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Skills advanced.

When his “combat technique” was raised to the extreme, the realm he touched was “Dao”, which was “laws”.

Zhou Chen was born with an affinity for the laws.

It was obvious how talented he was in combat technique!

“Punching force is only Zhou Chens weakness!” A competitive spirit inexplicably rose in Yis heart.

He would not allow the person he thought highly of to lose to someone he did not think highly of.

That would be a humiliation to him.

“How can I be wrong in a small place like the Blue Planet” Yi really did not believe him.

“Although Zhou Chens punching force is slightly inferior, its definitely impossible for him to lose in combat technique! After all… Zhou Chens combat technique has already reached the mid-stage of the fifth rank! Hes not far from the late-stage of the fifth rank!”

Yi still remembered that not long ago, Lin Mos combat technique had just broken through to the mid-stage of rank 5.

In just a few days, could Lin Mos combat technique have improved by leaps and bounds

“The improvement of combat technique depends on accumulation over time!” Yi thought to himself.

“Zhou Chen is born with an affinity for the laws, which is why he can improve so quickly! Lin Mo isnt, so if he wants to improve his combat technique, he has to take it one step at a time.

Its impossible for him to improve so quickly!”

Thinking of this, Yi used his mental strength to carefully observe Lin Mo.

It was clearly much more difficult to see through someones “combat technique” than punching force.

However, this was not a problem for Yi.

After all, his casual methods were an extremely unbelievable existence in the eyes of the Blue Planet.

This observation…


Yi was dumbfounded again.

He “saw” that Lin Mos combat technique had actually reached the peak of rank 5!

He was far ahead of Zhou Chen!

“Zhou Chen is born with an affinity for the laws! How can anyones combat technique improve more than one with natural affinity for the laws” This indeed exceeded Yis understanding.

And this was the second time in the 20,000 years since Yi came to the solar system that he was dumbfounded.

“I dont believe it! Is Zhou Chen completely inferior to Lin Mo at all” Yi couldnt help but be a little angry.

“Right! Theres still vital essence!”

“Vital essence”

It didnt seem very useful.

However, the stronger one was, the more they knew the importance of vital essence! For example, Yi—

“If my vital essence were stronger, I might not have been chased down to this state!” Yi couldnt help but sigh.

In the world of the strong, vital essence was much more important than punching force!

“Zhou Chen is born with an affinity for the laws, so his vital essence will naturally be nourished by the laws! In addition to the potions I provided to increase vital essence…” Yi calculated.

“In terms of vital essence, Zhou Chen is definitely far ahead!”

Although he had been shocked by Lin Mo twice, Yi was still very confident in Zhou Chens vital essence.

“After all… Zhou Chens vital essence has already reached the late-stage of the fifth rank!” Yi thought.

“As for Lin Mo, he just broke through to the early-stage of the fifth rank not long ago and didnt have any special way to increase his vital essence… How can his vital essence be stronger than Zhou Chens”

Thinking of this, Yis vast and boundless but ethereal mental strength silently seeped into Lin Mos sea of consciousness, wanting to see what was going on.

What he saw—

“What the… f*ck!” Yi cursed for the first time in 20,000 years.

And in the authentic Xia country language!

“Peak of the fifth rank!”

At the same time, Yi was dumbfounded for the third time.

He had not been dumbfounded for 20,000 years.

Once he was dumbfounded, he was dumbfounded three times in a row!

At this moment… Yi felt like he had been slapped in the face by Lin Mo.

“Im a dignified level-nine lifeform! Im standing at the peak of the entire Milky Way! I was actually… slapped in the face by a weak unranked lifeform” Yis face was filled with disbelief.

If this “unranked lifeform” was slightly stronger and was close to the “million tons of punching force” of a first-rank lifeform, Yi might be able to accept it.

But the problem was that the punching force of this “unranked lifeform” had yet to reach a hundred tons!

“Damn it, thats impossible! This Lin Mo is definitely cheating!” Yi cursed angrily.

It was not that he had really discovered that Lin Mo was cheating, but that he was really in disbelief, so he couldnt help but complain to vent his unhappiness.

However… Yi would never have thought that Lin Mo really had a system!

“How dare you slap my face” Yis eyes couldnt help but flash with killing intent.

To an expert like Yi, if anyone dared to slap his face, no matter what method they used—even if they were like Lin Mo, who had undoubtedly offended him, he would treat it as a slap in the face!


As long as Yi felt that he had been offended, he would destroy him with a wave of his hand!

After all… a level-nine lifeform in the Milky Way was not to be offended! And it was too easy for Yi to kill Lin Mo.

It was even easier than stepping on an ant!

“If this Lin Mo dared to slap my face like this in the Silver Heart Alliance, he would already be a dead man!” Yi thought angrily.

“But the desolate solar system here…”

Yi could not bear to really kill Lin Mo! It was a miracle to encounter such a genius on the Blue Planet.

“Could it be that its destined for my inheritance to be passed down in the starry sky” If he could leave behind an inheritance, Yi naturally wanted to.

“Then let me see… who can obtain my inheritance, Lin Mo or Zhou Chen Or perhaps neither of them can!”

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