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No one could imagine… how fast Lin Mos punching force was soaring!

1,500 kilograms an hour!

Eighteen tons in one day!

Even Lin Mo himself felt that this speed of improvement was too abnormal and inhuman!

No one would believe it!

However, Lin Mo did not feel arrogant because of this.

He had heard that the punching force of Silver Lunar Martial Artists was hundreds of tons, and the punching force of Radiant Solar Martial Artists was as high as a thousand tons! As for Martial Dao masters, there was no need to mention them!

“Although the speed of my punching forces improvement is very abnormal compared to Celestial Martial Artists, its probably not very exaggerated compared to Radiant Solar Martial Artists, right”

Lin Mo knew very well that the speed at which his punching force increased was “relative”.

“I have the system, but Im only much faster at improving than a Celestial Martial Artist.

I might not even be much faster than a Radiant Solar Martial Artist.

Whats there to be proud of”

Lin Mo directly compared himself to the Radiant Solar Martial Artist.

After making the comparison, he was immediately much more humble.

“Moreover, with my current punching force improvement speed, it will probably take me hundreds of days to become a Radiant Solar Martial Artist—and this is only because I have a large number of time cards for me to sleep away in the gravity room every day!” The more Lin Mo thought about it, the more humble he became.

“No! This leveling speed is really too slow! I have to lie down even flatter!”

He laid straight down!

Lin Mo fell asleep in the gravity room.

Moreover, as his punching force continued to increase, Lin Mo felt more and more relaxed in the 40G gravity environment.

Naturally, he slept even better.

… .

The outside world naturally did not know what Lin Mo was doing in the gravity room.

Seeing that there was no work for the time being, the manager of the gravity room, “Zhang Yuan”, brought Li Jiaxuan, Feng Zhiwei, and the others to Room 777 where Lin Mo was.

“The good news Im talking about is here!” Zhang Yuan stood at the door of gravity room 777 and smiled.

“Brother Zhang, you said you were going to treat me to a free ride in the gravity room for two hours.

Dont tell me its in this room” Li Jiaxuan couldnt help but ask.

“Thats right, its this Gravity Room 777!” Zhang Yuan smiled and continued to keep them in suspense.

“As for what the situation is… After about an hour, definitely less than two hours, youll find out!”

“More than an hour We still have to wait for a long time!” Li Jiaxuan was immediately a little restless.

“Brother Zhang, tell us whats going on first! This way, well be more confident when we wait!”

“Then… alright!” Brother Zhang stopped beating around the bush and revealed, “Lin Mo is cultivating in this gravity room!”

“Lin Mo”

“Lin Mo”

Li Jiaxuan, Feng Zhiwei, and the others could not help but be puzzled.

Everyone knew the name Lin Mo, but having Lin Mo was cultivating inside sounds like it has nothing to do with them freeloading off gravity rooms

Zhang Yuan continued to explain, “Lin Mo opened the gravity room for 12 hours!”


“Twelve hours”

Li Jiaxuan, Feng Zhiwei, and the others were shocked.

It had to be known that even second-year, third-year, and even fourth-year students like them could not open the gravity room for such a long time at once.

This was because if one stayed in the gravity room for too long, the cultivation would not be very effective!

In addition, the “time cards” of the gravity room were so precious, so people naturally had to calculate and maximize the efficiency of the gravity room.

“Twelve hours at a time.

Isnt that a waste”

“No matter how many time cards there are, you cant treat it like this!”

“This Lin Mo is completely an upstart! He doesnt know how precious time cards are at all.

In addition, he suddenly won so many time cards in a gambling battle… so he directly came here to waste them!”

“Besides, in addition to the previous teaching segment, this should be Lin Mos first time entering the gravity room himself, right”

Li Jiaxuan, Feng Zhiwei, and the others cursed at the door.

They suddenly understood why the administrator of the gravity room, Zhang Yuan, had called them over.

It was almost impossible to last more than two hours in the gravity room for the first time!

Because people are used to the gravity conditions on the Blue Planet, it is very difficult to adapt to the suddenly increased gravity.

In the gravity room, the starting gravity multiplier was 10G, which was ten times the gravity of the Blue Planet!

How could a newbie who had just entered the gravity room adapt to such a high magnitude of gravity immediately

What if he couldnt adapt—then he could only bitterly last an hour or two before escaping the gravity room in disgrace.

In fact, some newcomers crawled out of the gravity room for the first time!

“The first time Lin Mo entered the gravity room, he directly applied for 12 hours of usage time! In these 12 hours, at least 10 hours will be wasted!” Zhang Yuan smiled and said, “See why I had to call you guys over”

Zhang Yuan had work to do and could not leave his post for a long time.

Otherwise, he would want to freeload off such a gravity room himself.

“Brother Zhang, youre so kind!”

“Ah, Good Brother!”

“Theres nothing to say! When we finish cultivating in the gravity room today, everyone will definitely treat you to a good time tomorrow!”

Li Jiaxuan, Feng Zhiwei, and the others smiled.

Clearly, freeloading off the gravity room was definitely a joy.

“I wonder how long Lin Mo can last in the gravity room”

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