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Chapter 193: Takeoff

“Big boss, carry me!”

“Big Boss Black Earth, I grovel with pristine standards!”

“Big Boss Black Earth, my words are especially beautiful!”

“Big Boss Black Earth, Im especially on point with my licking!”

“Big Boss Black Earth, Im 34D!”

“Big Boss Black Earth, although Im a man, I have a 34E sister! Just take me in as a lackey!”

A large group of players ran towards Black Earth—after all, as long as one hugged Black Earths thigh, they could get very good points in the chicken dinner competition! Who wouldnt want to hug such a thigh

Seeing this, Lin Mo was so frightened that he quickly parachuted down from the spaceship.

Gao Haoran hesitated for a moment before jumping off the spaceship.

The next game was like a dream to Gao Haoran.

He didnt need to do anything.

He only needed to follow Black Earth and see the other players who appeared nearby die one by one.

Just like that, Gao Haoran dreamwalked all the way to the final circle like a follower behind “Black Earth”.

In the final circle, Gao Haoran stood still for a few seconds and saw that Black Earth had already cleared out all the other players.

In the entire game, only he and Black Earth were left.

“Uh…” Gao Haoran realized that the other players had all died and said very sensibly,” Big Boss Black Earth, I know the rules! You dont have to do it yourself.

Ill commit suicide myself! ”

As he spoke, Gao Haoran raised a brick he had picked up on the way and slammed it down in his face.

At the end of the game, Gao Haoran obtained “second place” in this game.

“Isnt it too easy for this second place” After leaving the game, Gao Haoran still couldnt believe it.

At the same time, he was a little nervous.

“Will Black Earth really bring me to duo this game Or was it just pleasantries”

Thinking of this, Gao Haoran did not dare to send “Black Earth” a team invitation.

After all… Big Boss Black Earth might have just said it casually.

You cant really take advantage of him!

Just as Gao Haoran was hesitating on sending “Black Earth” a team invitation, he received an invitation from Black Earth.

Gao Haorans eyes lit up.

“Big Boss Black Earth really wants duo with me!”

Gao Haoran was really touched!

This is true love—It was just a chance meeting.

I was just casually cozying up to him, but it actually worked!

“Big Boss Black Earth, dont say anything else! From today onwards, youre my brother!” After the two of them joined the team, Gao Haoran said gratefully, “Other than my Brother Mo, no one has ever treated me so well! Look… should I call you Brother Black or Brother Earth Forget it, forget it.

It doesnt sound good.

Ill call you Big Boss Black Earth! Its more domineering!”

Lin Mo didnt say anything.

He thought to himself that this little fatty still had some conscience and knew that Brother Mo treated him the best.

“By the way, Big Boss Black Earth! When youre free, you must come to Jiangnan Prefecture!” Gao Haoran chattered on.

“As long as you come to Jiangnan Prefecture, Ill arrange everything for you no matter which city youre in! You can bring me to duo chicken dinner in game, and Ill bring you to duo-playchicken dinner in reality!”

“You can play chicken in pairs in reality” Lin Mo was puzzled.

“Big Boss Black Earth, dont pretend to be confused! How could anyone not have entertained a big shot like you” Gao Haoran revealed a smile that all men understood.

“Dont worry, I still have some status in the Jiangnan Prefectures big sword circle! Big Boss Black Earth, you dont have to worry about big sword being caught! If you are, Ill get you out immediately!”

Gao Haoran patted his chest.

“How can I be that kind of person” Lin Mo said speechlessly.

“Why cant you be” Gao Haoran continued to smile cheaply.

“Besides… even if you werent in the past! As long as you come to Jiangnan Prefecture, you can become one!”

“Lets not talk about this for now.

The game is about to begin!” Lin Mo reminded him.

“Oh! Yes, yes, yes! Winning the chicken is more important!” Gao Haoran nodded repeatedly and asked, “Big Boss Black Earth, how should I play this game”

“You…” Lin Mo thought for a moment and said,” After entering the game, you can play as you please or just commit suicide! ”

“Huh” Gao Haoran was stunned.

But then, he understood what Big Boss Black Earth meant—with his little strength, the most important thing to do when playing chicken in pairs was not to affect Big Boss Black Earth!

“Alright! Big Boss Black Earth, I understand!” Gao Haoran said hurriedly.

“After I parachute later, Ill find a random place to backstab people! If I can get them, Ill do it.

If I cant, it doesnt matter!”

“Yes!” Lin Mo nodded slightly.

… .

Just like that, Gao Haoran began an extremely dreamy night in the chicken dinner competition.

After he entered every game, he only needed to play blindly!

It would be best if he could backstab a player to death.

It did not matter if he did not.

In any case… in the duo mode, even if he died, Black Earth would definitely win the chicken dinner in the end!

Just like that…

Gao Haoran, a small fry with only early-stage rank 2 combat technique, had his points soar in the chicken dinner competition!

1,000 points!

1,100 points!

1,200 points!

In just one night, Gao Haorans game points had increased to 1,245 points!

He directly took off!

“My hands are numb from killing all night! Im tired, tired!” At the end of the last game, Lin Mo said privately in the chat in the Primordial Universe.

From dark to dawn, Lin Mo was going to lie down in the gravity room and sleep.

“Big Boss Black Earth, I can completely understand you!” Gao Haoran added.

“Im a little tired from dying all night, let alone you!”

“Thats it for now!” Lin Mo continued to chat privately.

“If Im free tonight, Ill bring you to duo chicken dinner!”

“Youre taking me tonight again” Gao Haorans eyes lit up and he was even more touched.

“Alright! Big Boss Black Earth! Then I wont go to the Big Sword tonight!”

“…” Lin Mo was speechless.

However, he suddenly realized that if he dragged Gao Haoran to play chicken dinner every night, Gao Haoran wouldnt have time to go to the big sword.

“This might help Gao Haoran successfully quit prostitution!” Lin Mos eyes lit up.

But then, Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

Gao Haoran said very smartly, “In the future, Ill go to the Big Sword during the day!”

“…” Lin Mo didnt want to say anything else and directly left the Primordial Universe.

“Why did Big Boss Black Earth go offline just like that” Gao Haoran was a little puzzled when he noticed that Black Earth had gone offline, but he didnt think too much about it.

“By the way! I dont think Ive registered under my school for this chicken dinner competition!” Gao Haoran suddenly remembered.

According to the rules of the chicken dinner competition, only those who registered which martial arts university they were from could appear on the rankings.

Originally, Gao Haoran had not considered how many points he could obtain with his little strength, so he naturally did not register.

Otherwise, if his points were too low, he would be embarrassed by the other students.

But now… it was different!

Gao Haoran, who had 1,245 points, felt full of confidence!

With such high points, if he did not register his martial arts university, it would be like traveling at night in expensive clothing!

It had not been easy for him to get a chance to show off.

How could Gao Haoran miss it

Of course not!

Without thinking, Gao Haoran began to register his martial arts university on the page of the chicken dinner competition.

“Righteousness… True name Gao Haoran… School Jiangnan Martial Arts University… Registered…”

After a while, the registration was quickly completed!

“With such high points, there probably arent many people in the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University who have higher points than me, right” Gao Haoran thought to himself.

He found the page of Jiangnan Martial Arts University and opened the rankings of Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

In the next second, Gao Haorans eyes widened like two green beans!

On the “Individual Points Ranking” of Jiangnan Martial Arts University, Gao Haoran saw that his name and points were at the top of the list!

First place in the entire school!

Moreover, he was almost 50 points away from second place in the entire school!

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