao Yaoyao with disbelief in their eyes.

If the Devil Sword really had this ability, it would be the number one sword in the world.

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Anything that clashed with it would be blasted into an ordinary item, as inferior as rotten wood.

Rao Yaoyao was speechless.

She lowered her head and looked at Xuan Cang in her hand.

She could clearly feel Xuan Cangs throbbing.

Even one of the Five Great Divine Instruments of Chaos, Xuan Cang, was unwilling to fight with the Devil Sword.

That ancient legend should be true.

“Im going to lose…”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow.

Its speed had decreased by more than three times, and her heart sank.

“According to the ancient legend, the peak of the Devil Sword was when it was ranked first on the famed sword list.

Its most glorious battle result was that it defeated seventy-two swords.

It managed to turn the other famed sword into an ordinary sword!” Rao Yaoyaos words were shocking.


All of the higher voids were shocked to the point of petrification.

Teng Shanhai was slightly stunned, he said, “If it really had this ability, after a few sword fights, the other swords grade would drop, and the Devil Sword would be able to casually crush it.

How could it be as many as seventy-two sword fights The legend you spoke of is fake, right”

Rao Yaoyao sighed and said, “The Devil Sword is very arrogant.

What it likes to do the most is to torture and not killing.

It swallowed up all the fame of the other famed swords and torture them to death.

This is the true nature of the Devil Sword!”

When everyone heard this, they were all silent.

It was said that the famed sword had spiritual quality.

At this moment, everyone clearly knew that the spiritual quality of those famed swords at their peak was no less than that of humans.

Devil Sword, Devil…

Myriad Weapons Devil Lord, Lord…

This famed sword was deeply explaining its unique name!

“We lost!”

“This time, we really lost!”

The arenas higher void looked at the Devil Sword that once again jumped excitedly and fiercely slashed at the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow from the sky.

One could already see the ending.

Yes, this time, it was reallyslashing!

After two sword fights, the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow was slashed by more than one level.

On the other hand, the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord was like a hungry ferocious beast.

It instantly ate to its fullest and had an endless amount of energy to vent.

In its excitement, it no longer wanted to tease the other party.

Instead, it wanted to give it a quick death and destroy all of the life force of the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow.

Thus, it ruthlessly slashed down from the sky.


The space that was healing was cut open again.

Without any suspense, before the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow hit the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale, it didnt even have the slightest bit of resistance.

It was cut into two by the Devil Sword and shattered into nothingness.

“This is too intense…”

Reverend Huang Yang and the others were so frightened that their faces turned pale.

If this sword fell on their heads…

Eh, they didnt dare to think about it!

So, in the end, the demi-saints arrow couldnt compare to the power of the Holy Emperor

So there really was such a terrifying power hidden in this world that hadnt been discovered by the world

Just the exchange of blows between the Saints across space made the higher void feel like they were just like a frog at the bottom of a well.

The moment they truly saw the vast sky, the feeling of powerlessness in their hearts was indescribable.

“A crushing defeat!”

Teng Shanhai clenched his fists.

He didnt want to admit this ending, but he had no choice but to accept the ending of the Evil Sin Bow.

After three sword fights, he was defeated by the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord.


At this moment, Rao Yaoyao raised the corner of her lips and said with certainty.

Teng Shanhai couldnt help but frown.

He thought to himself, “Are you really going to go against me to show off your intelligence”

Rao Yaoyao smiled and said to Teng Shanhai, “If you can see the ending, why cant the existences on the sacred mountain see it”

Teng Shanhai was stunned.

After all, this battle was separated by two regions and two worlds.

Other than Ai Cangsheng, who had the Eyes of the Great Path, who else could see the battle in the Yunlun Mountain Range and shoot an arrow

Moreover, before Ai Cangsheng shot the arrow, he didnt know that the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale would shoot out a devil sword that could weaken the spiritual quality of the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow, right

To be able to do this, the mighty figures on the sacred mountain should have reached their limits, right

Rao Yaoyao pointed at the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow that had been shattered in front of her and said indifferently, “Dont forget, theres not only the Lord Cangsheng who has his eyes on the five regions on the sacred mountain, theres also the mysterious Hallmaster Dao who can predict the way of the divine energy movement!”

Just as she finished speaking.

The arrow of the Evil Sin Bow that had been shattered suddenly hatched a divine pattern from within.


This was a simpleone pattern.

It was the first divine path pattern that all divine sorcerer who had just learned the divine secret technique would outline.

It didnt have any real use.

It could only be used to communicate with the way of the divine energy movement and begin the next step of learning.

Everyone was baffled.

After all, none of the people present understood the divine secret technique.

Yu Zhiwen, who was far away in the Cloud Realm, was anxious, but she didnt dare to leave her post.

At this moment, she seemed to have sensed something.

She tilted her head and looked at the invisible line in the sky, her eyes trembling.

“This is…”


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