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“Huh” Gao Haoran was shocked.

“Why is that”

“Because Lin Mo has brought honor to our Jiangnan Prefecture!” The two girls said with admiration, “We dont have any other abilities, so we can only express our respect for Lin Mo in this way!”

“That works” Gao Haoran was stunned.

Although Brother Mo was not in the big sword circle, his legend was circulating in the circle.

“My Brother Mo will always be my Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran couldnt help but sigh.

After sighing, Gao Haoran couldnt help but ask, “What if Brother Mo comes to your club personally”

“Needless to say” the two women said without thinking.


After a pause, the two girls added, “As long as hes willing to take a photo in the shop and help us promote it!”

… .

Just as Gao Haoran walked out of the club, Lin Mo ended his lobster fishing.

The bucket of crayfish was probably more than ten kilograms.

“I can have a good meal tonight!” Lin Mo carried the bucket and prepared to go back and make the thirteen incense sticks.

But then a voice stopped him.

“Brother Lin Mo!” It was Feng Zhiwei in the villa beside him.

“Are you done fishing Do you want to come in and chat and get to know each other”

Previously, when Feng Zhiwei saw that Lin Mo was “cultivating”, he did not disturb him.

Now that Lin Mos “cultivation is over”, Feng Zhiwei immediately opened the door and invited him.

Feng Zhiwei knew very well that Lin Mos future achievements would definitely be extraordinary! It would be fine if there was no suitable opportunity to befriend such a genius, but now that Lin Mo had come to his door to fish for lobsters, it would be unreasonable for him to not take the opportunity to befriend him.

“Oh” Lin Mo thought for a moment.

After all, he was fishing for crayfish in front of someone elses door.

It did not seem very generous to monopolize it.

In addition, Lin Mo did want to freeload off the involution index here for a while and familiarize himself with his future dormitory in advance.

So he asked, “Do you have a big pot here”

“Yes!” Feng Zhiwei said.

The more powerful a martial artist was, the more energy they usually consumed and the greater the demand for food.

Therefore, in the martial artists residence, there was either no pot and they never fired.

If there was a pot, it was definitely a big pot!

“What about the seasoning for the thirteen spices” Lin Mo asked again.

Thirteen-spice crayfish was the greatest of all time!

“I got everything!” Feng Zhiwei said again.

“Thats good!” Lin Mo carried the bucket unceremoniously and entered his future dormitory.

The two of them exchanged a few pleasantries and got to know each other.

Lin Mo also found out the other partys identity.

“So youre Feng Zhiwei, ranked second in the third year!” Lin Mo smiled.

“No wonder Qi Fengbo came to visit you so late at night! He should be here to beg for mercy, right”

“Haha, thats right!” Feng Zhiwei shook his head and smiled.

“A person like Qi Fengbo is not determined at all! The path of martial arts is long.

Although he has temporarily achieved some results, he definitely wont be able to walk far! Unlike you, Brother Lin Mo…”

Feng Zhiwei changed the topic to Lin Mo.

“To be honest, your special cultivation method tonight really broadened my horizons!”

“A special cultivation method” Lin Mo was puzzled.

‘Did I cultivate

‘I was just fishing for a crayfish here.

When did I cultivate

“If its not convenient for you to say, then lets not talk about this.” Feng Zhiwei thought that it was inconvenient for Lin Mo to reveal the special cultivation method.

This was normal.

If he could casually reveal it, wouldnt it not be special

However, Feng Zhiwei still wanted to compete with Lin Mo.

He thought for a moment and said, “Leave the cleaning of the crayfish to me! Go and start the pot!”

Cleaning the crayfish was a relatively troublesome matter, but… during the cleaning, Feng Zhiwei could show his combat technique!

“Lin Mo will definitely be shocked to see the accuracy of my control!” Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but think.

‘Thats right!

Feng Zhiwei seemed to be cleaning the crayfish, but he actually wanted to show his strength in front of Lin Mo.

“Thank you for your hard work!” Lin Mo did not notice Feng Zhiweis scheme at all.

He said casually and went to prepare the materials for the thirteen spices.

Feng Zhiwei took the bucket, his fingers like lightning.

In less than a second, he could cut the end of a crayfish and clean it up.

“Hmph!” Feng Zhiwei was quite satisfied with his actions.

Without peak rank 4 combat technique, it was impossible to have such fast hand speed!

“How is it” Thinking of this, Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but glance at Lin Mos reaction.

“Not bad, quite fast!” However, Lin Mo was not surprised at all and only said calmly.

“Huh” Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but be a little dissatisfied.

In his opinion, Lin Mo must have been shocked by his combat technique.

He only suppressed his shock and did not show it.

“Lin Mo really likes to pretend!” Feng Zhiwei thought to himself.

“He clearly likes to involute, but he always likes to pretend to be idle! Now, hes clearly shocked to death, but he insists on pretending not to care!”

Feng Zhiwei felt that he had already seen through Lin Mos vanity.

But what he did not know was that… Lin Mo was really lying idle! And now, Lin Mo was really not shocked at all!

‘Whats to be shocked about

Could it be that Lin Mo, who was at the mid-stage of the fifth rank, was still shocked by the combat technique of the peak of the fourth rank

“However… vanity is actually a very terrifying motivation!” Feng Zhiwei did not look down on Lin Mo because of this.

Instead, he valued him even more.

“Because of vanity, Lin Mo will secretly involute crazily to maintain his image as asuper genius!”

Thinking of this, Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but look at Lin Mo solemnly.

“This will definitely be a very strong opponent on my martial arts path! I want to see who will become a martial arts grandmaster first, Lin Mo or me!”

Feng Zhiwei washed the crayfish, his eyes burning with fighting spirit.

He had already treated Lin Mo as a competitor on the path of martial arts!

Lin Mo had no idea that Feng Zhiwei could actually wash so many thoughts out of a crayfish.

Of course, even if Lin Mo knew, he wouldnt care at all.

Opponent If you want to treat me as an opponent, so be it! In any case, youll recognize reality in a few days!

… .

In a few minutes, Feng Zhiwei had already washed more than ten kilograms of crayfish clean.

Lin Mo was not slow either.

He had already started boiling the oil and began to cook.

Before long, a large pot of crayfish was steaming.

Feng Zhiwei actually admired Lin Mo, his competitor, so he was quite polite when he ate and drank.

Since the other party was so polite, Lin Mo naturally welcomed him with a smile.

This meal of crayfish could be said to be very enjoyable.

Although they were in Feng Zhiweis dormitory now, it was still the crayfish that Lin Mo had painstakingly caught.

After eating, Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but felt like he freeloaded, so he said, “Lin Mo, thank you for this meal of crayfish! If you have anything to do at Jiangnan Martial Arts University, feel free to tell me.

As long as its within my capabilities, Ill try my best to help!”

Feng Zhiwei was actually hinting at the “guidance battle”.

He knew that Qi Fengbo wanted to ruthlessly “guide” Lin Mo during the guidance battle.

However, Feng Zhiwei was confident that as long as he opened his mouth, Qi Fengbo would definitely not dare to be too ruthless!

“As long as its within your capabilities, youll try your best to help” Lin Mos eyes lit up.

“Thats right!” Feng Zhiwei had the demeanor of an expert.

“I really have something to trouble you with!” Lin Mo said in embarrassment.

“I just dont know if its appropriate to ask!”

“Tell me! Tell me!” Feng Zhiwei waved his hand and said domineeringly.

“Then Ill really say it” Lin Mo was still a little embarrassed, but he still said, “Um… I think your dormitory seems to be quite good.

Can you swap it to me”

What Lin Mo wanted the most now was the involution index of Feng Zhiweis dormitory.

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