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236 Throw the parachute first! (2)

“What did you do” Lin Mo couldnt help but ask.

Actually, there was no need to ask! Needless to say, Gao Haoran must have relied on his reputation as “Black Earth” to show off outside and was targeted!

“Youre really a genius!” Lin Mo couldnt help but praise.

Gao Haoran had established a new low for bad teammates!

In a game like King of Chicken, no matter how bad a lousy teammate is, as he had to do was stay away and pretend that he didnt have a teammate.s”!

Unexpectedly, Gao Haoran could still play a “negative role”!

And the negative effect was so strong!

The entire game was going to gang up on Lin Mo!

“Big Boss Black Earth, why dont you stop participating in the chicken dinner competition today” Gao Haoran suggested.

“Lets… lie low first”

After some thought, Gao Haoran said, “Dont worry, Big Boss Black Earth.

Ill take all the blame! If you want to scold someone, scold me.

I wont ruin your reputation!”

At the very least, Gao Haoran dared to take responsibility!

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“Theres no need!” Lin Mo said calmly.

“Its just a hundred people ganging up on me.

Whats there to be afraid of!”

“Huh” Gao Haoran was stunned and couldnt help but remind him, “Among those hundred or so people, there are many sixth-rank experts!”

“Lets queue first!” Lin Mo did not explain and directly teamed up with Gao Haoran to match.

One against a hundred, and more than a hundred peak rank 5 and 6 experts at that! Although it was very difficult, Lin Mo felt that he could still challenge them!

“Then… alright!” Gao Haoran was just trying to get by.

Since Big Boss Black Earth was not afraid, what was there to be afraid of In any case, he had gone in to die in every previous chicken dinner game.

As soon as Lin Mo and Gao Haoran entered the match, they were discovered by many players who were staring at the chicken dinner competition.

“Black Earth and Righteousness have entered the chicken dinner competition!”

“Theyre starting to team up!”

“Is Black Earth that brave He actually dared to come tonight”

“Brothers, log in! Duo chicken dinner, hunt Black Earth!”

“Its time to let Black Earth know that the chicken dinner competition is not something he can do as he pleases!”

“Didnt he just rampage for a few days at low elo The chicken dinner competition is already open for all ages, but this Black Earth still dares to come!”

“Then beat him until hes afraid! Beat him until he doesnt dare to come!”

“Everyone, remember to surround Black Earth first.

Dont be in a hurry to kill him! Lets tease him first before killing him!”

“Thats for sure!”

Immediately, a large group of martial arts doctoral students and graduates all queued for duo chicken dinner matches.

These people were undoubtedly at the top of the pyramid in the chicken dinner competition!

With Lin Mos 100% win rate and his high game points, he would definitely be matched with these players!


When the match was successful and they entered the battlefield map… In the cabin of the spaceship, almost all the players in the cabin looked at Lin Mo!

“Haha! Weve matched with Black Earth!”

“And that Gao Haoran beside him!”

“Thats great! The hunt can begin!”

“Everyone, follow Black Earth! Well jump wherever he jumps!”

“Also, remember this.

Dont be in a hurry to kill.

Have fun before killing!”

For a moment, the cabin of the spaceship was filled with all kinds of arrogant and provocative voices.

Little Fatty Gao Haoran felt like a weak and helpless lamb being stared at by a big gray wolf filled the cabin.

Lin Mo did not feel anything.

He was already prepared to fight a hundred people alone!


When the spaceship flew over a forest, Lin Mo jumped out of the cabin.

Although he was confident in fighting a hundred people alone, Lin Mo still chose a terrain that was more advantageous to him.

In an empty plain, he would be easily surrounded and have to deal with dozens of peoples attacks at the same time.

Then, no matter how confident he was, it would be very difficult to fight.

And there were too many weapons in those big cities.

When the time came, every enemy would have sharp weapons in their hands, which would be troublesome to deal with.

In the forest, because of the restrictions of the terrain, there were not many people who could attack Lin Mo at the same time.

Moreover, the resources in the forest were poor.

When the time came, the enemies would have fewer weapons, and many people could only fight bare-handed.

It was the most beneficial environment for Lin Mo!

“Black Earth jumped ship!”

“Lets go! Well jump too!”

“Hes smart enough to jump into the forest! But its useless.

With so many people surrounding him, it doesnt matter where he jumps!”

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!…

Figures followed Lin Mo out of the spaceship cabin.


As Lin Mo fell rapidly, he observed the environment below.

“Eh, that is” Soon, Lin Mo, who was in the air, saw a flickering light in the forest.

It was the light unique to “special weapons” in the game.

“My luck is not bad.

I discovered a special weapon as soon as I jumped down!”

When ones combat technique reached the fifth rank or above, their vitality would be extremely strong.

They would not even be injured by ordinary weapons and would recover in the blink of an eye.

In the “high elo games” of the King of Chicken, “sixth rank” was everywhere, and there were as many “fifth rank” as dogs.

Ordinary weapons were naturally not very useful.

Therefore, in higher elo, there were many more special weapons spawned than low elo games! After all, only special weapons were more substantial!

Of course, in the entire game, the number of special weapons was definitely far inferior to ordinary weapons; it only accounted for about one-tenth of the total.

With such a low ratio, Lin Mo still found one in the forest with poor resources.

His luck was indeed not bad.

Still …

Lin Mo was falling a little far from this special weapon.

Without any hesitation, Lin Mo took off the parachute on his back and held it in his hand.

Then, he threw it heavily in a certain direction behind him!

Throwing the parachute first!

Lin Mo used all his strength to launch the parachute out! Under the reaction force, Lin Mos falling trajectory was immediately corrected.

Not only did he fall faster, but he also fell straight in the direction of the special weapon.

Behind Lin Mo, the players who had followed closely behind him also threw out the parachutes in their hands to correct their flight trajectories.

For a “sixth-rank” expert, even if they didnt use a parachute to slow down, they wouldnt be injured when they landed! Therefore, in high-end games, it was basically customary to throw the parachute first!

As for the “peak of rank 5”, they could not throw their parachutes.

Although they would not fall to their death without a parachute, they would at least be severely injured.

Lin Mo glanced behind him and saw about 50 players throwing away their parachutes like him.

“Fiftysixth rank experts The remaining are probably all at the peak of the fifth rank!”

Of course, other than Gao Haoran, he was only at rank 2.

Lin Mo was slightly surprised.

He did not expect to encounter so many “sixth-rank” experts in a game!

One had to know that even if those whose combat technique had reached the sixth rank were not Radiant Solar Martial Artists, most of them could break through to become Radiant Solar Martial Artists at any time! In other words, Lin Mo was very likely to face forty to fifty Radiant Solar Martial Artists in this game!

“Gao Haoran really pulled the aggro!” Lin Mo couldnt help but roll his eyes.

If not for Gao Haoran attracting hatred, even in a high-end bureau, there would be many with more than ten “sixth-rank” experts.

Moreover, it was impossible for 50 “sixth-rank” experts to attack Lin Mo alone!

It was all thanks to Gao Haoran that the difficulty of this game was guaranteed!

… .

In the cabin of the spaceship.

Gao Haoran, who had yet to jump down, was dumbfounded.

“Why did Big Boss Black Earth throw away the parachute Does he want to die” After Gao Haoran entered the martial arts university, he was busy with his sword, so he did not understand some information about the “sixth rank” expert.

“I understand!” Gao Haorans eyes suddenly lit up.

“Is Big Boss Black Earth trying to kill himself to resist everyones beating”

Gao Haoran only wanted to give Big Boss Black Earth a big thumbs up in his heart!

‘Dont you want to gang up on me Ill just commit suicide! Lets see how you can gang up on me!

“Big Boss Black Earth is really smart!” Gao Haoran thought.


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