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209 Waking Lin Mo Up (1)

“Lin Mo”

“Challenge me”

Lin Mo issued a challenge to exchange dormitories through the official website of Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

This news naturally quickly reached the “challenged” Feng Zhiwei.

Feng Zhiwei laughed when he saw Lin Mos challenge.

“I thought Lin Mo was joking when he said he wanted to challenge me a few days ago! I didnt expect him to really dare to challenge me.” When Feng Zhiwei heard the news, his face was filled with disdain.

“Where did his confidence come from Did he become arrogant after staying in the gravity room for a few days”

Of course, Feng Zhiwei knew that Lin Mo had beaten up the entire second year a while ago, but he did not care at all.

After all, in the martial arts university, the goal of the entire first year was mainly to lay the foundation down and not on increasing strength.

As for the second-year students who had lost to Lin Mo, to put it bluntly, they had just finished building their foundation.

Their strength was actually not strong, and most of them were only two-star martial artists.

But Feng Zhiwei was different!

As a genius in his third year of university this year, Feng Zhiwei had first used a year to patiently build his foundation at Jiangnan Martial Arts University, then used a year to crazily increase his strength… Now, Feng Zhiwei was already a “seven-star martial artist”!

One had to know that if one wanted to become a seven-star martial artist, they had to meet the dual requirements of at least 30,000 kilograms of punching force and mid-stage fourth rank combat technique!

As for Feng Zhiwei, he was even one of the best seven-star martial artists! His punching force had already reached 40,000 kilograms, and his combat technique had reached the peak of the fourth rank!

With such strength, how could Feng Zhiwei not be confident How could he not treat Lin Mos challenge as a joke

“Forget it!” Feng Zhiwei sighed softly.

“This junior of mine has had too smooth a path of martial arts.

Its very likely that he hasnt experienced any setbacks at all! In that case, let me, as his senior, give him some growth!”

Feng Zhiwei could not imagine how terrifying his opponent, Lin Mo was going to be!

Just as Feng Zhiwei was fantasizing about how to crush Lin Mo in the arena… there was a knock on the door outside his dormitory.

“Teacher Wei” Feng Zhiwei opened the door and was very surprised to see Teacher Wei Zhi from Elite Class One.

Could it be that he was here to plead for Lin Mo

Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but think.

However, he had already made up his mind.

Even if Teacher Wei personally came to plead for Lin Mo, he would not agree to cancel this “exchange challenge”!

After all…

Feng Zhiwei also wanted to show off!

He had been diligently cultivating at Jiangnan Martial Arts University for more than two years.

Although he was famous, he rarely had the chance to show off—those who were weaker than him would not fight him; those who were stronger than him, he did not dare to fight!

Therefore, Lin Mos challenge this time was undoubtedly a good opportunity to show off! How could Feng Zhiwei bear to miss it so easily

“Teacher Wei, if youre here to plead for Lin Mo, theres no need to speak!” Feng Zhiwei took the initiative and went straight to the point.

“Youve misunderstood!” Teacher Wei smiled.

“Im not here to plead for Lin Mo, but to… please teach Lin Mo a lesson!”

“Huh” Feng Zhiwei was dumbfounded.

Lin Mos class teacher came to ask him to teach Lin Mo a lesson

‘What kind of operation is that

Did Lin Mo offend Teacher Wei in any way

But he had never heard of Teacher Wei being a petty person!

Teacher Wei explained, “Lin Mos talent is indeed very heaven-defying! But its also because his talent is so strong that he gradually developed an arrogant and conceited personality.

He thinks that talent is everything in martial arts… He soaks in the gravity room every day and only knows how to cultivate his punching force, but he doesnt pay attention to the cultivation of combat technique at all!”

“Whether its talent or punching force, theyre only a part of martial arts.

How can they encompass the entirety of martial arts” Feng Zhiwei said, “The path of martial arts needs to be developed in all aspects, not biased to one side!”

“Thats right!” Teacher Wei sighed.

“You can see it, but Lin Mo cant!”

“I understand! Teacher Wei, youve really put in a lot of effort for Lin Mo!” Feng Zhiwei couldnt help but sigh.

“You want to use me to wake Lin Mo up”

“Thats right! Thats exactly what I mean!” Teacher Wei nodded.

“Ive already preached to him many times, but its useless… Now it seems that he needs this fight!”

“I understand! What if a child is disobedient A beating will suffice!” Feng Zhiwei smiled and said, “Teacher Wei, dont worry.

Ill definitely use this opportunity to wake Lin Mo up and correct his martial arts path!”

When Feng Zhiwei said this, he couldnt help but fantasize that when Lin Mo became a martial arts grandmaster or even a war god in the future, his “awakening beating of Lin Mo” would also become a legend in the martial arts world! Perhaps it would even be recorded in textbooks in the future to educate the younger generation.

… .

“Lin Mo challenged Feng Zhiwei”

This news naturally reached Principal Tus ears.

Principal Tu couldnt help but shake his head in disappointment.

“Lin Mo is still too young and cant hold it in! He must have seenBlack Earths proud results in the Primordial Universe and wants to compete with Black Earth, so he wants to prove himself by challenging Feng Zhiwei! However… how would Lin Mo know how strong a third-year genius is How can he defeat him If I remember correctly, Feng Zhiweis punching force has already exceeded 40,000 kilograms a while ago, right”


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