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208 Exchange Dormitory (2)

“Hes only first for the time being! The chicken dinner competition has only begun a few days ago, and Black Earth hasnt faced older opponents.

When hes matched with an opponent above 25 years old, its naturally impossible for him to kill so fiercely!”

“Thats right! Although Black Earth is at thesixth rank, that is not rare among martial arts doctoral students! Moreover, there are those martial arts experts who have already graduated but are still under the age of 30… Although they cant enter the rankings, they can see their points! When the chicken dinner competition reaches a certain stage, their points will naturally surpass Black Earths!”

“Even if Black Earth is at the sixth rank, its impossible for him to even get thefirst place in points on the surface, let alone those experts who wont appear on the scoreboard!”

“Black Earth is only 18 years old after all.

Hes still too young! However, even if he cant get first place in the chicken dinner competition this year, hell definitely be the absolute protagonist next year!”

“In that case, our Xia country is really filled with talents! Even a peerless genius like Black Earth has no choice but to lower his head in the chicken dinner competition because of his age!”

… .

Of course, Lin Mo wouldnt pay attention to the discussion online.

He rampaged in the chicken competition all night again, then went to sleep in the gravity room.

On the other hand, Gao Haoran was unhappy!

Seeing that there were many voices questioning “Big Boss Black Earth” on the Internet, he was so angry that he stopped going to the big sword and started scolding the netizens in the martial arts forum.

“What do you know”

“Do you know how strong Big Boss Black Earth is”

“Even I, who usually turned into a box when I landed, [1.

died upon parachuting down] was brought to the chicken dinner by Big Boss Black Earth.

Now, Im ranked first on theIndividual Points Ranking of the chicken dinner competition! Can you imagine how terrifying Big Boss Black Earths points are now”

“Dont talk nonsense if you dont know anything! Big Boss Black Earth will definitely get first place in the chicken dinner competition!”

Gao Haoran started typing aggressively on the martial arts forum.

Of course, Gao Haoran also knew very well that when the chicken dinner competition reached a certain stage and they start matching those “old martial artists” in their thirties, no matter how strong Big Boss Black Earth was, it was impossible for him to continue killing indiscriminately!

But did it matter

‘Its not important!

To Gao Haoran, no matter what happened in the future, he would scold the netizens first!

If he won the online battle, he would win!

… .

On the campus of Jiangnan Martial Arts University, Teacher Wei was paying attention to the cultivation situation of the “Elite Class One” students.

As the class teacher, Teacher Wei was still very responsible, especially since the class he was leading could be said to have gathered the most outstanding students in Xia country.

This placed even more pressure on Teacher Wei.

“Gao Haoran is…” Teacher Wei looked into Gao Haorans situation and didnt keep it in his mind.

With regards to this husky mixed in the wolf pack, Teacher Wei directly chose to let it be.

“Shopping the martial arts forum At least its better than going to the big sword every day, right However… I dont know how Gao Haoran managed to cozy up to Black Earth, but he actually has so many points in the chicken dinner competition!”

A husky had brought the honor of being first on the personal points rankings to Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

This was also something Teacher Wei did not expect.

Although this honor might not last for a few days, in Teacher Weis opinion, it was enough for Gao Haoran to brag for a while! And this was exactly what Gao Haoran did.

He bragged about his points every day!

Teacher Wei checked in on Yan Yimo, Ye Yi, and the other students studies.

These “traditional” geniuses studied very well every day.

They all developed their punching force and combat technique in all aspects—this also made Teacher Wei nod repeatedly.

Clearly, he did not need to worry too much.

However, when Teacher Wei saw Lin Mos learning situation, he couldnt help but frown.

“He went to the gravity room again And for another twelve hours He really took over the gravity room just because he has a lot oftime cards” Teacher Wei felt a little helpless against Lin Mos learning attitude.

No matter how strong your punching force talent is, you cant be obsessed with punching force every day! If your combat technique doesnt improve, your punching force will reach a bottleneck sooner or later!

“Lin Mo clearly watched the battle between Black Earth and Zuoteng Yijian yesterday.

Didnt he realize that he was lacking in combat technique”

Teacher Wei originally thought that Lin Mo would focus on combat technique after watching the battle last night.

Unexpectedly, Lin Mo still did not do what he had hoped.

“Lin Mos combat technique should only be at the peak of rank 3! Under the restrictions of his combat technique, 20,000 kilograms of punching force is the limit of his control now! If its any higher… his combat technique is too low and he cant control his punching force.

Its impossible for him to continue improving!” Teacher Wei calculated.

“The last time Lin Mo attacked, he already had more than 10,000 kilograms of punching force! With his improvement speed and the fact that hes soaking in the gravity room every day, Im afraid hell soon touch the limit of 20,000 kilograms!”

Teacher Wei couldnt help but shake his head.

“Forget it! Ive already said what I could say to him many times! When his punching force reaches its limit and he cant continue to improve, he will learn the importance of cultivating combat technique!”

Teacher Wei really had no choice against a willful super genius like Lin Mo.

He wanted to impart his many years of cultivation experience to Lin Mo, but Lin Mo wouldnt listen at all!

“Difficult to teach!”

Teacher Wei sighed.

… .

Just as Teacher Wei sighed.

In Jingdu City, in Xia University, a large group of martial arts teachers couldnt help but sigh.

Although Zuoteng Yijian had lost to “Black Earth” in the Primordial Universe last night and suffered a crushing defeat, early this morning, he came to the third stop of this exchange battle—Xia University!

As a top martial arts school on par with Qingmu University and Jingdu University, no genius in Xia University could withstand Zuoteng Yijians winning streak.

The martial arts teachers of Xia University had no choice but to sigh.

As for the martial arts exchange team of the Cherry Blossom Country, they became even more arrogant.

They even threatened that after destroying all the top martial arts schools in Jingdu City, they would go all the way south and fight Demon City before fighting Jiangnan City!

They wanted to defeat all the top martial arts schools in Xia country!

Although Zuoteng Yijian had lost to “Black Earth” last night, that was only in terms of combat technique.

In terms of overall strength, Zuoteng Yijian had indeed never lost since the beginning of the exchange battle!

At this rate, Zuoteng Yijian would probably actually defeat all the top martial arts schools in Xia country!

This was undoubtedly a huge humiliation to the martial arts world of Xia country!

“Is there really no one who can stop Zuoteng Yijians winning streak”

… .

Time passed day by day.

As expected, Zuoteng Yijian defeated all the top martial arts schools in Jingdu City with one strike and came to the Demon City.

In the Primordial Universe, the topic of “Black Earth” was still hot.

Especially in the chicken dinner competition, Black Earth had already begun to be matched with martial arts graduate students, but he was still killing indiscriminately.

However, in the eyes of the netizens, Black Earth should only have a few days of enjoyment left! According to the competition schedule, in a few days, the all-age matching would be messed up.

Black Earth would be matched with those martial arts doctoral students above the age of 25 or even graduates in their thirties.

The students participating in the chicken dinner competition should be able to escape from the despair of being dominated by “Black Earth” soon!

As for the name “Lin Mo”… it quietly faded on the Internet.

Because Lin Mo lay in the gravity room every day to cultivate and had never come out to show off, in addition to the hot topics about Black Earth and Zuoteng Yijian… the attention on “Lin Mo” on the Internet naturally faded.

Even in Jiangnan Martial Arts University, there was almost no one who mentioned Lin Mo.

Even if they did, they would jokingly say that Lin Mo had become stupid from training his punching force and locked himself in the gravity room to train hard every day!

In fact, many teachers and students were already waiting to see Lin Mo make a fool of himself! In their opinion, when Lin Mo cultivated to the “bottleneck”, he would naturally know that he should not focus all his energy on punching force cultivation.

It was not until July 1st that Lin Mos name became the focus of the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University again.

This was because the first day of the month was the day you can challenge to exchange dormitories at Jiangnan University! As for Lin Mo, he directly issued an exchange challenge to the third-year Feng Zhiwei!


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