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Haicheng City.

Haicheng Martial Arts TV.

Tonight, the entire live broadcast revolved around “Liu Zhonghao”.

This was actually already a tradition in Haicheng City!

Every time a genius appeared, the various media outlets in Haicheng City would compete to report on him and give him a dazzling angelic halo.

This was not only out of respect for geniuses, but more importantly, it could effectively motivate young martial arts students!

Let me ask—

Who didnt want to make something of themselves

Who wouldnt yearn to shine

At this moment, countless young martial arts students in the entire Haicheng City were watching Liu Zhonghaos live broadcast.

Their eyes were red with jealousy!

Jealousy… was also a motivation to move forward!

“Dear viewers! You can see that our Student Liu Zhonghao has already put on a virtual helmet and is connecting to the Primordial Universe!” On the live stream, the pretty reporter was broadcasting the news with anticipation.

“Soon, Student Liu Zhonghao will be authorized to sync his image in the Primordial Universe to our live broadcast! We will soon be able to see his heroic appearance in the novice training field!”

“By the way—” The beautiful reporter suddenly said, “I just mentioned that Student Liu Zhonghao already has a nine-game winning streak in the novice training field! Therefore, this next battle is also the key to his ten-game winning streak! I believe that in a few minutes, we should be able to see Liu Zhonghaos name on the win streak rankings!”

“Aha! Weve already connected to Student Lius image in the Primordial Universe! The name Student Liu used in the beginners training ground is actually… Grand Deity! This name is quite appropriate! Tonight, Liu Zhonghao is the god of our Haicheng City!”

The beautiful reporter had become Liu Zhonghaos little fan!

Grand Deity… It was clearly an cringy name! But when it came to her, she could actually praise it!

“Student Liu is already starting to match! Lets see, what kind of opponent will he face”

Soon, everyone saw the “successful match” and the opponents information.

[Black Earth: 18 years old, Martial Arts Apprentice, general appearance.

Win streak: 10 rounds.]

“Martial apprentice”

“He was actually matched with a martial arts apprentice”

The beautiful reporter exclaimed.

The audience watching the live broadcast was also shocked.

“Oh, so this martial arts apprentice has already achieved a ten-game winning streak in the novice training field.

No wonder!” The beautiful reporter quickly came to a realization and explained at the same time, “Its very easy to encounter each other if the win streak is high! This martial arts apprentice is lucky to be able to encounter our Student Liu! After all, its usually very difficult for martial arts apprentices to encounter official martial artists!”

“Everyone, look—the moment Student Liu entered the arena, he displayed an extremely strong aura!”

“Compared to our opponent, our Student Liu is extremely calm and composed! As soon as he appeared, he displayed the demeanor of an expert!”

“Without a doubt, Student Liu is very confident in this battle! I assert that in three minutes, Student Lius name will definitely appear on the leaderboard.

Everyone, wait and see!”

“The two sides are about to start fighting!”

“What! Student Liu actually wants to give his opponent three moves! This is advanced! Through this small action, we can see the grand vision of Student Liu!”

“Vision often determines achievements! Student Liu can have such a great vision at such a young age.

In the future, his achievements will definitely be extraordinary!”


The beautiful reporters live commentary turned into brainless praising.

However, the audience did not think that there was anything wrong with this.

After all, everyone thought that there was no possibility of Liu Zhonghao losing the next battle.

“Black Earth”

Jiang Xue was still watching the live broadcast.

At the moment, however, her attention was caught by the word “black earth.”

“Isnt this the man I lost to yesterday He actually bumped into Liu Zhonghao!”

Jiang Xue was a little surprised, but on second thought, she felt that it was normal.

“There arent many official martial artists in the novice training field.

After all, the resources here are poor, and most of the official martial artists have left the Beginner Village.

Other than Liu Zhonghao, there might not be any other official martial artists queuing!”

“And that Black Earth… defeated me easily yesterday and even obtained a ten-game winning streak! Clearly, in the novice training field, other than official martial artists, no one should be able to defeat him!”

“If these two are queuing at about the same time, theres a good chance theyll run into each other!”

The rules for matching up the novice training field were quite strict.

Although there seemed to be a huge gap between martial apprentices and official martial artists, there was actually a basis for it.

“ThisBlack Earth is unlucky.

He just won ten consecutive victories yesterday and is matched with an official martial artist in the first match today!” Although Jiang Xue was very sure that Black Earths combat skills had definitely reached the peak of rank 2, she still did not think that Black Earth had the slightest chance of winning against an official martial artist.

Moreover, at the thought that Black Earth was about to be defeated, Jiang Xue gloated.

“This is all because you beat me up so badly yesterday! Now, youre about to be tortured in front of me.

This is called retribution!”


**novice training field**

In the arena.

Lin Mo had no idea that this battle was being broadcasted live throughout Haicheng City.


After exchanging a few pleasantries, Lin Mo directly flashed towards his opponent.

After all, his opponent said that he would give him three moves, so Lin Mo naturally had to take the initiative to attack!


Although Lin Mo did not use his full strength, his speed was still quite fast.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides was reduced to less than five meters.

And what surprised Lin Mo was—

At this moment, his opponent, Grand Deity, actually held one hand behind his back and only extended his right hand to receive the attack.

“So strong!” Lin Mo was shocked.

“I really met an expert today! No wonder he was so confident in letting me make three moves!”

Lin Mo immediately did not dare to underestimate his opponent.

At the same time, he couldnt help but sigh with emotion.

“The other party is the same age as me.

He should also be a third-year student this year! Hes only 18 years old, but he already has the demeanor of such a powerful expert.

Hes not simple! Xia country is indeed filled with geniuses!”


Of course, Lin Mo would not belittle himself.

After all, no matter what kind of genius it was, he could easily surpass them after staying idle for a few days!

Lin Mos biggest shortcoming now was that his “idling” career was still too short!

In laymans terms: hasnt lied down idle long enough, or flat enough!

He had to continue working hard to lie flat and idle!

“Let me see how powerful this genius is first!”

In a flash, Lin Mo had already approached his opponent.

The mid-stage third rank combat technique instantly erupted!

Although Lin Mos strength was not precise enough to control every strand of the smallest muscle bundles, after all, those smallest muscle bundles were finer than hairs and were already nearly invisible to the naked eye.

However, the accuracy of “thirty strands” was also extremely terrifying!

At the very least, he was much more terrifying than Liu Zhonghao, who had just entered the third rank and become an official martial artist!

In the novice training field, the punches of both sides were locked at 800 kilograms.

Under such conditions, Liu Zhonghao actually dared to face Lin Mo with one hand.

It could be said that he was simply… courting death!


He punched!

On Lin Mos body, every 30 strands of the smallest muscle bundles formed a unit, gathering into slightly larger muscle bundles.

Tens of thousands of tiny muscle bundles surged in Lin Mos body like a tide, instantly gathering all his strength into his fist.

With just one punch, he instantly passed through Liu Zhonghaos one-handed defense and smashed his head.

One punch, instant kill!


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