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[Black Earth: 18 years old, Martial Arts Apprentice, general appearance.

Win streak: 11 rounds.]

[Grand Deity: 18 years old, official martial artist, general appearance.

Win streak: 0 rounds.]

“This man again”

Lin Mo was also surprised to see his matched opponent.

But it was actually normal.

With Lin Mos results, he would basically only be matched with an “official martial artist” as an opponent.

In the Beginner Village, there were only so many official martial artists.

There were even fewer who matched up with Lin Mo at about the same time, so it was naturally easy to encounter the same opponent.

This time, he wont continue to show off, will he Lin Mo couldnt help but think.

At the beginning of the previous round, Lin Mo really thought that he had encountered an expert!

After all, he was an official martial artist with nine consecutive victories.

Just his results alone were enough to scare people! He was much more valuable than a quasi-martial artist or martial artist apprentice with nine consecutive victories!

In addition, the other party was full of airs as soon as he appeared.

He had the demeanor of an expert, which naturally confirmed Lin Mos guess.

But as soon as they exchanged blows…

He killed him with one punch!

He was nothing!

Lin Mo still could not figure out where the other partys confidence and courage came from.

“Black Earth”

As soon as he entered the arena, Lin Mo heard his opponents angry roar.

“Black Earth! I gave you three moves, and you actually ambushed me!” Liu Zhonghao roared angrily.

“Ambush” Lin Mo was stunned.

The punch he used to defeat the other party was so honorable!

It was an effortless and straightforward punch, filled with simplicity!

Such a simple punch was actually called a sneak attack

Lin Mo couldnt help but ask, “Do you have some misunderstanding about sneak attacks”


“You still want to argue!” Liu interrupted rudely.

“This time, I wont let you win.

Lets see how you can sneak up on me!”


Liu Zhonghao bent his knees and immediately shot out like an arrow.

His eyes blazed with even more fury.

“Youre just a martial arts apprentice! You only succeeded last match because I gave you a chance to launch a sneak attack! Now, I wont give you a chance.

Who do you think you are” Liu Zhonghao was filled with arrogance and disdain.

It was as if he could already see… his opponent “Black Earth” being ruthlessly crushed in front of his absolute strength.

And he would successfully complete his revenge and wash away his humiliation.

“I only need one move to defeat you!” In the blink of an eye, Liu Zhonghao had already rushed close to Lin Mo.

Lin Mo, who had been standing still, finally made his move.

One punch!

Another simple punch!

But it gathered all of Lin Mos strength!

Fast to the extreme!

And powerful to the extreme!

At the same time, Lin Mos mid-stage rank 3 combat technique also instantly captured the flaw in Liu Zhonghaos body.

It was clearly only a very small flaw, almost imperceptible.

However, in Lin Mos eyes, this small flaw was rapidly expanding.

His fist also accurately arrived at the flaw.

As for Liu Zhonghao, he was completely unaware of the approaching danger.

He was still baring his fangs and brandishing his claws at Lin Mo.

“Fall down!”

And yet…

Before Liu Zhonghao could attack Lin Mo, he saw a fist shadow rapidly enlarging in his eyes.

“This scene seems a little familiar” Liu couldnt help but think.


In the next moment, the shadow of a fist had already landed on his head.

“Third… Third rank!” Liu Zhonghaos body began to turn illusory, but he looked at Lin Mo in shock.

At this moment, Liu Zhonghao finally realized that this inconspicuous martial arts apprentice in front of him was actually had rank 3 combat technique!

Haicheng Martial Arts TV.

The beautiful reporter was also a little excited to see Liu Zhonghao matched with “Black Earth” again.

“Student Liu has been matched with “Black Earth” again!”

“Wonderful! This is both his chance for revenge and his chance to prove his strength in a fight!”

“In the face of such a sneak attacker, our Student Liu will definitely not be polite anymore!”

“As expected, this time, Student Liu doesnt intend to give three more moves for free again! Thats right, we should teach the ambusher a lesson like this!”

“Dont give the despicable ambushers any chance!”

“Student Lius aura is very strong! Although he was successfully ambushed by his opponent in the battle just now because he was careless, this will not affect his mentality at all! Such a powerful and stable mentality might also be the secret to Student Lius success!”

“The battle has begun!”

“Student Liu has launched an attack! Everyone, take a guess.

How many moves will determine the victor—Im guessing it will only take one move!”

“Student Liu is rapidly approaching his opponent! Student Liu! Student Liu, with one move…”

The beautiful reporters commentary was getting more and more passionate, and she was talking faster and faster! Her mouth was like a machine gun, firing wildly.


The reporters fervent commentary instantly stopped.

It was as if the machine gun that was firing crazily suddenly clogged and could no longer spit out half a word.

Her eyes widened again!

She was right!

Indeed, the outcome of this battle was decided with just one move.

However, Liu Zhonghao did not defeat his opponent in one move.

Instead… he was defeated by his opponent in one move!

“Third… Third Rank! This martial arts apprentice calledBlack Earth actually also has third rank combat technique”

After a while, the beautiful reporter continued to explain in disbelief.

“Student Liu used the method to defeat a rank 2 on a rank 3 opponent.

No wonder he lost!” The reporter was a professional after all and she quickly found a suitable excuse for Liu Zhonghaos second defeat.

“I can only say that our Student Liu was too careless! But its no wonder.

After all, who would have thought that a martial arts apprentice would actually be a Rank Three!”


“Besides—” The beautiful reporter said indignantly, “This Black Earth is too unethical! Hes clearly a Rank Three, so why didnt he take the initiative to show it He caused our Student Liu to be careless and lose again! Could it be that… he only dares to rely on sneak attacks to win and is afraid of a fair battle with our Student Liu”


“Rank three!”

In front of the television, Jiang Xue was dumbfounded again.

“A third-rank martial arts apprentice Then it was not my fault for losing to him yesterday!”

She had not even reached the peak of rank 2 and had lost to a rank 3.

Of course, she was convinced!

Jiang Xue was convinced, but there were still people who were unconvinced—

Liu Zhonghao, who had just left the novice training field, clenched his fists tightly, his face full of dissatisfaction.

“This Black Earth is at the third rank, and so am I! If he hadnt deliberately hidden his strength and waited for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack, and I hadnt underestimated him too much, how could I have lost so easily Again!”


Liu Zhonghaos eyes were bloodshot as he eagerly clicked on the matchmaking button.

As expected, he matched Lin Mo again!

“Great! I matched it! This time, I must take it seriously and not give him any chances!” Liu Zhonghao still did not doubt his strength.

He was that confident!

“This Grand Deity again” Of course, Lin Mo saw the matched opponent and was a little speechless.

“Is his head made of metal He was insta-killed by me twice in a row and still dares to match me”

Lin Mo even suspected that this fellow was deliberately gifting him a winning streak.


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