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The admission punching force test was a tradition in many martial arts universities.

Firstly, it was to review the punching force test results during the martial arts college entrance examination.

Secondly, he also wanted to see if the quasi-new students had improved in the week after the martial arts college entrance examination.

It was very difficult to tell if there had been any improvement in combat techniques in just a week, but punching force could.

A week was enough to increase his punching force by a few kilograms!

During the entrance test, if there was an obvious improvement, it meant that he was very talented in punching force and was extremely diligent in cultivating.

If the test did not show any improvement, it meant that he might have slacked off cultivating after the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

To the teachers in martial arts universities, they definitely liked the former and not the latter.

In fact, those who discovered obvious improvement in the admission punching force test would often receive more preferential treatment in the university.

“Will Lin Mos punching force increase”

“I think its very difficult, right After all, its not easy to improve!”

“Thats right! Lin Mos punching force during the martial arts college entrance examination was too high.

Its undoubtedly extremely difficult to improve further!”

“Speaking of which, it doesnt matter if Lin Mo has improved or not! In any case, Jiangnan Martial Arts University will treat him like a treasure!”

The teachers and students present thought that it was definitely very difficult for Lin Mos punching force to increase.

Even if there were, there were definitely very few.

It wasnt that there was any malice in their idea, but it was indeed difficult to “take a step further”.

“Brother Mo probably hasnt improved at all in the past few days, right” Even Gao Haoran couldnt help but mutter in his heart.

Over the past few days, Gao Haoran had been hanging out with Lin Mo most of the time.

He knew very well that he and Lin Mo had done a lot of chores and had no time to cultivate.

He had never cultivated before, so how could his punching force increase

“It should be very difficult for Lin Mos punching force to increase without using the gravity room in the martial arts university to stimulate his cell potential, right” Ye Yi couldnt help but think, “Its very difficult for him to improve, but Ive increased my punching force by a total of five kilograms these few days! Although my punching force is still inferior to Lin Mos for the time being, at least Ive narrowed the gap!”

Ye Yi firmly believed that as long as he kept chasing, he would definitely be able to surpass Lin Mo!

Under many expectant gazes, Lin Mo extended his right hand.

A long-haired teacher in his thirties controlled the mechanical arm and held Lin Mos palm.

As a top school, Jiangnan Martial Arts Universitys punching force testing equipment was even much more high-end than the equipment used for the martial arts college entrance examination.

The detection speed and accuracy were extremely high.

In the blink of an eye, the results of Lin Mos punching force test were out.

It was directly accurate to two decimal places.

“Lin Mo, cell strength is 3,226.12 kilograms!”

When the mechanical arm accurately read out Lin Mos cell strength, the surrounding air seemed to freeze.

Every pair of eyes widened.

‘3,226 kilograms

It had increased by more than 200 kilograms compared to the martial arts college entrance examination

Didnt they say that it was very difficult to improve even one step Why did Lin Mo seem to be fooling around when he “advanced”

‘And its not just one step, but many

“Brother… Brother Mo” Gao Haoran began to doubt his life when he saw the test results.

It was not that he was jealous of Lin Mo! After all, with the gap between him and Lin Mo and their relationship, there was no such thing as jealousy!

Gao Haoran was purely doubting his life.

They had clearly been doing odd jobs together these few days! Why did Gao Haorans punching force not improve after a week, but Lin Mos had increased by more than 200 kilograms

‘Which part went wrong

“Brother Mo, dont tell me you dont sleep an hour a day” Gao Haoran couldnt help but be suspicious.

“After hanging out with me during the day, you still went back all night to involute”

Ye Yi was even more dumbfounded.

Lin Mos improvement had directly exceeded his understanding of martial arts!

“Impossible!” Ye Yi couldnt help but mutter.

According to his understanding of martial arts, it was definitely very difficult to continue improving at Lin Mos level! That was why Ye Yi was confident that the gap between him and Lin Mo had definitely narrowed!

But this test…

How was this shrinking

With a whoosh, the gap widened by more than 200 kilograms!

He left Ye Yi in the dust—was he still going to chase after him How could he chase after him

Then, Ye Yi thought of a possibility.

“Lin Mo definitely illegally used some gravity room!”

The control of the gravity room was very strict! And no matter where it was, the gravity room was at full load! Logically speaking… it was impossible to secretly use the gravity room!

However, seeing the increase in Lin Mos punching force, Ye Yi would rather believe that Lin Mo had secretly used the gravity room!

“But… even with the help of the gravity room, its still very shocking to increase by more than 200 kilograms a week!” Ye Yi asked himself.

Even if he was given a gravity room, it was impossible for him to improve so much! In fact, it was very difficult to increase by 50 kilograms.

“Is he still human” Ye Yi couldnt help but look at Lin Mo in horror.

“Sigh!” Lin Mo sighed unhappily.

“I only improved so little in a week!”

‘Isnt that so!

In Lin Mos opinion, this pitiful speed of improvement was simply a waste of life!

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