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Yes! Gao Haoran wanted to remember every woman he had met in his life!

Last night was the 27th! He was working towards his first small target, the “Hundred Man Slaughter”!

“When I complete the first small goal, theres still the second small goal, and the third small goal…” Gao Haoran felt motivated.

After recording it, Gao Haoran habitually watched short videos and live broadcasts.

As he scrolled…

“Eh—” Gao Haoran was suddenly slightly stunned.

“Isnt this Brother Mos live broadcast The person doing the live broadcast is…”

Gao Haoran observed for a while and realized that Li Jiaxuan was broadcasting.

“Why did Li Jiaxuan start a live broadcast for Brother Mo” Gao Haoran was not sure what had happened, so he continued to watch.

“Brother Mo went to the gravity room And he went for 12 hours straight away And he directly chose 40G of gravity”

Unlike the other viewers, Gao Haoran was Lin Mos brainless fan!

“Its my Brother Mo after all! Hes just amazing!” No matter how the live-stream flooded, Gao Haoran definitely believed that Lin Mo could last for 12 hours in the gravity room.

“Brother Mo is really working too hard! He entered the gravity room early in the morning and is preparing to cultivate inside for the entire day!” Gao Haoran immediately felt ashamed of his inferiority.

“And Im squandering my time in such a place!”

Thinking of this, Gao Haoran couldnt help but feel guilty.

“Someone better than me is working harder than me!” Gao Haoran couldnt help but mutter to himself.

Clearly, he wanted to give himself some motivation to work hard.

But just as he muttered to himself, Gao Haoran realized a problem.

“Since someone better than me is working harder than me, whats the point of me working hard”

‘Isnt it

Since no matter how hard he worked, he was not as outstanding as others, what was the point of working hard

He could just lie idle!

At this moment, Gao Haoran understood the true meaning of “Idleness” and his sense of self-blame was swept away!

“Since hard work is useless, I wont go back to school today! Ill continue to play here for the day!”

Gao Haoran decided to continue working hard for his “first small goal” today!

“Although Im not as good as Brother Mo in terms of cultivation, Brother Mo is far inferior to me in terms of achieving small goals!” Gao Haoran couldnt help but think proudly, “At my current speed, its only a matter of time before I achieve my first small goal!”

What Gao Haoran did not know was that before he achieved his first small goal, Lin Mo was very likely already a nine-star martial artist or even a Silver Lunar Martial Artist!

… .

In Li Jiaxuans live-stream.

More and more viewers gathered.

They had even long broken through “100,000 ”!

In the live-stream of hundreds of thousands of people, there was already an uproar.

Among them, many who were jealous of Lin Mos talent waited in the live-stream to see Lin Mo make a fool of himself!

“Its been twenty minutes, but Lin Mo can still hold on”

“After all, he was the unprecedented full score for three unprecedented martial arts college entrance examinations.

He definitely has some talent and strength! However, I feel that he should be at the end of his rope!”

“I wonder how Lin Mo is in the gravity room now”

“What else Hes definitely struggling to hold on! I estimate that in a few minutes, Lin Mo will open the hatch of the gravity room and climb out!”

Hundreds of thousands of people discussed and expressed their insights!

However, they would not have thought that Lin Mo was sleeping soundly in the gravity room!

And the hundreds of thousands of them were actually watching Lin Mo sleep.

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