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‘How can it be the same


In the blink of an eye, Lin Mo rushed in front of a burly player with a big axe.

“What the hell!” The burly player was dumbfounded.

He only saw a flash and then Black Earth, who was still far away, was already beside him.

At the same time, a ferocious fist kept enlarging in his vision!

Before the burly player could react, he was taken away by a punch.

A female player a few meters away reacted quickly.

The whip in her hand instantly turned into an afterimage and whipped at Lin Mo.

In terms of speed… among the many melee weapons, the whip was undoubtedly the fastest! Especially now, Lin Mo was in the best attacking range of the whip.

“Im going to get Black Earths first time” The female player was looking forward to it.

She was good at whips to begin with, and now that she had found the best opportunity to attack, Black Earth seemed defenseless… However, Black Earths strength clearly exceeded her expectations.

The whip shadow was fast, but Lin Mo was even faster!

Lin Mo glanced at the approaching whip and even waited calmly for it to approach before quickly dodging to the side.

His speed instantly increased from “almost motionless” to the extreme and he arrived beside the female player like a ghost.

Lin Mo would not show mercy to the fairer sex, because he was not interested in women! He was not in real life, let alone in the game.


Under the female players pitiful gaze, Lin Mo punched her away!

Triple kill!

However, the killing had only just begun!

Immediately after, Lin Mo rushed towards the nearest dual-wielding player.

The dual-sword players mental fortitude was clearly not good.

Seeing how heroic Lin Mo was, he was so frightened that he even threw away his weapon.

Then, under Lin Mos disdainful gaze, he was sent flying with a kick!

Four kills!

Lin Mo had no intention of stopping and continued to rush towards the next player.

The surrounding players were dumbfounded.

“Too strong!”

“Is this Black Earths strength”

“No one can attack him, nor can anyone withstand a single move from him!”

“We have to surround him quickly.

Otherwise, well only be defeated by Black Earth one by one!”

“Yes! Everyone, surround him and lets drown Black Earth! Lets see how he can resist!”

“Drown him in a sea of people!”

The other players were not afraid.

Instead, they were even more excited.

In the game of the King of Chicken, it was normal to die.

After all, the death rate was as high as 99%.

However, it was a rare opportunity to kill Black Earth!

It was not easy to match with Black Earth.

Who wouldnt want to take the opportunity to become famous

As the players surged forward like a tide, Lin Mo gradually felt a trace of pressure.

Of course, it was only a “slight” pressure!

‘No more than that!

There were too many players around.

All of them stabbed him with knives, spears, swords, and halberds… Lin Mo felt like he was surrounded by a group of kindergarten children holding plastic toys!

Although he knew that these “plastic toys” could not threaten him, Lin Mo did not want to be hit.

In the crowd, Lin Mo completely erupted!


It was faster than what 1,200 kilograms of punching force should provide!

Moreover, Lin Mos every move was extremely precise! Many attacks clearly seemed to be able to hit him, but they were just a millimeter away from touching him!

Lin Mo was like an extremely slippery loach, constantly moving through the gaps between people.

The attacks of the surrounding players could not hurt Lin Mo at all, but… Lin Mos attack was definitely a one-hit kill!

Regardless of whether the other partys combat technique was rank 2 or 3, as long as he was hit by Lin Mo, he would definitely be insta-killed! It was impossible to ask for a second move!

Lin Mo was punting one kid after each other as he killed in the crowd!


Ten kills!

Twenty kills!

Thirty kills!

Lin Mos “kill notification” kept spamming.

The number of players around him decreased!

Gradually, the players who had surrounded Black Earth finally despaired.

More than fifty players held weapons and surrounded Black Earth! In the end, Black Earth was unharmed, but there were only a dozen of them left…

‘Is this a gang fight

This was completely suicide!

Forty kills!

Finally, when Lin Mo reached 40 kills in the game, the remaining dozen or so players collapsed!


Someone shouted.

“Beat him up my ass! Helping him farm heads is more like it!”

“After this game, is Black Earth going to break the kill record of theKing of Chicken Winners”

“If we dont run, well all become Black Earths kills!”

The dozen or so players finally recognized the situation and began to flee in all directions.


“You want to escape now Its too late!” Lin Mos lips curled into a playful smile as he began to pursue.

Lin Mo originally wanted to “annihilate” them, but these players were fleeing in all directions.

They were too scattered! After Lin Mo reached the “fifty kills”, two or three dogs had already fled far away into the depths of the forest, making it difficult to chase after them.

“Forget it!” Lin Mo couldnt be bothered to continue chasing.

He looked at his “fifty kills” record with satisfaction—this game had only begun a few minutes ago, but it had already reached “fifty kills”! Who would believe him

Lin Mo casually glanced at the weapons scattered all over the ground.

“Theyre all ordinary weapons!” Lin Mo shook his head.

In the “King of Chicken” game, there were some special cold weapons.

Not only could those special weapons cut through iron like mud, but they could also directly cause “cellular-level” damage—after all, in the “high-end game”, there was no lack of players whose combat technique had reached the fifth or even sixth rank! To those players, ordinary weapons were meaningless.

Only special weapons were useful!

“I heard that special weapons are more common in high-end games! However, its very difficult to find a special weapon in a low-end game with about 1,000 points!” Lin Mo really wanted to see what was so special about those special weapons.

After all, he had never seen it before!

“Ordinary weapons are useless to me, so I wont pick them up!” Lin Mo looked at the weapons on the ground and thought to himself, “These trash weapons are not as powerful as my fists.

Moreover, they will affect my speed!”

Lin Mo pulled up the game map and took a look.

After confirming where the center of this game would be, he jogged straight in that direction.

… .

On the other side of the chicken dinner map.

Far away from Lin Mo.

“Little Yu” had just finished off the tall and thin player who was arguing with him.

“Hmph! What kind of trash dares to fight me head-on” Little Yu thought arrogantly.

His strength was definitely rare among 18-year-old players! Therefore, it did not take him much effort to deal with the tall and thin player.

But then, Little Yus expression became solemn—he saw the “kill notification” that flooded the screen.

“PlayerBlack Earth has killed playerHis Majesty the Emperor!”

“PlayerBlack Earth has killed playerTough Guy! 2 kills!”

“PlayerBlack Earth has killed playerMiss Violent! Three kills!”

“PlayerBlack Earth has killed playerWang Dashuai! Four kills!”

… .

“So fierce!” Little Yu was shocked.

But he didnt care too much.

“There are fifty to sixty players participating in the siege of Black Earth! No matter how fierce Black Earth is, can he kill them all” Little Yu thought disdainfully.

No matter how fierce a player was, there was a limit!

‘One against ten was the limit, right

However, soon, Little Yu realized that he was too naive!

He knew nothing about the horrors of Black Earth!

“PlayerBlack Earth has achieved 10 kills!”

“PlayerBlack Earth has achieved 20 kills!”

“PlayerBlack Earth has achieved 50 kills!”

“Hiss—how is that possible!” Little Yu gasped.

“Did they gang up on Black Earth or went to give their heads away”

However, Little Yu couldnt help but feel glad.

“Fortunately, I didnt foolishly gang up on Black Earth like those stupid birds! Otherwise, I would have deducted a lot of points from dying too early in this game!” Little Yu still cared about the game points.

“Lets search for some weapons first!”

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