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At this moment, Yi no longer underestimated Lin Mo like before!

Yi had already treated Lin Mo as a genius on the same level or even more outstanding than him!

“However… if Lin Mo wants to obtain my inheritance, the difficulty has to be even higher! He slapped my face!” Yi thought maliciously.

As for how to make it more difficult for Lin Mo to obtain the inheritance

‘Thats easy!

As long as he focused on nurturing Zhou Chen, and left Lin Mo free ranging, wouldnt it be fine

Moreover, Yi had already decided to give Zhou Chen more nurturing resources.

In short—he would try his best not to let Lin Mo obtain his inheritance!

“If Zhou Chen obtains my inheritance but Lin Mo doesnt… then Lin Mo will definitely have missed the greatest opportunity in his life!” Yis eyes narrowed slightly, and his lips curled into a wicked smile.

“Dont blame me for being unfair! If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for accidentally slapping me in the face!”

At this moment, Yis vital essence that enveloped the entire Blue Planet instantly disappeared without a trace like an ebbing tide.

No one or any equipment could ever discover his moves.


Suddenly, Yi stood up and slowly walked towards him.

Originally, Yi was very satisfied with Zhou Chen.

After all, it was already a miracle to be able to pick up a genius like Zhou Chen in such a remote place.

But now, Yi was a little dissatisfied.

“Zhou Chen!” Yi said coldly.

“Teacher.” Zhou Chen quickly stopped cultivating and stood up respectfully.

He could completely understand how great his teacher, “Yi”, was!

At the same time, he was very grateful to his teacher.

After all, if Yi had not helped him activate his talent, he would still be an ordinary person in the highland village.

“Your cultivation progress is too slow!” Yi reprimanded.

“From today onwards, your original six hours of rest every day will be reduced to four hours! Also, in those twenty hours of cultivation, the cultivation tasks has to be increased!”

“Huh!” Zhou Chen was dumbfounded.

He clearly remembered that his teacher was very satisfied with his cultivation progress previously! Why did he suddenly become so dissatisfied

Besides, didnt his teacher often teach him to strike a work-life balance He only rested four hours a day, and those four hours included sleep time… How could he strike a work-life balance

“This is so miserable…” Zhou Chen couldnt help but think.

He had no idea why this was happening.

He could only feel sorry for himself.

… .

Of course, Lin Mo didnt know that because his leveling speed was so abnormal, he had accidentally added another pitiful person to the Blue Planet.

At this moment, Lin Mo had just walked out of the gravity room and was gratified to see his gains!

“Nine-star martial artist!”

As a new nine-star martial artist, Lin Mo felt like he was walking with the wind.

That was normal!

Although a nine-star martial artist could not directly resist the gravity of the Blue Planet, it was not difficult to soar with the wind.

In other words… as long as Lin Mo was willing, he could fly into the sky now!

However, Lin Mo had only taken a few steps out of the gravity room when he was stopped by a voice.

“Lin Mo!” The person who called out to him was the class teacher of Elite Class One, Teacher Wei.

Clearly, Teacher Wei was waiting outside Lin Mos gravity room.

As soon as he saw Lin Mo come out, he immediately looked for him.

“Teacher Wei!” Lin Mo hurriedly shouted.

In his opinion, although Teacher Wei was a little chuunibyou, he was indeed sincerely good to him.

Therefore, Lin Mo actually respected Teacher Wei very much.

“Yes!” Teacher Wei nodded and asked, “I heard that youve been soaking in the gravity room these few days”

“Yes!” Lin Mo said directly.

It was no secret that he soaked in the gravity room for twelve hours a day.

“Your physical talent is really abnormal!” Teacher Wei couldnt help but sigh.

“If it were any other student, even if they had enough time, their body wouldnt be able to withstand it and collapse if they entered the gravity room every day!”

Lin Mo said nothing.

What was so unbearable about this Wasnt it just lying in the gravity room and sleeping every day

“But Lin Mo—” Teacher Wei changed the topic.

‘Here we go!

Lin Mo knew that Teacher Wei must be here to lecture him again!

“Youre soaking in the gravity room every day.

Dont you feel that the effect of your cultivation is getting worse and worse” Teacher Wei asked.

“Getting worse” Lin Mo shook his head.


Lin Mo didnt go in to cultivate.

He just went in to farm the idle index.

How could there be a “cultivation effect”

Moreover… if Lin Mos cultivation effect in the gravity room was bad, it would not be Lin Mo who had a problem, but Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

After all, Lin Mos leveling speed completely depended on the degree of involution in Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

“No” Teacher Wei was slightly surprised, but he was still calm.

“It seems that youre still a distance away from reaching the bottleneck! But… you cant possibly only discover the problem after reaching the bottleneck, right”

“Teacher Wei, what do you mean” Lin Mo probed.

“What I mean is that you can cultivate less punching force and more other aspects! For example, combat techniques, and vital essence!” Teacher Wei said.

“I know you have a lot of time cards, but theres no need for you to be in a hurry to use them up! Theres still a lot of time in four years of university, dont you think”

“Teacher Wei” Lin Mo suddenly thought of a question.

“What are the graduation conditions of our Jiangnan Martial Arts University”

“Graduation conditions” Teacher Wei was a little puzzled why Lin Mo suddenly asked this question, but he still said, “After cultivating in school for four years, you can naturally graduate! When you graduate, if your cultivation has reached a nine-star martial artist, you can try to take the postgraduate entrance examination!”

“Then… will there be any way for me to graduate early” Lin Mo asked again.

Lin Mo had only entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University for a few days, but he was already a nine-star martial artist!

If he really finished four years of university step by step, he seriously suspected that he would graduate as a martial arts grandmaster!

‘Thats would be so strange!

He couldnt possibly upgrade to a martial arts grandmaster while still being an undergraduate student.

So Lin Mo wanted to know if there was any way to graduate early

“Oh! Youre asking aboutskipping a grade, right” Teacher Wei was enlightened and not surprised.

In his opinion, it was normal for a super genius like Lin Mo to want to skip a grade.

“Its still too early for you to skip a grade!” Teacher Wei smiled and said, “In our school, the minimum requirement to skip grades is to become a nine-star martial artist—no matter what year you are in, as long as your cultivation reaches a nine-star martial artist, you can directly skip to your fourth year! At the same time, you can try to start the postgraduate examination!”

“As long as you become a Silver Lunar Martial Artist and you have the intention to study in school, then you dont even need to take the exam to become a graduate student!”

“If you can become a Radiant Solar Martial Artist, you can go for a doctorate without the entrance exam!”

Teacher Wei introduced the possibility of skipping a grade in school.

Nine-star martial artists could jump to their fourth year.

A Silver Lunar Martial Artist could jump to a martial arts graduate student.

A Radiant Solar Martial Artist could jump to a martial arts doctoral student.

“You shouldnt care about this first! This has nothing to do with you now!” Teacher Wei smiled.

“What you should care about is being down-to-earth and how to cultivate faster!”

“Uh…” Lin Mo only wanted to say that this thing was actually quite related to him.

As long as Lin Mo was willing, he could skip a grade to his fourth year now.

Still, he could jump, but there was no need.

After all, even if he skipped a grade to his fourth year, wouldnt he still lie in the gravity room and sleep every day

It made no difference whether he skipped or not! In that case, why skip

The reason why Lin Mo asked was just to gain a better understanding of the school.

Who knew when he would want to stop staying in university and to apply for graduation in advance

So, he tried to find out first.

“Lets not talk about skipping a grade now!” Teacher Wei said.

“I came to look for you for another matter—have you heard of the National Martial Arts High School Chicken Dinner Competition”

“Chicken dinner competition” Lin Mo was a little confused.

“Are we competing to see who eats faster”

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