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212 Soul Interrogation (2)

“Interesting!” When he realized that these two had entered the Milky Way Mirage at the same time, Yi couldnt help but laugh.

“Although Gongchuan Mingjings talent is very ordinary and cant compare to Zhou Chen or Lin Mo, hes still a rare genius on the Blue Planet!”

Yi was gradually getting used to evaluating “geniuses” by the standards of the Blue Planet, not by the standards of the Milky Way.

After all, if one used the standards of the Milky Way, then a person like Gongchuan Mingjing was… trash

“Since both of them have gone in, why dont I let Zhou Chen give it a try too!” Yi reached out and grabbed Zhou Chen like he was grabbing a chick.

Zhou Chen was focused on cultivating when he saw his head suddenly appear in Yis hand.

He couldnt help but feel a little frightened.

Could it be that his performance had not satisfied his teacher enough and his teacher was going to beat him up again

Immediately after, Yi casually threw him into an empty space.

A complicated array then appeared beside him.

Of course, Yi would not use a virtual helmet to enter the Primordial Universe.

When he wanted to enter, he could just casually set up an array.

“Get lost into the Milky Way Mirage!” Yi said bluntly.

“Yes! Teacher…” Zhou Chen also inexplicably activated the test of the Milky Way Illusion.

However, there was no need for Primordial Universe Points.

The entire Primordial Universe was under Yis control.

He could let anyone enter!

Seeing that Zhou Chen had also entered the Primordial Universe, Yi couldnt help but smile.

“Now, the three most talented people on the Blue Planet are all in the Milky Way Mirage!”

Zhou Chen, Lin Mo, and Gongchuan Mingjing were really the three most talented people on the Blue Planet!

If one used the evaluation system of the Milky Way—Zhou Chen, with a natural affinity for laws, was definitely considered a genius even in the Milky Way.

Lin Mo could be considered an elite, but he was not a genius.

As for Gongchuan Mingjing, he could just treat him as trash!

Of course, on the Blue Planet, Gongchuan Mingjings talent was definitely that of all the older generation experts who had appeared before.

As long as he was given some time, his future achievements would definitely not be limited to the God of War and the Extraordinary God of War.

He had a high chance of becoming an “advanced lifeform” in the Milky Way!

One had to know that… so far, no “advanced lifeform” had been born on the entire Blue Planet! Even the strongest experts of the various martial arts countries, such as the hall master of the Xia countrys Grandmaster Hall, were only “Extraordinary War Gods”.

They were still considered “unranked lifeforms”.

“However… in the Milky Way Mirage, whats tested is not talent, but willpower!” Yi looked at the three people who had just entered the Milky Way Mirage and thought.

Willpower and vital essence actually had nothing to do with each other.

For example, a Psychics vital essence was very strong, but his willpower might not be comparable to an ordinary martial artist with ordinary vital essence.

In fact, some ordinary people who had never cultivated martial arts might even have stronger willpower than martial artists.

“The effect of willpower might not be so obvious at the early stages of martial arts cultivation!” Yi thought.

“But as one continues to advance on the path of martial arts, the effect of willpower will become more and more obvious! For example, if one falls into a bottleneck in martial arts, those with strong willpower will have a higher chance of breaking through the limitation of their talent! For example, if they encounter a trap, those with strong willpower will have more courage to face the danger and avert it!”

Willpower was also an important part of martial arts! Any martial arts powerhouses willpower was definitely extremely strong!

However, unlike “talent”… talent was given by the heavens! For example, Zhou Chens natural affinity with laws was born with him.

But willpower could be constantly strengthened through postnatal training.

Therefore, be it Yi or the large factions in the Milky Way, when recruiting geniuses, they first valued martial arts talent, followed by the strength of willpower.

“Since theyve all entered the Milky Way Mirage, I use this opportunity to see how strong their willpower is!” Yi watched with interest.

Of course, no matter what the final results of the test in the Milky Way Mirage were, Yis favored successor was definitely still Zhou Chen!

… .

Lin Mo paid 100 Primordial Universe Points and couldnt help but feel his heart ache.

This was a hundred million yuan that had been wasted.

Who wouldnt feel the pinch buying a ticket to enter the Milky Way Mirage just like that

“What is this place”

In the next second, Lin Mo realized that he had been teleported to a starry sky by the Primordial Universe.

At this moment, he was sitting on an asteroid only dozens of meters in diameter, sailing through this starry sky.

“This is the virtual Milky Way!” In the Milky Way illusion, an intelligent voice introduced to Lin Mo.

“Youre sitting on an asteroid now, flying around the Milky Way at a speed of 100,000 times the speed of light!”

A hundred thousand times the speed of light… This was absolutely impossible in the real Milky Way!

This was because the speed of light was the upper limit of the universe.

It was impossible to exceed even a little, let alone 100,000 times!

However, in a virtual world like the Primordial Universe, there was no “ultimate speed of light”.

Here, speed was just a string of data that could be changed however he wanted! Not to mention 100,000 times, even a billion times was not a problem.

“A hundred thousand times the speed of light Even at this speed, it will take years to circle the Milky Way, right” Lin Mo couldnt help but click his tongue.

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