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“If your heart is not firm, you should be punished!”

Dao Qiongcang turned to the swordsman of the Eastern Region.

This time, he did not kill him, but only punished them.

As a result, the Ten Orders Spiritual Array trembled, and the multicolored light descended, purifying all the negative statuses of the swordsman.

Then, they were ruthlessly struck to the ground, and after they fell to the ground one by one, they cried out in grief.

“Hallmaster Dao is wise!”

The nearby spiritual cultivators hurriedly helped their good friends and comrades up.

He was afraid that after these people were smashed, they would speak without thinking, he added, “Hallmaster Dao helped you resolve the effects of cultivation deviation, and he even used the holy light to help you strengthen your Dao hearts.

You must not act recklessly.”

How could the swordsman of the Eastern Region dare act recklessly

One by one, they crawled up and bowed in fear, feeling uneasy.

“I was almost affected by that broken sword and almost lost my life.

Thank you, Hallmaster Dao, for saving my life.”

There were also sword cultivators who were crazy about famed sword.

They stared at the situation of everyone around them and fell into deep thought.

“Famed sword”

“In my impression, only the Devil Sword, the Ten Thousand Weapons Devil Lord, which has been lost for hundreds of years, can affect all swordsmen to this extent…”

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This time, someone was shocked.

“Devil Sword You said that the broadsword above is the fourth sword of the 21 famed swords”

“Its possible!”

“This Devil Sword doesnt even have a sword bearer, yet its so powerful.

How powerful is the top three of the famed swords”


Everyone fell silent.

It turned out that the demi-saint was fighting the fourth famed sword, the Devil Sword Myriad Weapons Devil Lord

Rumors began to spread.

In the sky, the phantom of Dao Qiongcangs saint locked the Devil Sword.

He then placed his attention on the black dragon scale.

He wanted to move and take down this strange thing as well.

However, he was delayed by the Devil Sword after all.

Taking advantage of this period of time, the heartbeat inside the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale had accelerated to the extreme and stopped abruptly.


The last muffled heartbeat stopped.

Everyone felt their souls trembling and had an ominous premonition.

“This dragon scale has mutated again!” Reverend Huang Yang was close by, and his spiritual senses of the higher void were strong.

He could see wisps of devilish energy emitting from the dragon scale.


The last time the dragon scale mutated, a Devil Sword burst out.

What will come this time” Hong Dan, the Dragon Fighter, was shocked and couldnt help but retreat a little.

The dragon scale in the distance began to vibrate at a high frequency.

The black devilish energy dissipated along with the vibration, and in the blink of an eye, it filled the nine heavens.

Dao Qiongcangs sacred phantom was unmoved.

He raised his immortal sleeve again, and the Ten Orders Spiritual Array was summoned to send down a purifying ray of light, wanting to get rid of this devilish energy.


This time, the good result that everyone had expected didnt appear.

The instant the multicolored light touched the devilish energy, it was dyed black.

The black color climbed up along the multicolored light and seeped into the Ten Orders Spiritual Arrays divine path pattern.

The divine path pattern, which had a holy and bright white color, was instantly tainted and turned completely black.

Night fell!

“My God…”

The spiritual cultivator from Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range looked at the dark world that had suddenly turned into a world of devilish energy and fell into panic.

The Ten Orders Spiritual Array had temporarily replaced the world within a 100,000 li radius and became everyones spiritual sustenance.

But this time, the multicolored light didnt purify the devilish energy but was instead contaminated.

As a result, the entire world became a hell on earth.



After the divine path pattern was polluted, devilish energy began to permeate everything again.

Within the black world, devilish energy emerged from the ground, and black liquid dripped from the tips of the leaves in the forest.

Even people were affected by the panic in their hearts, and their expressions became devilish as they started to talk nonsense.

“All of them have been demonized…”

Rao Yaoyao didnt expect that the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale, which only had a trace of the Black Dragon Energy, could have such a great impact on everyone and everything outside the Abyss Island.

She pondered for a moment and saw the limitations of Dao Qiongcangs attack across the two domains.

The power of the Ten Orders Spiritual Array was limited.

If one had to use Holy Power to help thousands of innocent spiritual cultivators, then the power used to deal with the black dragon would be weakened.

The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon was in the Holy Emperor State, and Dao Qiongcang was a demi-saint.

In terms of cultivation level, he was already weaker.

How could he be distracted by mortals

“Teng Shanhai, guard the Abyss Island Rift.

If there are any other movements, inform me immediately.” Rao Yaoyao held the Cang Godhood Sword and leaped to the side of Dao Qiongcangs sacred phantom.

“What are you trying to do” Teng Shanhai was terrified.

What could a mere Seven Sword Deity do in a battle of Holy Power

You only know how to talk about others, but you dont care about your own safety, right

Rao Yaoyao calmly took out a drop of Saint Blood, opened her red lips, and swallowed it on the spot.

“Do something… Within my power!”

She didnt say anything more.

Instead, she closed her eyes and slowly lifted the Cang Godhood Sword.


Sword will of the void swept through the dark world that was surrounded by devilish energy.

With the help of Holy Power, it was able to tear apart a bright light and appear in the eyes of the demonized people.

“Red Dust Sword…”

Rao Yaoyao tapped her toes and leaped into the air.

Like a carp leaping into the lake, her figure turned intangible and merged into the void.

“One sword, Heart Refining!”

The Cang Godhood Sword turned into a ripple in the center of the lake and slashed toward the thousands of spiritual cultivators who had been infected by the devilish energy.

In the depths of their souls, they engaged in a direct confrontation with the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons Black Dragon Energy.

Rao Yaoyao focused on the emotion sword technique, one of the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

The first realm of the emotion sword technique, the Red Dust Sword, was the training for the state of mind.


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