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“Ring, ring, ring…”

As the school bell rang, Lin Mo saw the involution index instantly plummet!

It fell from 6.8 straight to 1.3!

It fell so hard it broke Lin Mos heart!

He looked around at the students in the classroom and felt deeply disappointed.

He expected better from them!


“Wheres all the involution”

“You have to involute like youre at school!”

“Besides … how can I get stronger if you guys dont work hard”

Lin Mo couldnt help but feel worried.

During the twelve hours after school every day, his rate of growth would be severely limited.


“I might not be able to idle my way into those top universities and only into ordinary key martial arts universities.” Fortunately, no one knew what Lin Mo was thinking.

Otherwise, they would definitely want to beat him to death.

“Why does school only last twelve hours a day Martial arts high school students should bring their blankets to the classroom to sleep over at night!” The more Lin Mo thought about it, the more anxious he became.

“After I go back tonight, I must prepare a bowl of even more ferocious liquid encouragement and Ill inject it into my classmates tomorrow!”


He had no choice but to place his hope on tomorrow!

He would make up for the loss of punching force tonight on the next day!

At this moment, in Lin Mos eyes, these people in the classroom were no longer classmates but experience bags.

Now, what he wanted to do was to squeeze them dry!


“I thought it would be easy to just become idle.

I didnt expect it to require such tactics!”


Lin Mo shook his head and sighed as he walked out of the classroom.

As he strolled around the campus, Lin Mo calmed down admired the school scenery for the first time.


“This has to be the most expensive place in the entire city!” It was right in the center, and each and every class had its own separate martial arts hall.

Even if they were building a villa area for a top tycoon, they wouldnt dare to be so extravagant.

However, after a few steps, Lin Mo couldnt help but frown.

“Thats Lin Mo, right”

“Thats right! From Year Three class 10!”

“I heard that he has already given up on the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination!”

“I really dont understand why he gave up on the exam in the final sprint! Even if his chances of getting in are slim, its still good to just experience the entrance examination!”

“He must have just had enough and just broke down!”

“With such a bad mentality, no wonder he cant get anywhere with cultivating!”

As the saying went, good news doesnt pass far but bad news travels fast.


On the first day, the news that Lin Mo had given up on the martial arts exam and chose to become idle spread throughout the entire Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

Not only did the third-year students know, but even the first and second year students were whispering and pointing at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo didnt feel angry.

He just furrowed his brows and then relaxed them.

“Laughing at me” Lin Mo looked around and only felt that it was ridiculous.

He didnt think it was necessary to argue with anyone.

“Just wait! When my entrance examination scores are out, well see what expression you have!”

However, although Lin Mo remained calm, he did not want to be pointed at like a monkey exhibition.

He immediately quickened his pace.

At that moment, a figure blocked his way.

“Lin Mo!” The figure stared with gloomy eyes.

It took Lin Mo a moment to recognize him.

“Yin Jian What can I do for you”

Yin Jian was Lin Mos junior high school classmate.

During the high school entrance examination, he didnt meet the threshold for Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

Lin Mo didnt know what connections he had, but he actually forced his way in.

He seemed to be in class 14 of year three now.

Lin Mo was just acquainted with and had not been in contact with Yin Jian for the past three years.

Therefore, Lin Mo could not help but wonder why Yin Jian wanted to stop him with seemingly bad intentions.

“Lin Mo, do you remember the incident that happened before the high school entrance examination” Yin Jian asked coldly.

Lin Mo was confused.

“What incident”

He had no idea what Yin Jian was talking about.

“Oh! Pretending you forgot” Yin Jian sneered.

“Let me remind you! Before the high school entrance examination, the school gave each of the top 100 students a Sprint Potion.

Do you remember”

“Yeah, I remember that.” Lin Mo nodded.

In junior high, many of the students in the top 100 of their grade had hopes of entering the number 1 high school in the city, which was Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

The Sprint Potion could increase the strength of ones punching force by one or two kilograms, which gave the top students a tad of a higher chance.

“I remember that you were also in the top 100 of the grade at that time.

You received it too, right” Lin Mo asked uncertainly.

After all, this had occurred three years ago and he could only remember some names of students, how was he supposed to remember more details

“Yes, I did!” Yin Jian said.

“But at that time, my results were still a little off from Haicheng Martial Arts High, so I offered you five thousand dollars to buy that potion—why didnt you sell it to me”

“Why would I sell it to you” Lin Mo looked at him as if he was stupid.

“Because even if you didnt use that Sprint Potion, you should still be able to get in! At that time, if you sold the potion to me, then both of us could have gotten in smoothly!” Yin Jians eyes were filled with hatred.

“All because of you, I had to pay a huge price just to be able to enter Haicheng Martial Arts High School!”


Lin Mo understood.

Yin was here to denounce him.

But that was ridiculous!

The Sprint Potion was a regulated resource that could not be bought privately.

Why should he sell it Furthermore, Yin had only offered 5,000 yuan.

Besides, Lin Mo had only barely gotten into Haicheng Martial Arts High School back then.

Without the Sprint Potion, he might not have been able to get in!

“So” Lin Mo looked at him and questioned calmly.

“Well, you arent getting into any martial arts university anyway.

If only you had given me that Sprint Potion!” Yin Jian gritted his teeth.

“You almost ruined my future!”

“Ridiculous!” Lin Mo did not want to waste his breath on such a person.

He turned to leave.

“Lin Mo!” Yin Jian shouted, “Now that I am a quasi-martial artist, I have a high chance of getting into a key martial arts university! Moreover, it wont be long before I can become an official martial artist! Do you know what kind of privileges an official martial artist has”

“Huh” Lin Mos pupils slightly constricted.

“Are you threatening me”

“Thats right! I am threatening you!” Yin Jian laughed maniacally.

“When I become an official martial artist , youll become an ordinary person! You wont even be a martial arts student! By that time, as long as I dont kill you, I wont be punished for any other harm I cause you, even if I cripple you.

At most, Ill be warned!”


Lin Mos complexion darkened.

He did not expect that Yin Jian would bear a grudge until now just because of this trivial incident three years ago! Moreover, he was planning to cripple him in the future!

“Hahahaha… While your limbs are still intact, travel around more and take in some scenery! Ill make sure you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair!” Yin Jian walked away with a cruel smile.


A few students passed by and heard this conversation.

They all looked at Lin Mo sympathetically.


If an ordinary person was hated and targeted by an official martial artist, it would end in tragedy.

“Brother Mo, whats going on Why is that person looking for you” Little Fatty Gao Haoran walked over from afar and asked curiously.

“Its fine, just a junior high classmate.” Lin Mo didnt elaborate.

He didnt think much of Yin Jian anyway.

“Oh.” Gao Haoran didnt ask further.

Instead, he said, “Brother Mo, your words today touched me deeply! I feel that since I am shouldering the dreams of two people, I must work harder! So just now, I called my father and asked him to sign me up for an evening prep class for college entrance examination.

I want to make use of my night time!”

Lin Mos eyes lit up when he heard that.

” An evening prep class for the entrance exam”

“Yes!” Gao Haoran nodded.

“Haoran, Ill go with you!” Lin Mo said without much thought.


Lin Mo said solemnly, “Haoran, its too tiring for you to shoulder the dreams of two people alone.

I want to give you some psychological encouragement! Dont worry, I wont go in.

Ill wait outside the classroom!”

Gao Haoran was instantly touched and couldnt help but clasp Lin Mos hands tightly.

Lin Mo also held Gao Haorans hands tightly.

Neither of them said anything, but their eyes seemed to communicate,

“Ah, Good Brother!”


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