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Ye Yi was actually strolling around the forum.

When he saw that the netizens were discussing Lin Mo and Black Earth and had inexplicably brought the topic to him, he was dumbfounded.

“Im getting shot while doing nothing!” Ye Yi was dumbfounded.

“Ive been keeping a low profile for so long and I dont dare to show off at all! And they still pulled me out to whip my corpse”

Ye Yi only felt that it was too difficult to be a genius this year!

Living in the same era as geniuses like Lin Mo and Black Earth, the other geniuses were destined to be dim! They were even often pulled out to be compared!

Then, when they compared, they would come to a conclusion: Trash!

… .

There were shocked voices, and of course, there were voices of disdain for “Black Earth.”

“Black Earth Is he very powerful Hes just bullying people of a lower age!” An internet celebrity, a Silver Lunar Martial Artist called “Misty Rain Like Snow”, commented disdainfully.

“If hes a martial artist of our age, beating him up will be like beating up a son! Although Black Earth is quite talented, the protagonist of the chicken dinner competition is not him, but us martial arts graduate students and martial arts doctoral students!”

Misty Rain Like Snows attitude could not be said to be arrogant.

Some netizens even wanted to curse when they saw it, but they realized that… Misty Rain was right!

Although “Black Earth” was powerful, it was only relative to his peers! In front of those martial arts graduate students and martial arts doctoral students, “Black Earth” was indeed just a junior! At most, he could only be considered a genius, but he would not be treated as an opponent by them!

Black Earth was not qualified to be a match for a martial arts graduate student and a martial arts doctoral student!

And the protagonists of the chicken dinner competition were destined to only be martial arts graduate students!

“No matter what, Black Earth is already very heaven-defying! Hell just treat this chicken dinner competition as training! By the next chicken dinner competition, Black Earth will probably become one of the protagonists!”

Almost everyone thought that Black Earth had a chance of becoming the protagonist in the next season.

In the next, Black Earth might very well rule the competition directly!

However, Black Earth was destined to only be a foil in this chicken dinner competition.

… .

It was rare for Gao Haoran not to go to the Big Sword today.

Instead, he stayed in the dormitory, wanting to participate in the chicken dinner competition.

“Li Jiaxuan is really ungrateful! A few days ago, he was captured with a big sword.

I was the one who fished him out of the inquisition team.

Now, Im asking him to bring me to eat chicken with him, but hes actually unwilling!” Gao Haoran thought indignantly.

“If I had known, I wouldnt have bailed him out! Ill let him be locked up inside for half a month!”

Although Gao Haoran knew that the chicken dinner competition had nothing to do with him, he also wanted to be carried and get a good time in the game.

Unfortunately, Li Jiaxuan was unwilling to bring him along.

It was not that Gao Haoran had not considered looking for Lin Mo, but… in Gao Haorans opinion, although Lin Mos punching force talent was very abnormal, the chicken dinner competition did not test ones punching force at all.

All the players punching force would be locked at 1,200 kilograms.

“Even if Brother Mo goes to the chicken dinner competition, he wont have any advantage.

He probably wont be able to carry me along! Moreover… perhaps Brother Mo doesnt want to participate at all! Id better not go and cause him trouble!” Gao Haoran thought very considerately.

“Forget it, Ill go solo alone! Although strength is very important in the game of King of Chicken, luck is also very important! If Im lucky enough, I can still get good points!”

Thinking of this, Gao Haoran directly entered the Primordial Universe and began the solo matchmaking.

Soon, the match was successful and he entered the chicken dinner game.

In the cabin of the spaceship, Gao Haoran, who was playing “King of the Chicken” for the first time, carefully looked around.


“Eh This is…” A familiar online name entered Gao Haorans eyes.

“Black Earth!”

Gao Haoran did not know that Black Earth was actually Brother Mo!

He quickly checked his digital ID and realized that Black Earth, who was matched with him, was indeed The Black Earth!

“Im actually matched with Black Earth” Gao Haorans eyes lit up.

His first reaction was: Big Boss, carry me!

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