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Jiangnan Martial Arts University was very big.

However, it was not difficult to find Lin Mos dormitory.

Fifteen minutes later, Qi Fengbo stood outside Lin Mos dormitory door and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it” Lin Mo stood up to open the door, puzzled.

If Gao Haoran or Li Jiaxuan were looking for him, they should have called him in advance.

As expected, as soon as he opened the door, Lin Mo saw an unfamiliar face.

“You are” Lin Mo looked at him in confusion.

“Let me introduce myself!” Qi Fengbo smiled proudly and said confidently, “Im Qi Fengbo! After you came to Jiangnan Martial Arts University, you should have heard of my name, right”

No wonder Qi Fengbo was so confident! After all, he was one of the top geniuses in his second year.

He could be considered an absolute influential figure in the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

In fact, not only in Jiangnan Martial Arts University, but even in the entire Xia countrys martial arts circle, many people had already noticed the name “Qi Fengbo”.

This was a rising star in the martial arts world!

Of course, Qi Fengbos reputation could not compare to Lin Mos.

Qi Fengbo was only a new star, while Lin Mo was the rising sun!

The level of dazzlingness was not on the same level at all!

“Qi Fengbo” Lin Mo looked at the person who had come to visit.

“Yes!” Qi Fengbo straightened his back, his expression becoming more and more arrogant.

He raised his head slightly, as if he wanted to look down on Lin Mo, this “junior”.

Lin Mo frowned and carefully searched his mind for a moment.

In the end, he said firmly, “Ive never heard of you!”

“I…” Qi Fengbo was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

‘Is this polite

Im prepared to show off!

‘And youre telling me youve never heard of me

Besides, even if youve really never heard of me, dont you know how to be polite

‘Dont you know how to flatter each other in business situations

“Young people really dont know how to speak!” Qi Fengbo said in an old-fashioned manner.

“But… Ive really never heard of you!” Lin Mo said very frankly.

“By the way, why are you looking for me”

“Hmph!” Qi Fengbo snorted coldly.

He was already a little dissatisfied with Lin Mo.

He originally only wanted to punish Lin Mo a little in the “guidance battle”, but now, he wanted to take the opportunity to ravage him.

“Listen carefully—” Qi Fengbo said arrogantly.

“I, Qi Fengbo, am ranked second in the second year, which is… the opponent youre going to encounter in theguidance battle!”

“Oh—” Lin Mo understood now.

So he was an opponent in the “guidance battle”!

‘Just say that! Why are you beating around the bush

Also… this was definitely the most polite opponent Lin Mo had ever seen! There was still a full week before the “guidance battle” began, and he had come to visit!

Lin Mo pondered.

Based on your courtesy, I cant beat you up too badly! After all… the martial arts world is not about fighting and killing, but about the ways of the world!

“Alright, Qi Fengbo, I see what you mean!” Lin Mo said and was about to close the door.

‘See what I mean

Qi Fengbo was dumbfounded.

‘Ive just finished introducing myself and havent even started talking.

How can you understand me

“Wait!” Qi Fengbo quickly stopped Lin Mo from closing the door.

“I think you havent figured out why Im here!”

“Arent you just here to get to know me” Lin Mo couldnt help but ask.

“Dont you know me now”

“Getting to know you is only one of the reasons! And its not the key!” Qi Fengbo sneered and said, “Secondly, my main goal, I want you to get to know the gap between you and me!”

“Gap” Lin Mo was stunned for a moment before reacting.

He originally thought that Qi Fengbo was here to express his friendliness.

He did not expect that he was here to say ruthless words!

“This unlucky child!” Lin Mo couldnt help but look at him sympathetically and shake his head in his heart.

Originally, Lin Mo wanted to let the other party off in the “guidance battle”.

When the time came, he would just stop when necessary.

He did not expect the other party to actually come up and say such harsh words!

Saying harsh words to Brother Mo What good could come of it

In any case, those who had said harsh words in front of Lin Mo previously were quite miserable…

“Lin Mo!” Qi Fengbo continued proudly, “I know that your strongest point is your physical growth talent, which is your punching force!”

“My strongest point is punching force” Lin Mo didnt think so.

Lin Mos punching force was at most at the level of a two-star martial artist.

However, Lin Mos mid-stage rank 5 combat technique was relatively powerful even among Silver Lunar Martial Artists!

“Coincidentally, Ive been busy building my foundation during the entire first year, focusing on cultivating combat techniques, weapons, and moves… And punching force is precisely the weakest point for us second-year martial arts students!” Qi Fengbo was arrogant.

“Now, Ill compare my weakest point with your strongest point!”

“When you took the entrance test yesterday, your punching force was 3,226 kilograms” Qi Fengbo continued, “Such a punching force is indeed very monstrous for a first-year student like you.

Its even higher than many second-year students! But… youre still inferior to me!”

“Whats your punching force” Lin Mo asked cooperatively.

“Hmph!” Qi Fengbo snorted proudly.

“My punching force is already as high as 3,550 kilograms!”

‘3,550 kilograms

Lin Mo couldnt help but look at his data panel.

At this moment, the sun had already risen high.

Lin Mos index was also much higher than when he first woke up in the morning.

The total index had already reached 1,500 points, and the punching force index was nearly 500 points!

In other words, he could increase his punching force by 100 kilograms per hour! Almost 2 kilograms per minute!!

Lin Mo looked at his current punching force: 3,449.8 kilograms!

“Even in my weakest subject, punching force, youre more than 300 kilograms away from me!” Qi Fengbo did not expect that after a night, Lin Mos punching force had already increased by more than 300 kilograms.

Now, his punching force was almost equal to his.

“How long do you think it will take you to surpass me with this punching force”

‘How long will it take to surpass

This question really couldnt stump Lin Mo!

Lin Mo looked at the increasing punching force every second and couldnt help but mutter, “One, two, three, four, five!”



He had surpassed it!

Five seconds later, Lin Mos punching force had already exceeded 3,550 kilograms!

However, Qi Fengbo did not know that he had already been slapped in the face on the spot.

He continued to show off his combat technique with a smug expression.

“Theres no need to mention combat technique! After a year of hard work at Jiangnan Martial Arts University and the guidance of many teachers, my combat technique has already reached… the terrifying late-stage of the fourth rank!”

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