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Yin Jian was frozen in place for a full ten seconds.

He felt like bawling!

If he had known that this would happen, he would not have come to Lin Mo to show off!

Now, not only had he lost a Sprint Potion, but he can foresee that he would definitely become the laughing stock of the entire school.

He had really failed to put on an act.


“Lin Mo, its all your fault!” Yin Jian was so angry that he wanted to attack him.

“If you hadnt come here for no reason, I wouldnt have broken the Sprint Potion! Compensate me!”

“Stop!” As the class teacher, Lu Yanan stood in front of Lin Mo and shouted.

“This student, please dont be unreasonable!” The dean ran over from afar and grabbed Yin Jian.

“If you arent going to take a potion, please leave! Dont disturb the other students here!”

“I…” Yin Jian wanted to cry even more when he heard that.

He felt like the teacher sprinkled salt on his wound.

It wasnt that he didnt want to take the potion!

He had just run out of potions!


With two teachers staring at him, Yin Jian knew that he definitely could not do anything to Lin Mo now.

“Just you wait!” Yin Jian said fiercely and turned to leave.

“Yin Jian,” Lin Mo suddenly said, “Im going to remind you that your Sprint potion was only spilled on the ground and a little dirty! The effect is still there!”

“What” Yin Jian was slightly taken aback.

Lin Mo continued in a playful tone, “If you can get the potion back now, you can still increase your punching strength by a few kilograms!”

“That… seems to be true!” Yin Jian realized.

“But… how can we get the Sprint Potion back from the ground”

Yin Jian looked at the potions flowing all over the floor and suddenly had a very bold idea.

It was also the only feasible solution!

As the saying went, there was no use crying over spilt milk!

It was very difficult to take back the liquid that had been splashed on the ground!

The only way to get some back was to…



‘Lick Yin Jian hesitated.

‘Lick it on the floor in front of everyone

‘Wouldnt that make me a dog

But if it was wasted just like that, thats a few kilograms of punching force lost!

Yin Jian was suddenly caught in a dilemma.

‘Lick No!

‘Not licking But its such a waste!

“Hurry up and make a decision!” Seeing that Yin Jian was still dawdling and couldnt make a decision, Lin Mo kindly reminded him.

“Much of the potions have yet to seep into the ground.

If you hurry up, you should be able to snatch back three kilograms of punching force! But if you continue to hesitate, Im afraid there wont be a single kilogram left!”

Lin Mos words were like enlightenment to Yin Jian, and he finally understood!


“Ill lick it!”

Yin Jian made up his mind and gritted his teeth.

“Isnt it just the respect others have for me”

“The path of martial arts is not easy! What respect can be more important than three-kilograms of punching force”


“This world only believes in the strong!”

“Only the respect given to the strong is actual respect! The respect give to the weak is worthless!”

“Ill lick it!!”

After mentally anesthetizing himself, Yin Jian knelt in front of Lin Mo.


Lin Mo was shocked.

‘Lets talk nicely.

Why are you bowing so deeply

Immediately after, Lin Mo saw Yin Jian begin licking the ground crazily!

“This… this…” Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

He was just deliberately provoking Yin Jian with a few words to sprinkle some cumin pepper on his wound… But why did Yin Jian take it so seriously

“Hiss—hes a ruthless person!” Lin Mo couldnt help but gasp.

This was definitely a ruthless person!

The 200 plus teachers and students in the schools martial arts arena were also dumbfounded.

‘Hes really licking it

‘What happened to his self respect

“What a ruthless person!”

“How vicious!”

“I think this so ruthless he should be considered a werewolf!”

“I would call it wolf annihilation!”

Ding! Lin Mo, who was still in shock, suddenly heard a system notification in the depths of his mind.

“A ruthless person has been detected near the host.

The involution index has increased by 20 points for an hour!”

“Uh…” Lin Mo blinked.

“Isnt that too generous”

The 20-point index lasted for an hour… That was four kilograms of punching power!

“Yin Jian left his respect behind and can only lick two or three kilograms of punching force back.

I just stood at the side and watched silently, and I increased my punch by four kilograms” Lin Mo looked down at Yin Jian, still lying on the ground, and suddenly felt a little sympathetic.

This guy was ruthless, but this is also really tragic!

After licking for more than a minute, Yin Jian finally finished.

This floor of the school performance arena was licked squeaky clean!


Not only tthe potion, but even the dust had been licked clean.

The only thing left might be a pool of saliva!

Actually, Yin Jians thoughts were also very simple—since he had already licked it, he had already lost all respect, so he might as well lick it clean!

The cleaner it, the more profitable this lick it was!

“Hmph!” Yin Jian stood up and snorted angrily.

There seemed to be some pride in his voice, as if he was saying to Lin Mo, “At least I have something to lick, do you”


Then, Yin Jian strode away.

He had already lost all respect, of course he wouldnt continue to stay in the martial arts arena.

Instead, he fled back to the classroom.

“Ahem!” The deans eyes were opened today.

Ever since Haicheng City Martial Arts High School was established, there had never been such a ruthless person!

Such a ruthless person left a mark in the schools history!


The dean coughed dryly and said, “Students, students, there was a small incident just now! So everyone must be careful not to break the potion like him! Everyone, quickly take your potion!”

More than two hundred students began to take the medicine.

However… Lin Mo, who was the only one without the potion, benefited the most!

As the students began to take the medicine, Lin Mos involution index began to soar.





The involution index soared and quickly broke through 150 points.

However, when the index reached about 170 points, it suddenly stopped increasing and stabilized.

“Only 170”

Although the involution index of 170 was quite high, it was very far from what Lin Mo had expected.

Lin Mo originally thought that even if the effect of the Sprint Potion was far inferior to Gao Haorans Evolution Potion, his involution index should be able to rise to 300 to 400.

But in reality, it was less than half of what Lin Mo had expected!

Lin Mo couldnt help but wonder why.

“Is it because the martial arts arena is bigger and some students are further away from me”

“Or is it because the students here have a different mentality from Gao Haoran”

Gao Haoran had sold his house in exchange for the evolution potion.

In his mind, there was an “involuting power” that could destroy everything.

But at this moment, many of the students in the martial arts arena were freeloaders.

Althouoght some arent, the evolution potions they drank were relatively ordinary.

In any case, the mentality of the students here was naturally not as “involuting” as Gao Haoran.

“The main reason should be the latter!” Lin Mo quickly figured it out.

The involution index was mainly affected by the degree of involution in the students!

The more involution someone was committing, the higher Lin Mos index would be.

If Gao Haoran selling his house in exchange for the evolution potion was a high-level “involute”, then the students in the martial arts arena were just ordinary “involuters”.

Therefore, although they were both taking the evolution potion, the resulting index was different!

After figuring this out, Lin Mo comfortably enjoyed the 170-point index.

Although there were still some mocking voices around him, Lin Mo turned a deaf ear to them and was not angry at all!

‘Whats to be angry about

Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others for not being able to see through me! Others take medicine for me to level up.

Is there anything happier in the world

“With an index of 170 points, my punching force can increase 60 to 70 kilograms in two hours! After an entire day, my punching force will probably increase by more than 100 kilograms.”

More than a hundred kilograms a day!

Many people could not increase their punching force by this much in a year!

A day of idleness was better than others training hard for a year!

“It feels so good to be idle!”

Just as Lin Mo was secretly enjoying himself, his class teacher, Teacher Lu, walked over.

Teacher Lu sat down beside Lin Mo and chuckled softly.

“You are the one who started the rumors in school yesterday, right”


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