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The twos bickering grew louder and louder.

The masked man in the gold robe, who was carrying the two swords on his back, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

The voices behind him immediately stopped.

At this moment, the sky suddenly turned dark, and a black dragon phantom covered everything.

“What the hell!” The young man in the blue robe raised his eyes and cursed in shock.

“This, this, this, this is too big…”

“A dragon” The young man in the purple robe was also a little shocked.

“Is the fight so intense up there”

The two of them followed the masked man in the gold robe.

With their cultivation level sealed, they didnt really care about the battle outside.

However, every now and then, Lord Huang Quan would explain and help them pass the time.

That was how they knew the progress of the battle.

“Nine Sereneties, Spider Lily, theres no need to be anxious.

The thing weve been waiting for is about to arrive…” Huang Quan also raised his eyes to look at the black dragon phantom as he said calmly.

When Spider Lily, the blue robe young man, heard this, he could not hold it in anymore and asked, “So, Lord Huang Quan, what exactly are we waiting for Weve already waited for more than ten days, are we still going to continue strolling around”

The young man in the purple robe also looked sideways.

Obviously, he was also curious about this question.

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“Theyre coming soon…” Huang Quan only muttered to himself.

Spider Lily covered his face and sighed in his heart.

Then, he guessed with a calm expression, “We arent just looking for…”

He seemed to have realized that he shouldnt continue his words, but with Lord Huang Quan in front of him, he felt that he had nothing to worry about, so he continued, “Arent we only looking for the Lei familys eyes Could it be that this time, the Abyss Island will spew out a pair of Lei familys eyes” His mind was wide open.

The purple robe youth, Nine Serenities Ghost Child, glared at him coldly.

What kind of nonsense was this

At that moment, he almost had the thought of turning Spider Lily into a man made of iron.

Huang Quan was not angry at all.

He laughed and said softly, “This time, its not the Lei familys eyes, but an opportunity you all need.

After all, the foundational roots of Saint Ascension in the Sky City isnt just a mere rumor.”

The two people behind him were suddenly moved.

So Lord Huang Quan personally came out to help them fight for the foundational roots of Saint Ascension


They were only at the sovereign stage!

Spider Lily and Nine Serenities Ghost Child looked at each other.

They knew that there was still a long way for them to go from the sovereign stage, cutting path stage, higher void level… to the final “Saint Ascension”.

Huang Quan seemed to know what they were thinking and said, “The Dao realm of the sovereign is perfect.

If we can successfully reach the cutting path stage, the rest of the journey to the Saint Ascension will happen naturally.”

Spider Lily and the Nine Serenities Ghost Child looked at each other again and were very touched.

However, they suddenly remembered that it was already very difficult for a Sovereign, who was at the peak of the realm, to reach the cutting path stage.

How could they even think about the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, let alone get their hands on it

“Its very simple…”

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Huang Quan suddenly spoke.

He looked at the Phantom of the black dragon and muttered, “Lets just be a fisherman and wait quietly.”

He fell into a trap!

In the air, just as Dao Qiongcang had thought of this, the Phantom of the Black Dragon had already become so big that it couldnt be stopped.

“I made a mistake.

I shouldnt have thought in the shoes of the black dragon.

I should have dealt with it through a confrontation instead…”

As Dao Qiongcang gathered his strength, his thoughts drifted.

He recalled the battle for the ten thrones when he was young.

During that battle, if Cao Yihan had not suddenly gained enlightenment and used the God Punishment Tribulation that transcended the era, resulting in the penetrating divine senses of the first generation…

The leader of the ten thrones would still be Bazhunan.

He would still be the man who had crushed the entire era.

Now that Dao Qiongcang had not seen him for decades, he had made some mistakes during their first battle because his opponent was in the form of a dragon and not a human.

It was almost inevitable that he would fall into the trap of the Bazhunan, who was behind the black dragon, if he fought with the Black Dragon!

Unfortunately, Dao Qiongcang only came to his senses at this point.

Even if that person was not in front of him, that person could still be like him, strategizing and winning from a thousand miles away!


While he was deep in thought, the Phantom of the Black Dragon in the sky had already revealed its complete form.

Under the loud dragons roar, a hot ball that looked like the black sun slowly flew out of its mouth…


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