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In the dormitory.

Lin Mo casually washed up and left.

“I didnt expect to be late for my first class in university!” Lin Mo was still a little ashamed.

Yesterday, he had warned Gao Haoran not to be late! He did not expect to be late himself today!

Moreover, if the class teacher hadnt called, Lin Mo would probably have slept until the afternoon.

“Its all because of the crayfish yesterday!” Lin Mo directly pushed the blame to the crayfish.

“If the crayfish werent so big and fat and delicious, why would I sleep so late If I hadnt slept late, why would I be late”

In short, it was all the crayfishs fault!

The more Lin Mo thought about it, the angrier he became.

“Damn it, Ill eat their entire family tonight!”


Furious, Lin Mo went outside the classroom.

He looked inside and saw several familiar figures.

“Lin Mo is here!” The class teacher, Teacher Wei, also noticed Lin Mo outside and said, “Come in quickly!”

Teacher Wei personally walked to the classroom door and pulled Lin Mo to the podium.

Then, he introduced him to the entire class.

“Lin Mo, everyone knows, right”

“Although you all definitely know, I still have to make a grand introduction!”

Teacher Wei directly transformed into “Lin fanboy”.

“Lin Mo set an unprecedented record in the martial arts college entrance examination that just ended!”

“Punching force test, 150 points! Foundation test, 150 points! Spiritual force test, 150 points!”

“Of course, these are not the most important things! The most important thing is that after Lin Mo achieved such impressive results, not only did he not relax at all, but he even worked harder to cultivate!”

“Im sure everyone has seen how hard Lin Mo worked—he was ranked on the Jiangnan Martial Arts Universitys Involution God Ranking List as soon as he entered! And now, because he stayed up all night cultivating, hes late for class!”

“I see an extremely firm and pious heart of martial arts in Lin Mo!”

“There might only be martial arts in Lin Mos life! Therefore, its no wonder that he could obtain such results in the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination…”

Teacher Wei bragged passionately and even felt like he couldnt stop.

Lin Mo couldnt stand it anymore and interrupted, “Teacher Wei, I really didnt involute!”

Involute what!

The fragrance of the crayfish in his hand had yet to be completely washed clean!

However, what Lin Mo did not expect was that his honesty was useless—Teacher Wei did not believe him at all!

“Did everyone see that” Teacher Wei continued to do Lin Chui.

“This is another of Lin Mos outstanding morals—modesty!”

“Uh…” Lin Mo chose to shut up.

‘Forget it!

‘Lets not talk about it!

‘Let time speak!

As time passes, youll naturally know that not only did I not involute, but Im also lying especially flat!

“However, Lin Mo! Theres one thing I really want to say about you!” Teacher Wei suddenly said in a slightly critical tone.


Lin Mos eyes lit up.

After being praised for so long, he could finally hear criticism!

To be honest, ever since the end of the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, Lin Mo had rarely heard criticisms.

This made him miss it a little.

After all… before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, Lin Mo had walked through criticism!


Criticism made Lin Mo abstain from arrogance and impatience!

Criticism made Lin Mo lie even more idle!

And now, Lin Mo was prepared to accept criticism—come on!

“Lin Mo, I know why youre working so hard!” Teacher Wei said very confidently.

“It must be because of theguidance battle, right”

“I…” Lin Mo really didnt fight with his life on the line, nor did he care about the “guidance battle”.

“You dont have to say anything!” Teacher Wei interrupted Lin Mo.

“I know that a genius like you must be extremely competitive and definitely dont want to lose theguidance battle! But…”


Wei paused before continuing.

“But what Im telling you is that its not embarrassing to lose theguidance battle!”

“Guidance battles are supposed to beguidance between the upper years and the lower years! Since its guidance, the difference in strength must be huge.

Its impossible for the lower years to win! This has never happened in the past, and its very difficult for it to happen in the future!”

“Besides, youve just entered a martial arts university! The difference in strength between the first and second years is the greatest! If… youre given another two or three years, you might really be able to defeat the fourth-year genius! But youre only a first-year now.

Its impossible for you to defeat the second-year genius!”

“So…” Teacher Wei said a lot before concluding,” Dont give yourself too much pressure because of the guidance battle! Just relax and dont work too hard! Accepting defeat calmly is also a form of growth! ”

“Uh…” Lin Mo didnt have a chance to speak.

“Alright, thats it! Take a seat!” Teacher Wei did not give Lin Mo any chance to argue and said directly, “Since the students are all here, lets officially start introducing ourselves!”

Previously, because they were deliberately waiting for Lin Mo, the classroom was mainly filled with idle chatter.

They had yet to introduce themselves.

Now that Lin Mo was here, he could naturally begin this segment.

As for Lin Mo, he had already seen several acquaintances before he walked into the classroom.

Not to mention Gao Haoran, there was also Yan Yimo, Ye Yi, Zhou Qingfeng, and so on.

“Our Elite Class One is the elite of the elite, a genius among geniuses!” Teacher Wei continued, “Among the 30 students, there are more than ten geniuses on the Xia countrys Genius List alone! There are even three students who are in the top five of the Genius List!”

These three people were naturally Lin Mo, Yan Yimo, and Ye Yi!

“Our class is not only thetop class of Jiangnan Martial Arts University! Even in all the martial arts universities in Xia country, its undoubtedly thetop class!” Teacher Wei said proudly, “Next, lets start with Student Yan Yimos self-introduction!”

“Hello, everyone.

Im Yan Yimo!” Yan Yimo stood up and said in embarrassment, “According to the martial arts college entrance examination results, although Im ranked first in the class and the top scorer of this years martial arts college entrance examination in Xia country, everyone, dont treat me as first…”

With Lin Mo around, Yan Yimo was too embarrassed to acknowledge this “first place”!

Although she scored two points higher than Lin Mo in the martial arts college entrance examination, Lin Mo directly forfeited one exam.

It was obvious who was better.

“Im Ye Yi!” After Yan Yimo introduced him, Ye Yi stood up and began.

“The reason why I came to Jiangnan Martial Arts University is to defeat Lin Mo fair and square under the same conditions and in a fair environment!”

Ye Yi declared war on Lin Mo again in front of the entire class!


Poor Ye Yi did not know that after more than a day, the gap between his and Lin Mos punching force had widened by another thousand kilograms!

After all, Lin Mo could increase his punching force by more than a ton a day!

Even if Ye Yi was involuted to death, he could only be left in the dust behind Lin Mo.

“I, Zhou Qingfeng!” Zhou Qingfeng, a Psychic from Jingdu City, continued.

However, after he finished introducing himself, he couldnt help but look at Lin Mo in confusion and ask, “Lin Mo, have we met before Why do I feel that youre a little familiar”

“Is that so” Lin Mo said casually without explanation.

Of course he had!

As “Black Earth”, Lin Mo had beaten Zhou Qingfeng up in the Primordial Universe.

However, Lin Mo used “general appearance” in the Primordial Universe, while Zhou Qingfeng used “true appearance”.

Therefore, although Lin Mo could recognize Zhou Qingfeng, Zhou Qingfeng could not recognize Lin Mo.

He only felt that he was inexplicably familiar.

“Maybe its an illusion!” Zhou Qingfeng searched his mind bitterly, but no face could match Lin Mos.

He could only shake his head and say.

“I, Zhao Han! Am…”

One student after another stood up and introduced themselves.

It was finally Gao Haorans turn.

“I, Gao Haoran! Well… I dont know why I appeared in Elite Class One!”

After Gao Haoran heard the other students introductions, he felt like a husky had sneaked into the wolf pack.

They looked similar on the surface, but their strength was worlds apart.


However, it was not a surprise that Gao Haoran could enter “Elite Class One”!

Dont forget that Lin Mo had helped Gao Haoran obtain the qualifications to study in Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

In the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University, there were not many students with such qualifications! Therefore, it was not strange for Gao Haoran to sneak into the wolf pack!

“Everyone, dont worry too much about my existence.

Just treat me as if Im invisible!” Gao Haoran also knew that even if he was in a wolf pack, he could only be a husky.

“In addition… for the four years of university, Ill take care of the last place in all the subjects!”


Gao Haoran promised generously.

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