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Chapter 203: Are You Worthy (1)

Zuoteng Yijians expression was very arrogant, but almost no one felt that there was a problem.

After all, Zuoteng Yijian had already proven himself with his strength at Qingmu University and Jingdu University!

On the other hand, the last time “Black Earth” proved his strength, it was in the Primordial Universe.

He only proved that he had the strength of an early-stage rank 5.

From what he knew, Zuoteng Yijian was much stronger than “Black Earth”!

Therefore, in the opinion of most of the audience, there was no problem with Zuoteng Yijian being a little more arrogant.

This was because in their opinion, the suspense of this battle was not about who would win at all, but how many moves “Black Earth” could last.

“Will Black Earth be insta-killed”

“If Zuoteng Yijian is really at the peak of the fifth rank, thats completely possible! The difference between the peak of the fifth rank and the early-stage fifth rank is definitely enough to let him defeat Black Earth in one move!”

“If Black Earth is really insta-killed, it will be so embarrassing!”

“Isnt that so And hes not the only one whos embarrassed.

Its our entire Xia country!”

“I can only hope… that Black Earth doesnt lose too badly!”

… .

In the arena.

Zuoteng Yijian and Black Earth naturally couldnt hear the audience.

“Black Earth!” Zuoteng extended a finger with his sword.

“If I want to defeat you, one move is enough! But… youre a famous genius in Xia country, so Ill save you some face”

“Oh” Lin Mo quietly watched the other party show off, not caring.

In any case, how much Zuoteng Yijian was showing off now will convert to how badly he would be beaten up later!

There was a price for showing off in front of Brother Mo!

“Ten moves!” Sato said with abnormal confidence.

“Today, Ill use this arena to teach you ten moves! You can experience the gap between you and me in the first nine moves.

The tenth move will be when youre defeated!”

The reason why Zuoteng Yijian wanted to “guide” Black Earth and defeat him in one move was not out of kindness, but because… he wanted to use this challenge to test Black Earths strength.

To Zuoteng Yijian, the most important mission of this battle was not to defeat Black Earth, but to figure out his abilities.

On the Cherry Blossom Countrys side, many martial arts grandmasters were paying attention to this battle!

“Ten moves” Lin Mo smiled.

“Alright! Then show me ten moves first!”

If Zuoteng Yijian wanted to figure out Black Earths strength, how could Lin Mo not want to figure out his own strength After all… Lin Mo had just broken through to the “sixth rank”.

Even he did not know how strong he was!

It was said that the Zuoteng Yijian in front of him had the combat technique of the peak of rank 5.

It was a good opportunity for Lin Mo to test it out!

“Laugh” Zuoteng Yijian sneered as the system of the Primordial Universe carried out a simultaneous translation.

“You wont be able to laugh soon!”


As soon as Zuoteng Yijian finished speaking, he turned into a violent wind and quickly pressed towards Lin Mo.

His fist instantly gathered all his strength and went straight for Lin Mos lower abdomen like a powerful cannonball.

Of course, this was only a probing attack from Zuoteng Yijian, far from his full strength.

The combat technique contained in it was only close to the mid-stage of rank 5.

Zuoteng Yijian wanted to test Black Earths strength.

Of course, he would not use his full strength right away.

Of course, Lin Mo could tell what the other party was up to.

He sneered in his heart and slapped away the fierce punch.

“Huh” Zuoteng Yijian was slightly surprised and thought to himself, “Its impossible for an early-stage rank 5 to withstand my attack so easily.

Could it be that his combat technique has already reached the mid-stage rank 5”

In a flash, Zuoteng Yijians strength suddenly increased by a level and he instantly erupted with combat technique that was close to the late-stage of rank 5.

His fist was even more ferocious and strange.

Not only was it powerful, but it was also impossible to guard against.

However, to Zuoteng Yijians surprise, Black Earth casually slapped again and received the punch.

“How is that possible” Satos expression gradually became solemn.

“He can easily withstand this.

Could it be that Black Earths combat technique has already reached the late-stage of rank 5”

In the entire martial arts world, “late-stage rank 5” was naturally nothing.

He was not even qualified to enter the ranks of experts.

But… How old was Black Earth

Late-stage rank 5 at the age of eighteen

This was very shocking!


Sato finally stopped holding back!

In just the third move, he almost used his full strength and directly erupted with his strongest combat strength at the peak of rank 5!

“Is this not enough to crush you” Zuoteng Yijian attacked Lin Mo again confidently.

In his opinion, even if Black Earth was really at the late-stage of rank 5, he would still be crushed by him! The remaining seven or eight moves were enough for him to defeat Black Earth!

“I said ten moves, so its ten moves!” Zuoteng Yijian thought.

But in the next second, Zuoteng Yijian was shocked again! He saw that… Although Black Earth was not dealing with him as easily as before, he still steadily caught each of his attacks.

“This…” Zuoteng Yijian was in disbelief.

“Peak of rank 5!”

Black Earths talent clearly subverted Zuoteng Yijians understanding of martial arts.

One had to know that Zuoteng Yijian was actually a genius himself.

But even so, under the intense nurturing that drained his potential, he had only barely reached the peak of rank 5!

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