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Chapter 196: Standing Out (3)

“Isnt this Gao Haoran guaranteed admission to Jiangnan Martial Arts University as a bad student I know this guy.

Hes a husky in the wolf pack!”

“How could he perform so dazzlingly in the chicken dinner competition”

“I heard that Gao Haoran clutchedBlack Earth”s thigh! Black Earth played duo with him and won every round.

His points increased with a whoosh!”

“That works”

“Gao Haorans actions to get on the individual scoreboard are completely unique!”

“Isnt that so The top student of the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University was suppressed by a bad student!”

“Lets leave! Theres nothing to see! Gao Haoran didnt rely on his own strength to get on the individual points rankings.

Its impossible for Black Earth to bring him to duo-play chicken every day! Soon, hell disappear from the rankings!”

“But at least Gao Haoran was in the limelight!”

At school.

The students were not very shocked.

Instead, they were filled with disdain.

In their opinion, although Gao Haoran was now standing out, trash was still trash.

He would soon be beaten back to his original state!

… .

Li Jiaxuan discovered Gao Haoran on the individual scoreboard during breakfast.

He was so shocked that he spat out the soy milk in his mouth.

“Pfft! Whats going on”

After figuring out that Gao Haoran was hugging “Black Earths” thick leg, Li Jiaxuan quickly called Gao Haoran.

“Brother Ran! Have you eaten breakfast”

“Whats the matter” Gao Haoran could tell at once that Li Jiaxuan definitely had a favor to ask of him.

“Brother Ran! Do you think you can tell Big Boss Black Earth to bring me along to chicken dinner later!” Li Jiaxuan chuckled.

“Anyway, it doesnt matter if Im there or not.

He can bring me along for a trio game in chicken dinner!”

Of course, Li Jiaxuan did not want to miss the opportunity to show off.

“You want me to bring you now Where did you go when I begged to bring you yesterday” Gao Haoran snorted disdainfully.

“Yesterday, you ignored me.

Today, Im out of your league!”

With that, he hung up without considering the “Four Irons” friendship.

… .

Training area, outside the gravity room.

Gao Haoran knew that his reputation had already spread throughout the entire school, and most of them were belittling and mocking him, but he didnt care at all.

He didnt care what the other students thought of him.

He just wanted to show off in front of Brother Mo!

Finally, Gao Haoran waited from morning to evening and from dawn to night.

Brother Mo finally came out of the gravity room.

“Brother Mo, Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran greeted Lin Mo excitedly.

“Theres something you definitely wont believe!”

Lin Mo glanced at Gao Haoran meaningfully.

Of course, he knew what Gao Haoran wanted to say, and he also understood that Gao Haoran wanted to show off in front of him.

As a veteran, Lin Mo knew the tricks of showing off too well!


Lin Mo was not prepared to give Gao Haoran a chance to show off!

‘Theres something I definitely dont believe


Lin Mo smiled at Gao Haoran and said, “I believe you!”

“” Gao Haoran was dumbfounded.

Why wasnt Brother Mo following the routine Shouldnt he be asking “whats up” when he heard that

After all, Gao Haoran did not have much experience in showing off.

Lin Mos actions directly confused him!

‘What do I do next

… .

Just as Gao Haoran failed to show off.

A “martial arts exchange team” from the Cherry Blossom Country had arrived in the capital city of Xia country.

The leader of this exchange team was a senior martial arts grandmaster from the Cherry Blossom Country.

Time had already left an obvious mark on this martial arts grandmasters face, but his eyes were still clear and filled with wisdom.

“Weve finally arrived in Xia country! Our first stop will be theQingmu University, the strongest martial arts university in Xia country!”

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