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227 My Heroic Name! (1)

Seeing that the scene was gradually becoming chaotic… As Lin Mos class teacher, Teacher Wei couldnt sit still anymore!

How could he allow his students to ruin their reputation in school because of something like this

“Calm down! Calm down! Everyone, dont guess blindly first!” Teacher Wei stood up and shouted at the students who were discussing, “Its still unclear what the situation is.

Everyone, dont spread rumors! Perhaps… Li Jiaxuan was just captured, but Lin Mo and Gao Haoran successfully escaped”


The entire class fell silent.

Then, they looked at Teacher Wei strangely.

Teacher Wei had also realized… that not only did his explanation not have any effect, but it also made things worse.

His original intention was to stop the students from making wild guesses.

He wanted to say that Lin Mo and Gao Haoran did not go to the big sword.

However, when he said it, it became another meaning—Lin Mo and Gao Haoran went to the big sword but was not captured!

Moreover, it was when their “teammate” Li Jiaxuan was captured that the two of them abandoned their teammate and ran away!

This directly ruined the reputation of Lin Mo and Gao Haoran!

Originally, some students thought that it was definitely impossible for an involution god like Lin Mo to go to a big sword when he was secretly involuting.

However, now that Teacher Wei had “confirmed” it, Lin Mo had become unclean in the hearts of many students…

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“I…” Teacher Wei wanted to say something else, but the situation was no longer under his control.

He had to shut up to avoid making it worse.

What Teacher Wei did not notice was that just as he said this, a figure left the chaotic scene sadly and quietly walked towards the school gate.

This dim figure was Lin Mos schoolmate, “Jiang Xue”, and also the school belle of Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

In this years Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, Jiang Xues brilliance was completely overshadowed by Lin Mo.

After all, encountering a pervert like Lin Mo in the college entrance examination, not to mention a genius from a third-tier city, even the brilliance of the entire Xia countrys candidates was completely overshadowed!

However, this could not deny that Jiang Xues martial arts college entrance examination results were actually not bad.

She could choose any top martial arts school in Xia country to study at.

However, for some reason, Jiang Xue did not go to the best Qingmu University or Jingdu University.

Instead, she chose Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

Perhaps even Jiang Xue herself could not figure out what kind of indescribable feeling she had for Lin Mo.

After entering Jiangnan Martial Arts University, Jiang Xue thought that she could try her best not to be left too far behind by Lin Mo.

However, she quickly realized that it had only been a few days since school began, but she had already been left behind by Lin Mo.

In Jiang Xues heart, Lin Mos image was getting bigger and bigger, while she was becoming more and more humble.

As a result, after entering Jiangnan Martial Arts University, Jiang Xue did not dare to talk to Lin Mo, a classmate who could barely be considered an old friend, and only dared to hide in a corner silently.

In fact… it was very likely that Lin Mo did not know that she had come to Jiangnan Martial Arts University at all!

“Why would Lin Mo go to a big sword” After hearing Teacher Wei quibble on Lin Mos behalf, Jiang Xues feelings were abnormally complicated.

An unprecedented super genius!

An unattainable handsome god!

Why did he go to the Big Sword

This made Jiang Xue feel like her faith had collapsed…

A prince charming that she could only dream of was actually obtained by a young lady in the club

“Well …”

Jiang Xue could not describe her feelings at this moment.

Unknowingly, she had already arrived at the entrance of Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

“Eh” At this moment, Jiang Xue saw Lin Mo running over from outside the school.

She couldnt help but shout, “Lin Mo”

Lin Mo, who was on his way, couldnt help but stop.

“Jiangxue Youre also at Jiangnan Martial Arts University Why havent I seen you before”

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes.

“Youre busy cultivating and involuting every day.

Of course you cant see me!”

“I…” Lin Mo was about to explain that he really didnt involute when Jiang Xue interrupted him.

“Lin Mo!” Jiang Xue looked straight at Lin Mo.

“Did you have a good time last night”

Lin Mo froze.

Last night, he drank all night with Gao Haoran! He hadnt felt this way in a long time, so of course he was happy!

“Im happy!” Lin Mo replied without thinking.

As for Jiang Xue, after hearing Lin Mos answer, she immediately felt dizzy and couldnt help but sway slightly.

Jiang Xue was a martial arts genius whose combat technique had reached the “third rank”, but she actually couldnt control her body.

It was obvious how much Lin Mos answer had dealt her a blow!

“Lin Mo!” Jiang Xue couldnt help but ask again, “Can you not go out and play in the future”

‘Dont go out and play

Lin Mo was confused.

He and his good brother, Gao Haoran, drank and chatted happily! They were very happy! Why didnt they go out to play

“No!” Lin Mo replied without thinking.

Jiang Xues face immediately turned ashen, and her heart was like ashes.

She looked at Lin Mo hatefully, stomped her feet, and berated, “Do you know that by doing this, youre not only embarrassing Jiangnan Martial Arts University, but also our alma mater, Haicheng Martial Arts High School!”

With that, Jiang Xue ran away.

“What is this” Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

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