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Frogs about 50 cm in size each grabbed their weapons and ran towards Jun-woo.


The wizards shot water beads, and the archers fired arrows.


However, their attacks were weak enough not to damage Jun-woo.


Even if the arrow touches your body, it feels like you lightly touch it with your finger.


Their attack power was lower than Jun-woo’s defense.


Occasionally, it felt a little touchy when hit by the attacks of the wizards, but it was not a threat to Jun-woo even if there were thousands of them.


The question was how many frogs could be killed in one hour.




The defense robot was running around, and Junwoo was also driving the frog.


Frogs with swords and shields jumped around Jun-woo, and Jun-woo created a large square self-destructing robot.




The explosion ripped the frog’s limbs apart, and Jun-woo, who changed his location, ran towards another place.


The cannonball robot cleaned up the damaged frogs.




Even if it moved a little, more than twenty birds rushed in.


There were many, but the frogs had strangely high stamina, so it felt like they didn’t die quickly.


A swarm of frogs jumping and running was seen behind the defensive robot that had gone away and returned.


There were enough 100 people to see beyond, and Jun-woo threw a self-destruct wolf robot toward it.


The wolf robot, which sprinted, exploded among the frogs.




With an explosion, the frogs ripped their limbs apart, and the defensive robot beckoned and beckoned to them.


The stats went up by one by the Quest, and the bonus stats also went up.


It was a pity that he wished he had more wide-ranging skills, but Jun-woo caught the most programs out of the three.


[You have a bonus stat of 1 as a quest reward.]


After catching 200 frogs and receiving the bonus stat 1, Jun-woo scanned the quest window.


It seemed that it would be challenging to catch 200 more during the remaining time, and if only ten more warriors and guardians were seen, stats would be added one by one.


Jun-woo ran lightly and looked around a little more closely.


‘Something is missing… ….’


There were swamps with puddles of water everywhere, and lotus flowers were blooming where there were ponds.


Jun-woo threw himself into the pond out of nowhere.


His eyes quickly scanned the floor.


He didn’t see anything special, and the stats went up about whether the defense robot had beaten the frog warrior.


[Strength has been increased by one as a quest reward.]


Jun-woo did not come out of the water and continued to scan the surroundings.


[Health has increased by one as a quest reward.]


It seemed that all the stats that could be obtained during the remaining Time had been received.


‘I don’t want to… ….’


[Time is up, return to the original location.]




Jun-woo’s body returned to the place it came from.


Leon said as if regretful.


“Ah, I only needed to catch ten more… ….”


It looked like he could get the stats by catching ten more.


Yoshimura, sitting in the air, looked at them and asked.


“How were the results”


Jun-woo got three Strength, two agility, two intelligence, three stamina, and five bonus stats there.


On the other hand, Leon got a total of 12, and Murata got 6.


“Not bad.

Thank you for your concession.



“A concession.

Going in sequence.

But you don’t know the way back”


The rain had stopped, but the invisible road remained in the air.


Junwoo, Leon, and Murata did not move even a single foot.


At that Time, Jun-woo summoned a large, four-legged self-destructive bird.


A bird has four ankles, so Jun-woo said while holding onto one of his ankles.


“let’s go.”


They grabbed it and flew off the cliff.


When they reached the cliff, informant three, who was waiting, greeted them.


“Is everyone okay”


“Thank you.

Thanks to you, I was able to do the Quest.”


“Oh, no… … .”


“Since you reported it, I will compensate you accordingly.

It’s not gold, but it’s difficult to calculate, so I’ll go back first.”


“Ah yes! Thank you… ….”


If there was a treasure in the reported location, it was enough to give 30-40% to the informant, but Jun-woo was worried about calculating the stat’s value.


“How do I compensate the informant for stat compensation”


To Jun-woo’s question, Yoshimura simply answered.


“If you take care of it in moderation, what”


“Well… ….”


“It seems that explorers who sell places are paying for each stat.

The informant cannot know this anyway, so you just have to give it in moderation according to your conscience.”


“Do you also sell places”


“Well, you are selling a special place for money.

For example, the cave we went to yesterday.”


“A secret dungeon”


“You saw the rest of the Time.

Usually no more than an hour.

Only people around you go in, so you can’t sell things like that.”




“However, most of them said there are many places where it is nothing even if you go there just because they sell it.

You’d better consider it luck wherever you went yesterday or here.”


Jun-woo nodded slowly.


Jun-woo, who dropped informant three at the guild building, took Park Bo-Hyeon, the head of Poongrim, on the spot and went to the Songpa Gate.


The intention was to try the Quest that had to be done in the hunting ground orc village in Songpa Gate.


It has already failed, but in case a hidden quest will be discovered while catching an orc.


Jun-woo said to Park Bo-Hyun, who was sitting in the passenger seat.


“Thank you for coming with us.”


Park Bo-Hyun, a unique archer at level 120 in his 40s, answered.



In my old years, I did quite a bit of hunting in the orc village.

May I know what kind of Quest it is”


“The quest to catch the orcs there has already failed.”


“Ah, are you going to see if the quest will happen”




“Well… I can’t think of anything that deserves to be picked up now.”


“Yes, it is fine.

Thank you for coming with us.

If you think of something, let me know.”


“All right.”


The reason why Jun-woo took Park Bo-Hyeon with him may be for security reasons, but it was because he was a person who worked in that area.


Anyway, while Jun-woo headed to the Orc Village, a small problem arose in the Orc Village.


Deok-cheol Kim, who went to the orc village under Jun-woo’s instructions, was hunting with like-minded guild members while examining the terrain.


A boss was born during the hunt, and Kim Deok-cheol tried to catch the boss.


However, due to lack of power, people other than Aegis guild members were needed, and many were hunting in addition to Aegis guild members.


Kim Deok-cheol tried to team up with them to catch the boss, but a man named Park Dae-Jung, who was the same manager, refused.


“This is the boss that the management guild has monopolized since the Time the Poongrim Guild managed it.

Because I don’t have enough power, I hang out with the people of the Free Guild.

You are right to ask for help.”


“You don’t have to, do you It takes a lot of Time to come and go to request support, and if you cooperate with the people here, you can get it… ….”


“The gatekeeper guild eats all the places known as some rich bosses.

If they were dissatisfied, did they join a local guild and take an active part in protecting the local area It’s not even designated as a guild under our control.

What do you do with the people of the Free Guild”


Kim Deok-cheol had a bit of hatred towards the Mantis Guild, which had monopolized when he took the Garactriko leader.


“Still… waiting time… ….”


“Guild members will be hunting in the north, so it will take an hour or two.

Let’s send someone.”


Park Dae-Jun was a man who had been hunting here since he was a member of the Poongrim Guild.


Kim Deok-cheol was speechless as he thought Park Dae-jun’s words made sense.


The local guild was a powerful group contributing to the region’s protection.


They had to do gate hunting activities around the rotation, and for these people, the degree of monopoly of the boss seemed to be something the Free Guild had to understand.


Then they felt the flying car flying.


Park Dae-Joon looked at him puzzledly.




“It’s like a flying car.”


“Who is it… ….”


Flying cars were also quite loose in Korea, and many people rode at the gate.


A unique model of a heavily tinted flying car entered the crowd.


When Jun-woo got off, the guild members there bowed their heads once.


“Welcome, Master.”


“Hello, I think the boss is there, but you haven’t dealt with it.”


Park Dae-Jun replied


“I was just about to ask for support.”


In addition to the members of the Aegis Guild, six other people were gathered here.


They were the party that Kim Deok-cheol asked to catch the boss together.


And although the affiliation was unknown nearby, it seemed that two more parties were hunting.


“Can’t we all work together to catch it”


“That… The management guild has monopolized this area since the days of Poongrim.

The boss gave me quite a lot.”


“Isn’t it a bit far from asking for support”



If you go a little further north, guild members are hunting there.”


Jun-woo, like Kim Deok-cheol, had a wrong opinion about monopoly.


But these are rotations.

In other words, their guild members had to hunt and return for a set time.


It seemed that this kind of benefit would not be wrong for them.


“Bohyun, was this place originally monopolized by the guild”


“Yes, it has been that way for quite some time.

The boss here is the so-called rich boss.”


“All right.

Let’s catch it first.

The presence of the boss would be a danger to those hunting here.”


Jun-woo led the 18 guild members here to go hunting the orc boss.


A few of them didn’t show it, but inside they felt regretful.


He was trying to hit the boss who appeared after two months with all my Strength and record a high contribution and try to earn some money, but the five leading players of the Aegis Guild showed up.


No matter how hard he tried, he was in a situation where he sighed when he thought about the contribution he would be given.


Park Bo-Hyun carefully told Jun-woo as if he understood their feelings.


“If we attack, most of the boss’s contribution will come from us.

For the guild members who hunted in this area, I think it would be nice to do it a little more gently.”


“Yeah, let’s do some support from behind.”


“Thank you for your understanding.”




Jun-woo also understands their feelings, so he moderately participates in the boss raid.


All Junwoo did was watch the other two defense robots at the orc boss.


Yoshimura took a shield and marked the boss so that the guild members would not be hit, and Leon and Murata watched without doing anything.


The green-skinned humanoid monster orc boss could not do anything and was blocked by three tanks, and his vitality was depleted.


Park Dae-jun’s spear pierced the boss’s back, and the boss’s knee touched the floor.


Jun-woo, who did not do much, contributed 15%, and Yoshimura was 13%.


Having two defensive robots marked the boss, Jun-woo’s contribution was number one.


Eighteen guild members shared the rest.


There were quite a few items from the boss, and Yoshimura picked up a sword and gave a satisfied expression.



It is a sword.”


Ironically, nothing fell on Jun-woo except for two bottles of 3 million gold recovery pills.


Those who acquired the equipment drew a satisfied smile, and those who did not get anything promised the next.


Jun-woo, who took care of the boss, moved to achieve the purpose of coming here.


* * *


While Jun-woo was there, the background check at the Songpa Gate Access Control Center was upgraded to the greatest difficulty.


It wasn’t enough to check his identity multiple times, so he asked questions and could have changed his face with doppelganger skin, so he was slashing his face with a dagger.


As the procedure increased, the line at the gate became more extended, and people expressed dissatisfaction.


“What are you doing all of a sudden”


“Lee Jun-woo came in earlier.

So, this is the deal.”


“Even so.

It’s too bad, this.”


“Miss, how long are you waiting for I just came.”


“Did there ever be a murder”


“Is it something to do with Dark Star”


People looked at people being attacked by daggers with various questions.


The act of slashing the face with a dagger caused enough pain.


Although the priest cured it perfectly, the pain in the face that had to pierce the life force and bleed was quite annoying.


If his vitality was high, he had to hit the skin several times with a dagger, so he couldn’t help but complain.


The lines were getting longer, and they had to be attacked, so the number of people returning was also generated.


And among them, a member of the Dark Star’s guild tried to find Jun-woo.


‘After… Yesterday I went to Gangwon-do, and today I went to Gwacheon… Where are you going these days This kid… ….’


Although he was following Jun-woo under the direction of his superior, it was challenging to follow Jun-woo without being noticed.


He thought he needed more guards.


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