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221 Misunderstanding

No wonder Feng Zhiwei was so arrogant.

He believed that he had the right to be arrogant in front of Lin Mo.

After all, Lin Mo had only entered a martial arts university for more than half a month, and he had already cultivated in Jiangnan Martial Arts University for two years.

If he did not dare to be arrogant, what was there for him to do

However, although he looked very arrogant on the surface, Feng Zhiwei was actually very cautious in secret.

After he left the school gate, he returned to his dormitory immediately and closed all the doors and windows.

Then, Feng Zhiwei carefully opened the package he had just received.

Inside the tightly packed delivery box was not some small umbrella, but a well-protected potion.

Beside the potion was an instruction manual: “Description of the use of the enhancement potion”.

Looking at this bottle of potion, Feng Zhiwei immediately became even more confident.

“Theres a high chance that Lin Mos combat technique is at the peak of rank 3.

And at the peak of rank 3, he can only become a five-star martial artist.

Its impossible for him to become a six-star martial artist!” Feng Zhiwei thought.

“However, theres still a chance that hes at the early-stage of the fourth rank! In other words, Lin Mo actually has a chance of being a six-star martial artist!”

A five-star martial artists punching force range was 12 to 20 tons.

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A six-star martial artists punching force range was 20 to 30 tons.

“In other words… if Lin Mo really has early-stage rank 4 combat technique, his punching force might have already reached 30,000 kilograms!” Feng Zhiwei analyzed in his heart.

“If he combines it with a powerful enhancement potion, maybe one with a 20% increase! Then, he can unleash 36,000 kilograms of punching force during the challenge exchange tomorrow!”

In Feng Zhiweis opinion, even if Lin Mo really had early-stage rank 4 combat technique and a punching force of 30,000 kilograms, he was still not a threat to him.

After all, he was already at the peak of the fourth rank and his punching force had already exceeded 40,000 kilograms.

He was definitely one of the best even among seven-star martial artists.

However, Feng Zhiwei still secretly bought a bottle of enhancement potion and planned to use it before the exchange challenge tomorrow.

This was because… not only did Feng Zhiwei want to win, but he also wanted to win cleanly and crush Lin Mo in all aspects! Only then could he show his strength!

In Feng Zhiweis opinion, if he won sloppily tomorrow, it would be embarrassing.

“Even a lion uses its full strength to hunt a rabbit!” Feng Zhiwei did not feel that there was anything embarrassing about secretly using the enhancement potion.

“Lin Mo, oh Lin Mo, although you bought the enhancement potion, you definitely wouldnt have thought that I would buy it too!”

At this moment, Feng Zhiwei was filled with anticipation for tomorrows exchange challenge.

“Ill wake Lin Mo with this battle tomorrow! Ill let him know that hes not the only genius in the world!”

… .

Lin Mo also returned to the dormitory immediately and closed all the doors and windows like Feng Zhiwei.

Although the thing he bought was not a “shameful” enhancement potion, it was much more important than it!

“A thin film battle suit!” Lin Mo eagerly opened the package.

Wasnt the reason why he had painstakingly challenged the Milky Way Mirage yesterday for this thin film battle suit

“With rank 6 combat technique and the thin film battle suit, even a Radiant Solar Martial Artist will find it difficult to kill me! Even if I face a Martial Dao master, I wont be insta-killed!”

This thin film battle suit gave Lin Mo a great sense of security.

It could be said that as long as he was within Xia country, as long as Lin Mo was not too unrestrained him, there was usually no danger!

“Those assassin organizations lurking in Xia country at most have a couple of Silver Lunar Martial Artists.

There are almost no Radiant Solar Martial Artists, let alone Martial Dao masters!” Lin Mo thought to himself.

“Moreover, they dont know that Im wearing a thin film battle suit or my true strength either! Therefore… its impossible for them to send very powerful martial arts experts to deal with me!”

Lin Mo immediately put on the battle suit and felt a layer of nano film invisible to the naked eye cover every inch of his skin.

This nano film could greatly weaken attacks from the outside.

In addition, Lin Mos combat technique had already reached the sixth rank.

His spirit and body were one, and his cells vitality were extremely strong!

He feels so safe and secure.

“Feng Zhiwei seems to have bought the enhancement potion just now” Lin Mo thought to himself.

Although Feng Zhiwei said that he had bought a small umbrella, Lin Mo would not believe him!

“But with his little strength, its useless no matter how much he increases!” Lin Mo thought disdainfully.

“Besides… Feng Zhiwei definitely wouldnt have dreamed that I was actually wearing a thin film battle suit! Even if I stood there and let him attack me, he wouldnt be able to do anything to me!”

Of course, Lin Mo would definitely not stand there and be beaten up during the battle tomorrow!

“Id better hide my strength more and show that Im almost evenly matched with Feng Zhiwei.

Ill just barely win in the end!” Lin Mo pondered.

Although with the thin film battle suit, his safety had increased greatly, Lin Mo knew very well that hiding more strength would definitely make him safer.

“Its rare for me to find such a cheat in my life.

If Im killed by a powerful martial arts expert before I grow up, itll be too late to cry!”

The more he cheated, the more he had to keep a low profile!

Lin Mo understood this very well.

After familiarizing himself with the thin film battle suit, it was already evening, and the sky was darkening.

Thinking of how he had an appointment with the “Zhang family” of his mothers family tonight, Lin Mo walked out of the dormitory and left school.

… .

Jiangnan City Center.

The entire third floor of the hundred-year-old Jiangnan Hotel was reserved by two young people.

These two young people were only in their early twenties.

They were the direct descendants of the Zhang family in the capital city: Zhang Yunshan and Zhang Yunhai.

Zhang Yunshan was the eldest sons first son.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be the future head of the Zhang family.

As for Zhang Yunhai, he was Yunshans younger biological brother.

This time, the Zhang family did not send out the older generations to contact Lin Mo with the goal to train these two young people.

The Zhang family knew very well that when Lin Mo grew up, the ones who would have to interact with him would definitely be the younger generation.

In that case, it was better to let the leading figures of the younger generation become familiar with Lin Mo as soon as possible.

Still …

Zhang Yunshan and Zhang Yunhai clearly did not understand the consciousness of the elders in the family.

Instead, they misunderstood!

They thought that the fact that the family did not send their elders to Jiangnan City this time and only sent the two of them “juniors” meant that they were here to disrespect Lin Mo.

At the same time, this was a hint to take Lin Mo down a notch!

This way, their Zhang family would be able to firmly occupy the upper hand in contact with Lin Mo, an “outsider”.

Thinking about how he could read the hints of his familys elders so easily, Zhang Yunshan even wanted to praise himself for being smart.

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