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That night.

There were as many as 200 second-year students who had signed a gambling battle agreement with Lin Mo!

In other words, after the gambling battle ended, Lin Mo would obtain more than 2,000 time cards.

At that time, Lin Mo could lie in the gravity room wantonly and farm the “Idle Index”!

Ten hours a day!

His strength would explode in minutes!

“How satisfying!” Lin Mo really felt good just thinking about it.

That night, he slept even better.

Even his dreams were sweet!

Still …

Lin Mo was sleeping soundly, but someone couldnt fall asleep—that was his class teacher, Teacher Wei.


When Teacher Wei received the news of the “gambling battle”, he was already lying in bed asleep.

When he received the call and heard about this, he jumped out of bed.

“Lin Mo is provoking the entire second year class Hes crazily asking people out for a gambling battle”

“More than two hundred gambling war agreements have been signed now”

“He even dragged Yan Yimo and Gao Haoran in to gamble”

Is this a joke!

In Teacher Weis impression, Lin Mo had always been a good student who “diligently cultivated”.

He never expected that Lin Mo would cause such a big mess just a few days after school began!

“Lin Mo is directly betting two to three years of his time cards!” When Teacher Wei saw the bet, he was so shocked that he was speechless.

“Isnt he going to consider the consequences of losing so many time cards”

It was not an exaggeration to say that the “time card” was the most important cultivation resource in the martial arts university!

As long as he was not a burden in terms of combat technique, then if he had enough time cards, it was almost equivalent to increasing his punching force infinitely! Therefore, the importance of time cards could be imagined!

“If Lin Mo and the others really lost their time cards to the second-year students, then it will be difficult for him to walk the path of martial arts!”

Thinking of this, Teacher Wei couldnt sit still anymore.

He put on his clothes and walked out.

“I must stop this farce!”

In a few minutes, Teacher Wei jogged to the schools dormitory area.

The first person he looked for was the “Red Dragon” who had signed the first gambling agreement with Lin Mo.

“Its Teacher Wei!” Red Dragon still knew Teacher Wei from the first-year elite class one and knew very well why he was here.

However, he still chose to pretend to be confused.

“Its so late.

Teacher Wei, why are you looking for me”

“Red Dragon!” Teacher Wei called out the other partys nickname.

“I heard that you brought many people to our class to snatch time cards”

Teacher Wei looked like he wanted to denounce him.

“Teacher Wei, you cant talk nonsense!” The Red Dragon was not guilty at all.

“A gambling battle is something allowed in school! I won some time cards in the gambling battle.

This is my ability.

How can it be called snatching”

“I wont argue with you about the time cards youve already won! After all, Ye Yi and the others lost themselves.

They have to admit defeat! But…” Teacher Wei was clearly advancing in order to retreat.

“But since the gambling battle agreement between you and Lin Mo hasnt begun, you have to cancel it no matter what!”

“Cancel” The Red Dragon shook his head without thinking.

“Teacher Wei, its really not that I have to have a bet with Lin Mo, but hes too arrogant! In the afternoon, Lin Mo said a lot of harsh things to me! He got to show off, but you want me to cancel the bet Teacher Wei, do you think thats possible”

“This…” Teacher Wei knew that he was in the wrong.

After all, it was obvious how arrogant Lin Mo was on the school forum.

“Red Dragon!” Teacher Wei said in a low voice, “Just treat it as giving me face.

You and your classmates, cancel the gambling battle! If you encounter anything in school in the future, you can look for me.

I will definitely try my best to help!”

“Sigh! Teacher Wei, since youve said so, I definitely have to give you face!” The Red Dragon sighed, clearly feeling sorry for missing the time cards.

“How about this, Teacher Wei As long as Lin Mo comes to give in to us, well cancel the gambling battle, okay”

“Alright! Ill tell Lin Mo!” Teacher Wei agreed.

In his opinion, the Red Dragons condition was not too much.

Red Dragon looked at Teacher Weis hurriedly departing figure and couldnt help but shake his head.

“Lin Mo has a good teacher!”

… .

After leaving the Red Dragon, Teacher Wei rushed to the next students dormitory according to the clues provided by the other teachers.

“There are only a dozen gambling battle agreements on the Red Dragons side! The real trouble is the remaining two hundred or so!” Teacher Wei had a headache.

“Tonight, I have to persuade these students who have signed the gambling battle agreement to cancel the gambling battle no matter what!”

Teacher Wei was really thinking for Lin Mo!

In his opinion, how could a first-year student like Lin Mo, who had just stepped into a university, understand how terrifying the strength of a second-year student who had already studied at Jiangnan Martial Arts University for a year was!

Lin Mo was betting against a second-year student Wasnt this directly giving away time cards

“If Lin Mo really loses more than 200 gambling battles, hell be finished! Not only him, but even Yan Yimo will be dragged down to death!”

As for Gao Haoran, the husky… Teacher Wei chose to ignore him.

Under the deep night sky.

Teacher Wei patiently knocked on the door of one dormitory after another—just to help Lin Mo cancel the gambling battle!

It had to be said that Teacher Wei was definitely an extremely responsible class teacher! For Lin Mo, he had completely put down his pride and worked hard!

Finally, after rushing around all night, at dawn, Teacher Wei visited almost all the students who had signed the gambling battle agreement!

Among them, most students agreed that as long as Lin Mo was willing to give in and apologize, they would be willing to cancel the gambling battle.

Of course, the premise was that Lin Mo had to give in and apologize! Otherwise, they would fight Lin Mo to the death!

“Phew…” After a busy night, even Teacher Wei, a Silver Lunar Martial Artist, was sweating.


Teacher Wei had never thought about whether Lin Mo needed to cancel the gambling battle or not!

“Ive talked to all the other students, the only one left, Li Jiaxuan, is not in his dormitory!” Teacher Wei had also heard of Li Jiaxuans relationship with Gao Haoran and Lin Mo.

He originally did not want to look for Li Jiaxuan, but after some thought, he felt that it was necessary to mention it.

Therefore, Teacher Wei found Li Jiaxuans number and dialed it.

“Hello Who is this” Li Jiaxuans weak voice came from the other end of the line.

Teacher Wei immediately introduced himself and asked, “What are you doing, Li Jiaxuan Why do you sound so weak”

“Im having chicken dinner in a double match with Gao Haoran!” Li Jiaxuan said honestly.

“We went too many times tonight.

Were exhausted!”

“A video game” Teacher Wei said subconsciously.

“Martial arts university students cant be too obsessed with games! By the way, I have something serious to tell you—cancel your bet with Lin Mo!”

Because he knew about Lin Mo and Li Jiaxuans relationship, Teacher Wei was not polite at all.

“Thats it! Continue playing your game!” With that, Teacher Wei hung up.

“Ive told Li Jiaxuan too! Im finally done!” Teacher Wei heaved a sigh of relief.

“Now, there are only 20 to 30 students left who insist on not canceling the gambling battle!”

If there were only 20 to 30 students, even if Lin Mo lost, he wouldnt lose much.

It wouldnt be a big problem!

Moreover, in Teacher Weis opinion… after Lin Mo lost so many time cards, he could spend money to buy a lesson and hone his impetuous temperament.

“Lin Mo, oh Lin Mo! This is all I can help you with!”

When the sun rose, Teacher Wei dragged his tired body and knocked on Lin Mos dormitory door.

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