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Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

In the principals office.

“Principal Tu!” The dedicated secretary, He Xin, walked in anxiously.

“Something big happened!”

As a martial arts grandmaster, Principal Tu often needed to enter seclusion to cultivate.

Therefore, his phone was in a no-disturb mode for a long time.

Once He Xin, the secretary, encountered anything important, he would usually rush over to report it in person.

“Its about Lin Mo, right” Principal Tu said calmly.

“Yes!” He Xin was slightly stunned.

Clearly, he did not expect the principal to be so well-informed this time.

“I already know!” Principal Tu said, “This Lin Mo really knows how to cause trouble! He just stepped into a martial arts university and actually dares to sign a gambling war agreement with more than 200 second-year students…”

“Principal Tu…” He Xin couldnt help but interrupt.

He hadnt rushed over to report this!

“You dont have to say anything else.

I know what Im doing!” Principal Tu said very calmly, “In these more than 200 gambling battles, Lin Mo will definitely lose and win nothing! Every gambling battle is a bet of ten time cards.

After more than 200 rounds, thats more than 2,000 cards! After losing so many time cards, Lin Mo, and Yan Yimo and Gao Haoran who bet with him… The three of them will probably not enter the gravity room for the next two years!”

“If they cant use the gravity room for two years, wouldnt they be crippled” Principal Tu couldnt help but shake his head.

“How can I watch geniuses like Lin Mo and Yan Yimo be crippled And that Gao Haoran, although his talent is very mediocre, hes a student of our Jiangnan Martial Arts Universitys PhD program.

I cant watch him be crippled like this… none of them should be crippled, then I, as the principal, will clean up their mess!”

“Principal Tu…” Secretary He said awkwardly,” Lin Mos might not need you to clean up the mess! ”

“Doesnt need me” Principal Tu said angrily.

“Are you going to wipe it for him”

“I rushed over because I have something else to report to you about Lin Mo!” Secretary He said hurriedly.

“Theres something else” Principal Tu immediately glared.

“Could this Lin Mo have caused other trouble”

“Its not trouble!” Secretary He explained.

“Lin Mo defeated Qi Fengbo, a second-year student, in the guidance battle just now!”

“What!” Principal Tu, who had been very calm just now, jumped up from his chair.

“Lin Mo defeated Qi Fengbo How is that possible”

Principal Tu knew Qi Fengbos strength quite well!

After all, this was a famous genius in their Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

“How did Qi Fengbo lose to Lin Mo” Principal Tu felt very magical.

“Is it because he was too careless Did Lin Mo ambush him”

“No! It was crushing!” Secretary He said solemnly, “Lin Mos punching force has probably already reached more than ten thousand kilograms! With just one punch, he easily crushed Qi Fengbo!”

“What! More than ten thousand kilograms” Principal Tu almost suspected that he was hallucinating because he was old.

… .

Lin Mos shocking punching force shocked more than the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

All the martial arts universities in Xia country were shocked!

Even the entire martial arts world of the entire Xia country!

They were all shocked by this news!

After all… the speed at which Lin Mos punching force grew could no longer be described as “abnormal”! Instead, it directly exceeded everyones understanding!

Not only was the Xia countrys Martial Arts Administration alarmed, but even the “Hall Master” of the Xia countrys Grandmaster Hall was shocked!

“Master, the news is definitely true and reliable!” Elder Zijin stood in front of the seemingly ordinary old man and reported, “After Lin Mo entered the martial arts university, in just a week or so, his punching force increased from more than 3,000 kilograms to more than 10,000 kilograms!”

“An increase of one ton a day” The usually calm Hall Master also revealed a rare expression of shock.

“Yes! Its almost a ton a day!” Elder Zijin said, “Moreover, hes only a Celestial Martial Artist! If he becomes a Silver Lunar Martial Artist and Radiant Solar Martial Artist, wont his improvement speed be even more exaggerated How can he be so fast!”

“Theres only one possibility!” The hall master thought for a moment and said, “We all know how monstrous Lin Mos physical growth talent is! However, what we saw previously was actually just an unawakened talent thats still in asleeping state! And after Lin Mo entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he must have used the gravity room.

After being stimulated by the high gravity from outside, Lin Mos talent was suddenly activated and awakened!”

When Elder Zijin heard this, she couldnt help but come to a realization.

“So Lin Mo has awakened his talent!”

“That must be the case! Otherwise, theres no way to explain why his punching force suddenly increased!” The hall master said with certainty, “Just watch.

Lin Mos punching force has only just increased! In a year or two, our Xia country will probably have another Martial Dao master!”

“Becoming a Martial Dao master in a year or two” Elder Zijin was shocked.

“Is that impossible for someone with Lin Mos talent” the Hall Master said calmly.

“Im even suspecting that the Primordial Universe Controller made a mistake!”

“Mistake” Elder Zijin was puzzled.

“AlthoughBlack Earth, who was taken away by the Primordial Universe Controller, has heaven-defying combat technique, I feel that no matter how heaven-defying Black Earths combat technique is, it will definitely not be as heaven-defying as Lin Mos punching force growth talent!” The hall master smiled and said, “In that case, could it be that the Controller wasnt wrong”

“Indeed!” Elder Zijin couldnt help but nod.

“But…” The hall master continued,” Regardless of whether the control was really wrong or not, its really our Xia countrys fortune for Lin Mo and Black Earth to appear in our Xia country! ”

… .

That night.

Gao Haoran and Li Jiaxuan teamed up to go to the Big Sword again.

But this time, Gao Haoran was not doing this for himself!

“Im celebrating the fact that Brother Mo is about to win more than 2,000 time cards! Otherwise, I definitely wouldnt have come today!” Gao Haoran thought righteously.

Li Jiaxuan also had a very legitimate reason.

“Im here to commemorate the ten time cards Im about to lose!”

One was for a celebration, and the other was for a memorial!

Gao Haoran and Li Jiaxuan both felt that there was a reason why they had to do it today!

When they saw that there were two new girls from the Cherry Blossom Country in the club, they hired them without hesitation.

Half an hour later…

“Brother Haoran, is it true that you said Lin Mo is your good brother” The Cherry Blossom Country girl, who looked very young, leaned on Gao Haorans chest and asked in disbelief.

“How can that be fake Its all thanks to Brother Mo that I could enter Jiangnan Martial Arts University! Do you think our relationship is solid enough” Gao Haoran said proudly.

“Then… I heard today that Lin Mo defeated a second-year genius in a guidance battle.

Is that true” she asked again.

“Of course!” Gao Haoran became even more proud.

“I was at the scene and witnessed the entire process!”

In the other room.

Li Jiaxuan was already done and was chatting with the girls from Cherry Blossom Country.

“The news that your Jiangnan Martial Arts University exposed today is just bragging, right” The Cherry Blossom Country girl said in disbelief, “That Lin Mo has only been in university for a few days, but his punching force is already more than ten thousand kilograms Who can believe it!”

“What do you mean, bragging” Li Jiaxuan said unhappily.

“I saw with my own eyes that Lin Mo sent his opponent flying hundreds of meters with a single punch! Do you think he has more than ten thousand kilograms of punching force”

“Send him flying hundreds of meters” The girl looked shocked.

… .

An hour later.

A message was secretly sent back to the Cherry Blossom Country.

The news was long and of the highest importance.

But in conclusion, it was only four words: Lin Mo must die!

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