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‘A few minutes ago.

Gao Haoran was pushed by more than twenty students to his car.

“Look! Brother Mo is here!” Gao Haoran pointed at Lin Mo in the passenger seat and said proudly, “Brother Mo seems to be asleep.

Dont wake him up!”

The group immediately leaned over the car and watched.

“Its really Lin Mo!”

“He actually came!”

“I thought Gao Haoran was bragging!”

Hearing everyones exclamations, Gao Haoran immediately became arrogant.

“How can you question the brotherhood between me and Brother Mo”

But then, the focus of the students changed.

“Did you notice that this window is the closest to Jiang Xue!” Skinny Monkey abruptly turned into a professional detective and analyzed.

“Lin Mo is hiding in the car.

He can look at Jiang Xue from a close distance without being easily discovered… This location, hey, is amazing!”


This group of students ran out seeking to verify if Lin Mo was actually a stalker dog!

Now that Skinny Monkey said that, everyone immediately got their questions confirmed!

He was definitely looking a stalker dog!

Otherwise, out of the countless windows the gym has, why would Lin Mo choose to be at the window closest to Jiang Xue Could it be a coincidence

‘There are not so many coincidences in the world!

Soon anotherProfessional Detective popped up.

“Have you noticed—the modified bed in the back of this commercial car is clearly very comfortable.

Why does Lin Mo have to lie in the passenger seat and sleep This is because only the passenger seat can see Jiang Xue, and the back seat cant!”

“Impressive, impressive! This observation is meticulous!”

“The analysis makes sense!”

“Also, why did Lin Mo fall asleep in the middle of the day He must have been tired from stalking so hard… Hes probably daydreaming now!”

“This is definitely a stalker dog!”

“Theres no doubt about it!”

“Hes too lowly.

He doesnt even dare to be a lackey.

He can only be a stalker dog!”

Lin Mo would never have thought that he would gain the title of “True Stalker Dog” while lying in the car and taking a nap!

At this moment, Lin Mo woke up as if he had sensed something.

When he opened his eyes, he was completely dumbfounded!

“Whats going on Did zombies surround the city after I slept” Anyone who woke up and saw the dense crowd of figures lying on the car window would probably have the same reaction.

Lin Mo almost activated “Fighting Zombie Mode”.

Fortunately, he reacted in time.

However, the discussion outside the car made Lin Mos face darken.

True Stalker Dog

Damn it, these people are treating me like a stalker again!

Lin Mo was really speechless!

He was just here to farm his involution index.

Why did people always treat him like a dog

Was Jiang Xue that charming Anyone who appeared near her for no reason would be mistaken for a simp

“No! I cant continue to be misunderstood! There are still more than ten days before the martial arts college entrance examination.

If Im surrounded by people like this every day, wont I be annoyed to death” Lin Mo pushed open the car door aggressively, planning to explain himself.

At that moment, Lin Mos phone rang.

“Its my delivery call!” Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

Last night, he had achieved a 20-game win streak at the novice training field and was rewarded with ten A1 evolution potions.

The delivery address he had left was still at the school gate.

“Damn! Theres no time to explain! Picking up the express delivery is more important!” Lin Mo immediately ran away.

That was an A1 evolution potion!

Each was half a house!

Ten was equivalent to five houses!

If anything happened to such an expensive package, it would be too late to cry! Of course, Lin Mo had to obtain it immediately to feel at ease.

As for being a stalker dog and Jiang Xue… How could Lin Mo care about explaining this at this time


Even if he was only an advanced martial arts apprentice, his running speed was extremely fast! In the blink of an eye, Lin Mo disappeared at the end of the street.

And the group of “famous detectives” finally reacted.

“Lin Mo ran away!”

“He must have flown into a rage out of humiliation!”

“Isnt it too much for us to watch a stalker dog like this After all, even dogs should have dignity!”

“Thats right! Its already not easy for me to be a lackey, let alone a stalker dog.

It must be even harder for Lin Mo!”

Gao Haoran stared blankly in the direction where Lin Mo had disappeared.

“Is my brother really a dog”

On the street opposite Haicheng Martial Arts High School was the same inconspicuous minibus from yesterday.

But today, there were not just five official martial artists in this bulletproof minibus, but ten!

Moreover, these official martial artists were not laughing like yesterday.

Everyones expression was abnormally serious.

Because yesterday, they were only carrying out a D-rank mission; but today, it was an A-rank mission!

The mission level was so high! Even if the specific content of the mission was just a delivery, it still made it impossible for these official martial artists to relax!

In addition to this car escorting the “mission goods”, there were two other minibus secretly following and protecting nearby.

More than ten official martial artists had already disguised themselves as passersby and gone to the nearby area to investigate the hidden dangers!

“Captain, what mission is this today” The person who asked was the official martial artist who delivered the package yesterday.

“The same recipient.

After a day, the mission level actually went from D-rank to A-rank!”

“Dont ask what you shouldnt! Dont forget the confidentiality regulations!” the captain chided.

Actually, the captain himself wasnt sure what the mission was.

He didnt even know what they were escorting.

An A-rank mission was already quite a high-level mission! If it was just escorting ten A1-rank evolution potions, it was impossible to reach such a high mission level.

The true core of this mission was… secrecy!

‘Absolutely confidential!

It was precisely because the level of confidentiality was so high that this mission was designated as an A-rank mission!

The official martial artists on the mission also knew very well what the consequences would be if they revealed anything.

“Yes!” The courier shuddered at the rebuke.

“I spoke out of turn!”

“Captain, Captain! We have a suspicious situation!”

At this moment, the team member who was investigating the hidden danger outside suddenly called out into his wireless earpiece.

The captain became even more serious.

“Report now!”

“Its the suspicious person from yesterday!” The team member who reported the situation was the official martial artist wearing Captain Woofs T-shirt yesterday.

“Its the person we beat up!”

“Is it the one called Yin Jian” The captain immediately reacted.

As professional mission personnels, their memory was very strong.

“Yes! Thats him! He showed up again today.

Will it affect our mission somehow”

“If youre not sure if theres a threat, just treat it as one!” The principle of Class A confidentiality was that it was better to kill the wrong person than let any suspicious person go.

“Follow him.

Ill change into Peppa Pigs T-shirt and rush over now!”


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