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229 God Mo


With this punch, Feng Zhiwei turned into a cannonball and flew into the sky.

Yes, he had ascended to the heavens!

His figure drew a long arc in the sky and flew more than a thousand meters away.

Under the influence of the Blue Planets gravity, he ruthlessly smashed into the ground at the entrance of Jiangnan Martial Arts University.


There was a low, solemn thud.

It was the sound of flesh hitting the concrete pavement hard.

At the entrance of Jiangnan Martial Arts University, a hole was smashed into the smooth and flat cement ground.

Feng Zhiweis head was buzzing and he could not recover for a long time.

“Who am I”

“Where am I”

boxn ovel.


“What am I doing”

… .

Feng Zhiwei couldnt come back to his senses.

He was stunned by Lin Mos punch, and then when he landed heavily on the concrete floor, he was stunned again.

However, other than Feng Zhiwei, the thousands of surrounding teachers and students around the arena were also so shocked that they could not recover.

Many people only felt their vision blur before they saw that only Lin Mo was left in the arena.

As for Feng Zhiwei, he had already disappeared.

“Wheres Feng Zhiwei”

“I think he flew…”

“Looking at this parabola.

He should have flown to the school gate!”

“This place is more than a thousand meters away from the school gate, right He sent him flying to the school gate… Then Lin Mos punch should have tens of thousands of kilograms of punching force, right”

“Hes definitely much stronger than Feng Zhiwei!”

“Isnt that obvious If he wasnt significantly stronger, Feng Zhiwei wouldnt have been sent flying more than a thousand meters by a single punch!”

Some students even called their friends who were studying in non martial arts universities and asked them to calculate how much punching force was needed to send someone flying more than a thousand meters.

“A conservative estimate… Lin Mos punch probably has nearly 80,000 kilograms of punching force, right”

“80,000 kilograms How is that possible Just ten days ago, didnt Lin Mos punching force just exceed 10,000 Even if he soaked in the gravity room every day, this is too exaggerated, right”

“He cant be under 80 thousand kilos! Otherwise, it would be impossible to blast Feng Zhiwei to the school gate with one punch!”

“I just asked the genius of the Physics Department to help me calculate.

He also said that he should have a punching force of 80,000 to 100,000 kilograms!”

“Well …”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Eighty thousand kilograms of punching force… If it was a fourth-year student, it would not be an exaggeration.

However, Lin Mo had just entered his first year!

Moreover, even in a top martial arts school like Jiangnan Martial Arts University, many fourth-year graduates punching force still could not reach 80,000 kilograms!

After all, 80,000 kilograms was the threshold of a “nine-star martial artist”! Even in Jiangnan Martial Arts University, those who could graduate with the strength of a nine-star martial artist were considered quite good students.

“Lin Mo, a nine-star martial artist”

“Thats impossible!”

“I heard from Feng Zhiwei yesterday that Lin Mo seemed to have bought an amplification potion! But even if he can exert 80,000 kilograms of punching force after taking the amplification potion, Lin Mos punching force was probably at least 70,000 kilograms!!”

“Didnt they say… that Lin Mos punching force would be stuck at 20,000 kilograms or 30,000 kilograms because of the restrictions of his combat technique 70,000 kilograms, this…”

“Stuck my ass! Lin Mos combat technique is clearly not at the third rank or the early-stage of the fourth rank! From the looks of it, his combat technique has at least reached the late-stage of the fourth rank, or even the peak of the fourth rank! If its the late-stage of the fourth rank, Lin Mos punching force bottleneck should be 80,000 kilograms.

If its the peak of the fourth rank, Lin Mos punching force will not be stuck before 200,000 kilograms!”


“But if Lin Mos combat technique is so strong, why didnt he argue when he was questioned”

“Why should he argue The strong have always spoken with their strength! Moreover, when we questioned Lin Mo, he was probably treating us like fools!”

“Such strong combat technique is definitely not something that can be comprehended in a day or two! Its very likely that Lin Mo already had late-stage or even peak fourth rank combat technique before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination!”

“A late-stage fourth rank can get 130 points in the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, and a peak fourth rank can get 140 points! With such a high score, why did Lin Mo give up on the exam”

“Youre not God Mo, you wont understand! Perhaps in God Mos world… there are only full marks or zero points! 140 points Our God Mo doesnt want it!”

“You dont want it if its not full marks Isnt that too refined”

“But this also means that Lin Mos combat technique definitely hasnt reached the fifth rank! After all, he can get full marks for the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination at the early-stage of the fifth rank! If Lin Mo has already reached the fifth rank, he cant give up on the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination!”

“In short, hes overpowered!”

“In the future, I wont dare to callLin Mo by his name anymore! From today onwards, hes God Mo in my heart!”

“God Mo, please accept my worship!”

Around the arena.

The surrounding students who were watching the commotion transformed into fanatical believers of the “God Mo”.

They looked at Lin Mo in the arena, their eyes even shining!

In response, Lin Mo, who was in the arena, was very calm.

He had long expected that as long as he revealed a little of his strength, he would attract countless worshipers.

Towards the surrounding worship, Lin Mo only wanted to say, “Everyone, sit down.

Dont be shocked!”


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