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What the teacher said could shock more than just the tiny Fringe Moon Immortal City!


In the Eastern Region, there was the Eastern Mountain facing the ocean.

The Eastern Mountain had no peaks, and it was rumored that it had been destroyed by a sword.

There was a faction known as the Burial Sword Tomb that existed here since ancient times.

The spiritual sword, famed sword, ancient inscription tablet and lost sword.

All the swords that had no master but had spiritual quality would be attracted by the Burial Sword Tomb.

Through some way nobody knew about, these swords would return to the Burial Sword Tomb and wait for fate to bring them to rebirth.

There was an intangible barrier of sword energy that refused entry to everyone within a hundred thousand mile radius around the Burial Sword Tomb.

This was because of the convergence of many spiritual swords.

However, compared to the swordsman, this barrier of sword energy contained the insights of the Way of the Sword from countless historic swordsmen, all the way from ancient times till the present.

They only needed to cultivate here.

Every step they took into the barrier of sword energy meant that their cultivation level of the Way of the Sword had improved by a notch.

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The rule when entering the Burial Sword Tomb was “As long as you pass through the barrier of sword energy, you can enter the Burial Sword Tomb.” This encouraged everyone.

However, there were only three young swordsmen who could achieve this: the three brothers of the Gu family.

Ever since Bazhunan became well-known across the five regions, there was no movement across the Burial Sword Tomb in recent years.

Now, when the sword energy barrier trembled, all the swordsmen in the surroundings began to dance and cheer.

At the same time, in the Burial Sword Tomb, a small circle of ripples suddenly appeared in the Sword Washing Pool, which had been still for decades.


In the center of the Sword Washing Pool, a broken sword was gently trembling and crying.

The body of the sword was covered in rust and had lost its original color.

Even the hilt of the sword was covered in moss.

“Tap, tap, tap…”

In the darkness, a tall figure walked over.

He stepped over the surface of the water, passed through all the rusty swords in the Sword Washing Pool, came to the broken sword that was choking with sobs, and squatted down slowly.

“Hes back…” The figure said softly, as though he were looking after a delicate plant.

He seemed afraid that his words would provoke the other party.


The Broken Sword struggled violently, as if it was angry, and seemed like it was roaring.

It was like a wronged child, crying and complaining about the loneliness that had lasted for decades.

“You shouldnt hate him.

Hes also helpless…” The man gently stroked the broken sword in front of him.

After saying that, seeing that broken swords emotions had become even more intense, the nab could only smile helplessly.

“Alright, I wont defend him.

He really deserves to die…”



The broken sword trembled again.

The man was stunned and sighed after a while.

“Oh, what should I say about you”

“I told you to let him go and find another owner.

Now that youve obtained the title of famed sword, why do you want to bind yourself here and wait in loneliness”

“If he is still silent, are you going to wait for another hundred or thousand years”

“Maybe the wait will amount to nothing!”

The last sentence sounded heavy.

The man also seemed to be complaining about the person he was talking about, and was expressing his emotions.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz.” The broken sword trembled in response.

The man could hear the words of the sword.

He smiled and said, “Im different from you.

Im not tied up here.

I can leave whenever I want to.”


The Sword Washing Pool suddenly exploded with sword cries.

The broken wword struggled and was about to be emerge from the pool.

However, when the sword cries echoed, it could not do anything except tremble violently.

The man smiled and stood up.

“It will be difficult.

Its easy to enter the Sword Washing Pool, but difficult to leave.

Bazhunan has already missed the opportunity to enter the Burial Sword Tomb.

He will never come here again.

Even if the person you are waiting for has returned to the world, he will never bring you home.”

With that, the man turned around and left.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

This vicious language caused the broken sword to tremble madly, causing ripples in the sword pool.

It wanted to come out and kill this person, but it was bound by the rules and could not move at all.

“Ive said it long ago.

Is it difficult to acknowledge a new owner:

The man flicked his sleeves and disappeared into the darkness.

He sighed and said, “Now, hes back, but you cant go out.

Tsk, tsk.

Date plays tricks on people, but it also plays with swords… How sad.

Its really very sad…”


He even mocked the broken sword at the end!

The broken sword could no longer withstand this ridicule.

Like a demon god opening his eyes, it exploded with an endless bright white sword light.

The light illuminated the white-robed figure who had returned to his throne in the form of a sword hilt that could hold up the sky in the darkness.

Broken and falling swords were all over the ground.

Among them, the white-robed figure sitting on the Sword Hilt Throne was indifferent.

He placed his elbow on the armrest of the throne and used the back of his finger to support his chin.

He tilted his head slightly and glanced at the broken sword in the Sword Washing Pool nearby.

There was a smile at the corner of his mouth and a mocking look in his eyes.

The broken sword was unwilling to be humiliated like this and raged crazily.

The sword light broke through the sword energy barrier of the Burial Sword Tomb, causing the people outside to be happily surprised.

They sat cross-legged and cultivated.

However, in the end, this was merely a phenomenon.

The broken sword didnt break through the restrictions of the Sword Washing Pool.

The darkness receded.

The Sword Washing Pool lost all signs of movement, and only the humming of the broken sword and the ripples that rippled around it remained.

It was as if intangible tears were dripping down the sword cleansing pool.



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