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“Why dont I let him win this round” Lin Mo couldnt help but think.

“I… I…” At this moment, Little Yu realized that he had said the wrong thing.

He waved his hand and said,” No, no! Thats wrong! It should be… Im the son of everyone here! That doesnt seem… right either ”

Perhaps Little Yu was too nervous to even say anything harsh for a moment.

However, at this moment, in his panic, Little Yu suddenly saw the name above Lin Mos head.

“Huh” Little Yu was slightly taken aback.

“Black Earth!”

Little Yu was stunned.

‘Isnt that too much of a coincidence

He had just spat on Black Earth on the Internet.

He did not expect to meet him in the blink of an eye.

“Black Earth”

“Is it that Black Earth on the Xia countrys Genius List”

Everyone was so distracted by the word “Black Earth” that no one cared about their father and son relationship anymore.

The next second, the eyes of the entire cabin focused on Lin Mo.

“Black Earth”

“Its really him! Its this number ID!”

“Were actually matched with this big shot”

“Are we too lucky or too unlucky”

“Damn! My combat technique hasnt even reached rank 3! If I encounter Black Earth on the battlefield, Ill be killed in minutes!”

Although many voices on the Internet had been questioning “Black Earths” strength these few days, such as this Little Yu in the cabin of the spaceship, when they really met Black Earth, their attitudes were completely different!

After all…

Who didnt know that Black Earths combat technique was very strong

Who didnt know that Black Earth could kill everyone on the PUBG battlefield No one could stop him!

“The first round of the chicken dinner competition, and I matched with Black Earth!”

“Theres no suspense in this game! No one will be Black Earths match!”

“The last to win will definitely be Black Earth!”

The players in the cabin were a little depressed.

In the solo mode of “King of Chicken”, only one in a hundred players could survive to the end.

Without a doubt, everyone in this game would become a foil to Black Earth!

After all, at the beginning of the chicken dinner competition, everyone matched with others of the same age.

And how could anyone of the same age be Black Earths match

“Everyone, dont be afraid of him!” Little Yu suddenly shouted.

“No matter how strong Black Earth is, hes only one person without three heads and six arms! As long as we all rush up and beat him up, he might not be able to kill all of us before his stamina is exhausted!”

Little Yus words sounded “cowardly and ruthless”.

However, everyone felt that it made sense!

‘Isnt that true

If they left “Black Earth” alone, they would definitely be defeated by Black Earth one by one.

There was no doubt who would win the chicken dinner in the end.

But if they worked together to destroy “Black Earth” first, the outcome would be different!

“Yes! Destroy Black Earth!”

“Everyone has a punching force of 1,200 kilograms.

I dont believe Black Earth can fight a hundred alone!”

“Rank 5 combat technique So what We can drown him if we each spit once!”

“If we can pick up a handy weapon and Black Earth is unarmed! Then itll be easier for us to kill him!”

“Do it!”

“Everyone, listen to me!” Little Yu instigated in the cabin.

“Wherever Black Earth jumps later, well all jump with him! Everyone, join forces and kill him together!”

Lin Mo couldnt help but feel speechless.

Wasnt he just under the name “Black Earth” Did they have to have such a big reaction

However, Lin Mo was not afraid of the bunch of these children!

On the battlefield of the King of Chicken, there were only cold weapons and no firearms!

If Lin Mo was only at the early-stage of rank 5, he might really be afraid of being surrounded.

However, Lin Mos current combat technique had already reached the peak of rank 5!

What did the peak of rank 5 mean

Lin Mos control over his body was almost at the “cellular level”!

Ordinary injuries were no longer considered injuries to Lin Mo! For example, broken limbs or even severed heads… Lin Mo could instantly heal his injuries without even losing a drop of blood!

To injure Lin Mo… one has to directly injure Lin Mo on the “cellular level”! Only then could Lin Mos cells die on a large scale!

If it was an attack from a hot weapon, it could still kill Lin Mos cells on a large scale! However, it was really difficult for cold weapons to hurt the cellular level!

Even if Lin Mo stood there and was slashed dozens or hundreds of times, he would not be injured at all!

This was the horror of combat technique at the peak of rank 5!


Would Lin Mo stand there and let anyone hack at him

The peak of rank 5 combat technique not only gave Lin Mo powerful vitality, but also… powerful attack power!

With almost a cellular mobilization of the body.

One could imagine how strong Lin Mos attack could be with the same 1,200 kilograms of punching force and 1,200 points of cell strength!

It was not something other players could compare to!

It was equivalent to… Lin Mo participating in this game with 10 times the attack, 10 times the defense, and unlimited health points!

This was completely cheating!

How could other players play like this

Unless he encountered a “fifth rank” opponent, Lin Mo could be said to be invincible in the King of Chicken!

As for “fifth rank” opponents, there were none at this age!

Therefore, Lin Mo could reign freely!

However, the other players in the ships cabin clearly did not realize how terrifying “Black Earth” was! All of them were still rubbing their palms together excitedly, thinking about how to beat Black Earth up.

“Brothers, jump with Black Earth later!”

“As soon as everyone lands, see if there are any weapons around! Pick up the weapons and surround Black Earth first!”

“Attack together and well hack him to death!”

“If youre my brother, come and chop Black Earth!”

“You can lose the game, but Black Earth must die!”

“If I can kill Black Earth once, I can brag about it for the rest of my life!”

“Charge, charge, charge!”

All the players were excited.

In any case, the probability of winning the chicken dinner was not high for them.

If they could take the opportunity to kill Black Earth, they would become famous!

Who didnt want to become famous

Therefore, when the spaceship arrived above the battlefield and Lin Mo chose to jump out of the cabin…

Swish, swish, swish, swish…

More than half of the players jumped down after Black Earth!

For a moment, the air was filled with figures.

There were probably fifty to sixty people!

Of course, not everyone was crazy enough to jump with Black Earth… like Little Yu!

“A bunch of silly birds!” Little Yu sat upright in the cabin of the spaceship and looked at the fifty to sixty players who had jumped out of the spaceship through the window.

“With so many people jumping in one place, even if we really kill Black Earth, there will definitely be heavy casualties! Ill hide further away and develop silently… When you guys fight Black Earth to the death, itll be time for me to eat chicken!”

Little Yu realized that he was really smart!

He would let these brainless players fight Black Earth until both sides were injured.

Then, he would sit back and reap the benefits!

“You have to use your brain to play games!” Little Yus lips curled into a smug smile.

But then—

“Little Yu, do you remember me” There were other players in the cabin of the spaceship.

A tall and thin player stared at Little Yu for a while and suddenly asked.

“You” Little Yu looked puzzled, clearly not impressed.

“Damn! You ungrateful thing!” The tall and thin player cursed.

“Do you still remember that a while ago, you said that you wanted to broadcast yourself eating sh*t! I was afraid that you wouldnt have enough to eat, so I specially took a taxi to send you a packet dozens of kilometers away… As the saying goes, a gift from a thousand miles away is a small favor! Why dont you remember”

“F*ck you!” Little Yus eyes were spitting fire.

“Wait until I pick up a knife.

Ill hack you to death!”

“Haha! You” The tall and thin player sneered in disdain and provoked, “Watch how I deal with an ungrateful person like you later!”

“Little brat, dont be a coward if you have the guts.

Jump together!”

“How can Daddy be afraid of you”

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