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The information packet was only ten or twenty pages thick.

On it was a list of 18-year-old geniuses.

The old man only flicked through the first few pages.

With his eyes, he could take in thousands of words with just a casual glance.

The first few pages recorded all the top geniuses.

Some of them had already reached the “Fourth Rank” in combat techniques, and some had extremely heaven-defying physical growth talent.

These geniuses would still be eye-catching figures even in the top famous schools, such as Qingmu University, Jingdu University, and Xia Nation University.

The young woman beside him looked at the old man expectantly, hoping to get his approval.


The old man only flipped through three to five pages before gently tossing it on the table.

The further he went, the more mediocre the geniuses recorded were.

He felt that there was no need to continue reading.

“Master, how is it Are there any good seedlings” the young woman asked hurriedly.

“Nothing special!” the old man said, shaking his head.

The information packet lay quietly on the solid wood conference table.

The word “Black Earth” was on the second-to-last page of the entire packet.

It was inconspicuous.

It was not even qualified enough for the old man to see.

After waking up from his dreams.

Lin Mos punching force reached 1,154 kilograms.

“Involution King” Liu Xia went to the hospital.

Without his diligent output, Lin Mos punching force had only increased by more than four kilograms last night.

It could be said to have set a new low in history!

After looking at the system interface, Lin Mo got out of bed.

He couldnt help but think of the dream last night.

“The dream I had last night was really a little strange!”

Not only was it strange, but it felt strangely real.

Even now, Lin Mo could still clearly remember the strange scenes in his dream.

Then, Lin Mo shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Instead, he focused on thinking about how to stay idle today.

“Lying idle is also a skill!”

Lin Mo was a little emotional.

The day before yesterday, he went to stay idle at the door of the prep class, using the excuse of accompanying his good brother, Gao Haoran.

Yesterday, Gao Haoran did not go.

Lin Mos excuse was that he liked to eat barbecue.

However, even though he had already found an excuse, Lin Mo was still misunderstood by Jiang Xue and her lackeys as a “farsighted dog”!


And today…

Prep class is in session all day!

Besides, there wasnt even a barbecue stall during the day!

If Lin Mo did not think of a suitable excuse, he would suffer many strange gazes again.

“You guys involute your work, Im idling my work! Why do you guys have to pay so much attention to me” The more Lin Mo thought about it, the more depressed he became.

“I must think of a way today to not suffer those strange gazes again!”

Suddenly, Lin Mos eyes lit up!

As the saying went, as long as ones thoughts did not slip, there would always be more solutions than difficulties!

Lin Mo pondered for a moment and conjured up a way to stay idle in peace.

He immediately picked up his phone and dialed.

“Haoran, youre going to the sprint class today, right”

“Of course I have to go!” Gao Haoran yawned from the other side phone.

He had probably just woken up.

“There are classes all day today.

I definitely have to go for a good session! Who knows, I might be able to gain a lot”

“Thats right! The college entrance examination is in about ten days.

You have to hurry up!” Lin Mo encouraged him and said, “I remember you can drive, right Drive out today and come to my house on the way.

Pick me up too!”

That was Lin Mos plan—as soon as Gao got the family car out, he could lie comfortably in it all day without worrying about being seen.

“Youre going too, Brother Mo There is a whole day of class today.

Wont it be too boring for you to stay outside How about you stay home today!”

“What are you talking about!” Lin Mo said seriously.

“Do you not think we are brothers Have you forgotten that the dream of martial arts is our shared dream”

Gao Haoran was quite moved.

“Brother! My bad!”

Satisfied, Lin Mo hung up.

Talking to young people means talking about dreams!

Ten minutes later, Gao Haoran appeared in Lin Mos neighborhood.

It was an extended commercial car, but there were only two seats, the driver and front passenger seats.

The back had actually been changed into a large bed.

It was obvious that the modification fee alone was not cheap.

“Yo, a luxury car! Your fathers” Lin Mo asked casually as he got into the passenger seat.

“Yeah! We have three cars at home.

One for my dad and one for my mom,” Gao Haoran said.

“What about this one” Lin Mo couldnt help but feel puzzled.

Wasnt two cars enough Gao Haoran was still a high school student and didnt usually drive.

Why do they need three cars at home

“So…” Gao Haoran explained.

“My parents often go out together at night to discuss business, and Ill end up home alone.

They drive this car out so they can rest in the car when they are tired!”

‘Oh ho

Lin Mo immediately realized something and smiled meaningfully.

“Your parents are messing around pretty well!”


“What” Gao Haoran looked confused.

He really didnt know what Lin Mo was talking about!

The martial arts high school students in this world were all busy with involuting.

There were probably not many who could understand Lin Mos words!

“Also! Guess what this is!” Gao Haoran took out a small refrigerated box with a mysterious expression.

“Did your father buy you medicine again” The price of high-tech medicine from the underground black market was really not cheap.

“Its an A1 evolution potion!” Gao Haoran said solemnly.

At the same time, he was gloating a little.

“I dont know how my dad got his hands on it, but he actually managed to buy an authentic A1 evolution potion! Look at it Youve never seen it before, right”

“Uh…” Lin Mo only wanted to say that he had actually seen this before.

‘Not only have I seen it, I drank it yesterday!

Its pretty meh.

It was just an increase of 10 kilograms, not that interesting!

Plus he would receive another ten today.

“Guess how much this small A1 evolution potion costs” Gao Haoran continued to show off.

“Its almost equivalent to half a house!”

‘Half a house

This time, Lin Mo was a little surprised.

With the property prices in Haicheng City, even in a remote place, half a house would cost one or two million!

He had not expected an A1 evolution potion to be so valuable.

If he were to receive ten A1 evolution potions today, wouldnt that be equivalent to receiving five houses

In that case, it didnt seem like there was anything special about Gao Haorans fifty-something houses!

“Hehe! Dont be too shocked!” Of course, Gao Haoran didnt know what Lin Mo was thinking.

Seeing that he was a little surprised, he couldnt help but show off even more proudly.

“Next, Ill let you see what it means to drink half a house in one gulp!”

With that, Gao Haoran took out the A1-level evolution potion and downed it.

At the same moment.

In Yin Jians house.

Yin Jians mother returned, exhausted.

“Mom, youve worked hard!” Yin Jian quickly helped pour water into a cup.

“Your Uncle Wang said…” Mother Yin first took a sip of warm water in relief before continuing, “There will be an A1 evolution potion sent to your school today!”

“A1-level evolution potion” Yin Jian was shocked.

“Uncle Wang can actually get this”

“Your Uncle Wang said that the higher-ups seem to be short of funds recently, which is why some A1-level evolution potions are flowing into the black market.

After all, your Uncle Wang is the director of the MAD.

He has some channels to get them at a lower price!” Mother Yin explained.


Yin Jian nodded.

“This potion wont form any resistance with other potions! If I can get a few more, Ill be able to enter a key martial arts university!”

“Dont worry, Ill do my best!” Mrs.

Yin said expectantly.

She was looking forward to something unknown.


At the side, Mr.

Yins eyes were also filled with anticipation.

“Our old Yin family is finally going to produce a student from a key martial arts university!”


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