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242 Against Common Sense (2)

“No matter how monstrous and heaven-defying Black Earth is, how can he go against common sense”

“But I wont be wrong! This illusion fluctuation does originate from Black Earth! Moreover, I also sensed his psychic fluctuation when he remotely controlled the dagger!”

“Thats strange!”

“Do you think theres a possibility that Black Earth is both a Psychic and an illusionist… Although this goes against common sense, ever since the day Black Earth appeared, there doesnt seem to be a day when Black Earth isnt going against common sense!”

“That makes sense! Although its ridiculous to be both a Psychic and an illusionist, isnt an eighteen-year-old late-stage rank 6 ridiculous”

“There are many ridiculous things about Black Earth, one more wouldnt change anything!”

After a discussion among the group of “sixth rank” experts who were chasing after him, they quickly accepted that Black Earth had “defied common sense” and that Black Earth was both a Psychic and an illusionist!

While they were discussing, another sixth-rank expert died under the double attack of illusion and psychic force.

This made the remaining sixth-rank experts unable to help but be frightened.

This was because they realized that although they had a lot of people, they seemed to have been “flow like a kite” by Black Earth!

After all, among their more than 40 experts, there were no Psychics or illusionists! Although they ran behind Black Earth and looked aggressive, in fact, they, the “short-handed” melee contestants, could not hurt Black Earth at all.

On the other hand, Black Earth could rely on kiting, psychic force, and illusions to harvest some heads from time to time.

boxn ovel.


At this moment, this game of King of Chicken had just begun, and the range of activity on the map was still large enough! Therefore, Lin Mo had enough time and space to slowly kite!

“There are so many of us sixth-rank experts.

Dont tell me we were all kited to death by Black Earth” someone suddenly said.

This feeling was really uncomfortable!

A large group of people were clearly chasing after Black Earth, but they could not do anything to him.

Instead, they were constantly being killed by Black Earth!

“Now what”

Just as someone asked, this expert was killed by Black Earths illusion attack and psychic attack!

Almost every ten seconds, Lin Mo would seize an opportunity to kill an enemy!

“What can we do Lets chase!”

“If we split up, we will definitely be defeated by Black Earth one by one!”

“Thats right! Black Earths combat technique is a full two levels higher than ours.

Moreover, he has a special weapon in hand.

At the same time, he has the dual identities of a Psychic and an illusionist! In terms of strength, Black Earth has definitely exceeded the peak of the sixth rank.

He can be said to be half a step into the seventh rank! And were all only at the early-stage of the sixth rank.

If we move separately, even five or six people in a team will be defeated by Black Earth!”

“Theres no other way.

We have to chase!”

“Thats right! We can only hope that Black Earth will be surrounded by us! In that case, two fists will not be a match for four hands.

No matter how strong Black Earth is, he cant withstand attacks from all directions!”

“Thats the only way… If we cant surround Black Earth, theres no way to stop Black Earth from winning this round!”

“98 experts formed a team to attack Black Earth, but they were killed instead After this game ends, Black Earths reputation will definitely reach a new peak.

And we will all become stepping stones on the path of Black Earths legend!”

“Its a blessing to be able to become a stepping stone for a legend!”

… .

At this moment.

Gao Haoran and Jiang Mu, who was holding him, slowly landed on the ground.

However, they were quite far from Lin Mo and landed at the top of another mountain.

“Big Boss Black Earth is too tough! Not only was he not injured, but he also killed more than 40 people! Among them, theres no lack ofsixth-rank experts!”

As time passed, Gao Haoran saw more and more hope of victory.

“He can even win such a targeted game.

Hes simply heaven-defying!” Gao Haoran felt even more heroic.

In his opinion, he could be considered to have fought alongside Big Boss Black Earth in such a difficult round!

“I definitely contributed the most to Big Boss Black Earth being able to fight a hundred people alone!” Gao Haoran thought happily.

And he wasnt wrong to think that.

If not for him, Gao Haoran, would this round of “duo queue chicken dinner” have started No matter how strong Big Boss Black Earth was, he could probably only play solo!

Or perhaps, if Big Boss Black Earths teammate in this round was not a little piece of trash like Gao Haoran but a powerful sixth-rank expert, then… Big Boss Black Earth could not “one against a hundred”.

Instead, he could only “two against a hundred!”

It was obvious how useful Gao Haoran was in this game!

The more Gao Haoran thought about it, the more excited he became.

“I originally thought that a few days ago was already the highlight of my martial arts career! I didnt expect it to be even higher today!”

At this moment, Gao Haoran looked at Jiang Mu, who was holding him hostage, without any fear.

Instead, he provoked, “Didnt you want me to see how Big Boss Black Earth was beaten up I see it now.

Is that it”

Beside him, Jiang Mu said nothing.

Instead, he frowned and looked in the direction of Black Earth.

“What are you looking at! What can you see” Gao Haoran sneered.

“You need a parachute to jump down.

Your combat technique shouldnt even have reached the sixth rank, right No matter how carefully you look and how serious you are, youll still be insta-killed as soon as you meet my Big Boss Black Earth.”

Jiang Mu ignored Gao Haorans provocation and continued to frown and ponder.

“Hey! Are you listening to me” Gao Haoran demanded.

“If youre not, Im leaving!”

Although Gao Haoran felt that there was a high chance that he could rely on Big Boss Black Earth to eat chicken in this round, it would naturally be even better if he could survive until the end and eat chicken with Big Boss Black Earth!

Therefore, seeing that Jiang Mu was ignoring him, Gao Haoran prepared to slip away.

Firstly, he wanted to see if he could find a place to hide until the end.

Secondly, he wanted to search the map and see if he could help Big Boss Black Earth find a special weapon.

However, as soon as Gao Haoran turned around, he was grabbed by Jiang Mu and carried back like a chick.

His fat body seemed to be weightless in Jiang Mus hand.

“Stay here obediently.

Dont even think about running!” Jiang Mu said calmly.

“I…” Gao Haoran was a little angry.

He raised his fist and punched Jiang Mu.

However, Jiang Mu couldnt even be bothered with him.

After all, Gao Haoran was only at rank 2! The difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

Gao Haoran couldnt even “break through” his defense!

“I f*cking…” Gao Haoran was depressed.

He could attack as he pleased, but he couldnt break through the defense!

“Hes really going too far! Hes bullying me for being weak!” The more Gao Haoran thought about it, the angrier he became.

“After this game ends, Ill turn over a new leaf and train hard in the future.

I wont go to the big sword again!”

As the saying went, one should learn from humiliation!

Gao Haoran was going to be valiant now!

… .

In the distance.

Lin Mo was still unharmed under the pursuit of more than 40 “sixth-rank” experts.

As for the rank 6 experts, more than half of them were killed, leaving 20 people!

Moreover, the remaining 20 plus people were rapidly decreasing!

The more Lin Mo killed, the less pressure he felt! He even felt that if he continued to kill a few more, he wouldnt need to escape anymore.

He would just go up and fight them head-on!

After all, Lin Mo could be said to be at the “half-step from seventh rank” level.

He was quite confident in fighting around ten early-stage sixth ranks!

“When the number of people chasing after me decreases to about ten! Ill go up and fight them head-on!” Lin Mo thought to himself.

A clay man still had some temper!

After being chased all the way, Lin Mo was still holding back his anger!

He was about to vent his anger!

The number of rank 6 experts chasing after him rapidly decreased!




Lin Mos eyes lit up and his expression became sharp.



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