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That afternoon.

Lin Mo ran to look for Yan Yimo with 700 “time cards”.

No matter what, Yan Yimo was one of the “investors” in this gambling battle.

Now that the venture capital had succeeded, it was naturally time to give Yan Yimo a dividend.

“So many!” Yan Yimo was dumbfounded when she saw the large stack of time cards Lin Mo had brought over.

Although she knew that Lin Mo must have won a lot of time cards in this gambling battle, she really did not expect Lin Mo to give her so many.

There were a total of 700 cards.

“Theres no point in me holding so many time cards!” Yan Yimo couldnt help but say.

It was not a pleasantry, but it was true.

To most freshmen who had just entered university, the first year was mainly the stage of laying the foundation.

At this stage, the most important thing was to develop in all aspects so that they would not have any shortcomings.

Only when they solidified their foundation in their first year would they welcome an eruption of strength after their second and third years!

In the first year, the greatest taboo was biased subjects—for example, if ones punching force was very strong, but their other aspects were very ordinary.

They might be invincible in the arena, but after the second and third years, they would gradually be unable to keep up with their homework.

The punching force of first-year students was generally only about 3,000 kilograms.

Firstly, it was because the first-year students did not have many time cards.

Secondly, it was because they needed to focus on balanced development!

To the first-year students… although time cards were important, they were not needed in large quantities!

Time cards were like money.

Enough is fine, surplus is a waste!


Therefore, when Yan Yimo saw the stack of more than 700 time cards in Lin Mos hand, she was dumbfounded.

What was the use of so many time cards

“This is the part you deserve!” Lin Mo said.

Lin Mo had won in this scenario which won them the cards.

But if Lin Mo lost, Yan Yimo would have to output so many time cards.

“I really dont need this many time cards! Its a waste to leave this with me!” Yan Yimo said awkwardly.

“If you can use it, take it first! Just leave a few for me!”

“Then… alright!” Lin Mo really needed it.

He needed to farm the “Idle Index”.

In the end, after a couple rounds of back and forth, Yan Yimo reluctantly kept 50 time cards.

Moreover, according to Yan Yimo, 50 cards was too many for her.

She only needed 20 to 30 cards to spend the entire first year.

“If you need time cards in the future, tell me anytime!” Before leaving, Lin Mo left a message.

It was really… more than 2,000 time cards! To be honest, Lin Mo wouldnt be able to use them all in a short period of time!

Even if he lay in the gravity room for more than ten hours a day, it would be enough for more than half a year!

He was disgustingly rich!

… .

While Lin Mo was giving Yan Yimo her share, Gao Haoran looked for Li Jiaxuan.

“Brother Li, lets go! Lets go find some fun!” Gao Haoran invited warmly.

“Leave my ass! Fun my ass!” Li Jiaxuan scolded with a dark expression.

“Gao Haoran, tell me yourself, what did I do to you Ever since you came to Jiangnan City, havent I brought you to all the top clubs! And you… I asked you to give me face and cancel the gambling battle, but you refused! You are the reason I lost ten time cards!”

Ten time cards!

Li Jiaxuans heart really ached!

To be honest, as long as Gao Haoran helped him cancel the gambling battle, it would not be a problem for him to treat him to ten big swords later!

“Gao Haoran, from now on, you and I are no longer sword friends!” Li Jiaxuan pointed at his nose and scolded, “From now on, even if we meet in the club, Ill pretend I dont know you!

Because of the ten time cards, Gao Haoran and Li Jiaxuan were directly demoted from sword friends to ordinary friends.

“So be it!” Gao Haoran said indifferently.

“Its not like I dont know the way!”

… .

The next morning.

Lin Mo arrived at the training area early and found the administrator of the gravity room.

Jiangnan Martial Arts University had more gravity rooms, a thousand of them! Therefore, no matter when they came, there were usually empty gravity rooms.


“Lin Mo, are you going to enter the gravity room to cultivate” The manager clearly recognized Lin Mo, a super genius in the limelight.

“You need a time card an hour.

How long are you going to apply for By the way, its not appropriate to cultivate in the gravity room for too long for the first time!”

“Then Ill apply for twelve hours first!” Lin Mo calmly listed twelve time cards.

“Twelve hours” The manager was stunned and tried to persuade him.

“Cultivating in the gravity room is quite stressful for the body! Especially the first time you enter the gravity room to cultivate… Its very difficult to last even two hours inside, let alone twelve hours!”

“is that so” Lin Mo really didnt know about this before, but he continued, “Its okay, help me apply for twelve hours!”

Cultivating in the gravity room was very stressful for the body, but… Lin Mo did not go in to cultivate!

Lin Mo was only going inside to sleep!

‘What stress can there be in sleeping

Moreover, Lin Mo had already planned everything.

During the day, the involution index here in the training area was the highest, so he would lie in the gravity room and sleep all day.

At night, the involution index in the dormitory area was the highest, so he would fish for crayfish all night!

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