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What was this Demonic Emperor Black Dragon trying to do

It gathered a huge amount of power and spat out the Dragon Pearl Phantom.

Everyone thought that it would take the opportunity to make a huge move while Dao Qiongcang was accumulating his power again after releasing the first.

For example, it would blow up the Yunlun mountain range, Dongtianwang City, and so on.

Or spread its hatred to the central region, taking the Dragon Pearl and detonating it on Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

These seemed to be the “Normal actions” that the black dragon should have taken at this moment.

But no one would have thought that after spitting out the Dragon Pearl, the Black Dragon would choose to escape…

“What is this supposed to mean”

Dao Qiongcang was also confused by the Black Dragons move.

But very quickly, he reacted.

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“Could it be that Bazhunan did not completely control the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, and the Black Dragons remnant successfully hatched in Shengshen continent, so it had the intention to defect”

“Thats right! Abyss Island is restricted by the rules.

Bazhunan might be able to become the master of both black and white veins, but what kind of status does the black dragon have”

“Based on its temperament, its dignity, and its origins, it will not allow a human, who is like an ant in its eyes, to trample over its dragons head.”

“So… running is inevitable!”

Dao Qiongcangs attack paused for a moment because of his thoughts.

He indeed had a backup plan.

He had the title of “Unpredictable” and the ability to “Predict the way of the heavens energy movement.”.

He didnt need to use just the Ten Orders Spiritual Array to fight against a holy emperor-level creature.

His backup plan was prepared for the Dragon Pearl.

The Dragon Pearl that the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon spat out would definitely be of great use.

If this thing wasnt destroyed, there would be endless trouble in the future.

However, at the critical moment, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons escape stunned Dao Qiongcang.


Dao Qiongcang remembered that currently, he was one step behind Bazhunan and had been tricked by Bazhunan.

The moment he realized that his true opponent was actually Bazhunan, he had to think about it from other aspects.

“Others might not be able to suppress the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon before reaching the saint level, but could Bazhunan really not do it”

“Could the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons betrayal be part of his plan”

“He wants to use my final strength to deal with the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon instead of itsDragon Pearl”


When Dao Qiongcang calculated to the second level, he immediately rejected his own idea.

“No, with his intelligence, since I can think of this, he can definitely think of it too.”

“Therefore, returning to the matter itself, the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons betrayal might have been something he expected, but he was unable to stop it…”

“But the dragon pearl is the root!”

His thoughts spun like lightning, and in this short amount of time, the silver needle formed by the Demonic Emperor Black Dragons remnant had already pierced through the Ten Orders Spiritual Array and entered the great path.

“Theres no time to think…”

Dao Qiongcangs heart trembled.

He didnt have much time left.

Regardless of whether this was the Bazhunans plan or not, facing the Black Dragons escape, facing the risk that the dragon pearl might bring to the world…

He, Dao Qiongcang, only had one choice – Destroy all of them!


Dao Qiongcang took out a divine array wheel and a self-mocking expression appeared on his face.

“The last thing I calculated before I left was a hazy, confusing and unknown path.

I thought it was the Holy Emperors way of the Heavens energy movement and it didnt want me to see the situation clearly.”

“I didnt expect that thisconfusion was actually referring to me.”

Dao Qiongcang didnt think anymore.

He raised his arm and the divine array wheel slowly flew out.

“Nine Arrow Nail Divine Array, go!”

The divine array wheel trembled in the air and automatically captured the aura left behind by the Black Dragons remnant, locking onto it.

Then, the small divine array wheel spun and turned into starlight.

In the middle, an illusory Evil Sin Bow was bent into a full moon.

With a snap, the bowstring was released and turned into nine streaks of light, shooting towards the black dragon that was invisible in the way of the heavens.

“Nine, nine arrows of the Evil Sin Bow”

All the higher voids behind them were scared out of their wits when they saw this scene.

They had long heard that divine sorcerers would use reason to convince others.

These sorcerers usually did not act rashly and would instead control the battle from behind the tent.

This was because their original bodies were very weak and they could not win against others.

Even if they had to fight, they would still use treasures and divine array wheels to fight.

But now, wasnt Dao Qiongcang being too unreasonable in this fight

He had failed to make a move, so he casually took out a divine array wheel that contained the nine arrows of the Evil Sin Bow.

who could withstand this

Everyone was shocked by Dao Qiongcangs extravagance.

However, when they thought about how the arrows of the Evil Sin Bow did not have the expected effect earlier, they became worried.

“The arrows of the Evil Sin Bow can not defeat the Devil Sword, but can it affect the black dragon” Teng Shanhai was worried.

Rao Yaoyao turned back when she heard this, she replied, “Its not that the arrows of the Evil Sin Bow can not defeat the Devil Sword, but that its power has been counteracted by the power of the Holy Emperor on the Devil Sword.

In addition, the opponent still has the power of the Devil Sword itself, and the arrows of the Evil Sin Bow are not from its original body, so its power will naturally be exhausted under the repeated sword fights.”

Teng Shanhai looked at the nine arrows flying away in the direction of the black dragon and said, “But this time, its going to deal with the Phantom of the Black Dragon!”

Rao Yaoyao smiled, she shook her head and said, “After the Phantom of the Black Dragon spat out the dragon pearl, its power almost disappeared.

It turned into those tiny silver needles, perhaps not just for the convenience of escaping… The bigger reason is that it only has this little bit of power left!”


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