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It was dusk.

At the entrance of Haicheng Martial Arts High School, Yin Jian was as excited as a bird in the morning.

He had just signed for a delivery.

It was the A1 evolution potion that his Uncle Wang had obtained for him through his connections.

As they did not come from the Primordial Universe, there was no special confidentiality work or official martial artist escort.

“Ive finally got it!”

Holding the package, Yin Jian felt the weight of a mothers love.

“A bottle of A1-level evolution potion can increase my punching strength by 10 kilograms, and it wont produce any resistance! As long as I have a few more bottles, Ill be able to enter a key martial arts university!”

“As long as I can graduate from a key martial arts university, my future achievements will definitely not be as simple as an ordinary official martial artist.

At the very least… I will be a Celestial Martial Artist!”

Although official martial artists would have some privileges in society, their status in the martial arts circle was actually very low.

After all… the threshold to enter the martial arts circle was an official martial artist! What status can an ordinary official martial artist achieve in the martial arts circle

It was completely impossible to have a status!

However, it was different for Celestial Martial Artists! It was difficult for even one in ten official martial artists to become a Celestial Martial Artist!

“If I can become a more powerful Celestial Martial Artist, such as a six-star martial artist… then I will avenge my father!”

His fathers humiliation was brought about by his Uncle Wang.

When Yin Jian thought of this, his eyes flashed with the desire for revenge!

As the saying went, the vengeance of stealing a wife was irreconcilable!

Furthermore, it was his dads vengeance!

“I need to hurry up and go home to take this potion!” With excitement, Yin Jian rushed towards home.

But hed only taken a few steps when he passed the entrance of an alley… when a rough, powerful arm shot out of his blind spot and grabbed him.

Like catching a little chick.

Yin Jian looked stunned.

“Whats going on Could it be a robbery” Yin Jian felt that it was unlikely.

The A1 evolution medicine was bound to DNA.

It would be useless even if others snatched it.

Soon, Yin Jian saw who it was.

Peppa Pig tattooed on the body.

Applause for the salaryman!

And Captain Woof!

Werent these the two people who had beaten him up yesterday

Yin Jian had a bad feeling.

Was he going to get beaten up again

“What… whats the matter, brothers” Yin Jian asked fearfully as he held the package protectively in his arms.

The captain in the Peppa Pig T-shirt said with an amused expression, “There is one thing that makes me angrier the more I think about it when I go back yesterday!”

“Please speak of your sorrows, Big Brother!” Yin Jian lowered his stance.

He understood perfectly well that if he said the anything rude, hed get the worst beating!

Since he was under someone elses presence, he should lower himself!

“Youre not Ren Chen, are you” Peppa Pig asked.

“Im not Ren Chen! Definitely not!” Ren Chen would get beaten up.

Even if he was Ren Chen, he did not dare to admit it! Besides, he really was not!

“We believe you!” Peppa Pig said again.

Yin Jian breathed a sigh of relief.

Thinking of what had happened yesterday, Yin Jian felt like crying! That beating came out of nowhere!

Fortunately, he probably wouldnt get another beating today.

“But…” Peppa Pigs voice suddenly went cold.

“Thats why I get angrier the more I think about it!”


“Huh” Yin Jian said.

“Since youre not Ren Chen, why didnt you say so earlier yesterday” Peppa Pig rebuked angrily.

“Just because you didnt say so earlier, it made my hand hurt! The more I think about it, the angrier I get!”


“Huh” Yin Jian was completely stunned.

‘You can do that

You hit me for no reason and I was beaten up for no reason.

In the end, your hand ends up hurting and you still want to settle scores with me

‘Is there any justice

‘Where are the laws


“Brother, you were so focused on beating me up that you didnt even ask if I was Ren Chen!” Yin Jian explained.

“How dare you quibble!” Peppa Pig was suddenly furious.

“Beat him up!”

Captain Woof also pressed forward.

“Beat him up!”


At the school gate.

Lin Mo had no idea that because of him, Yin Jian had suffered a disaster twice.

At this moment, Lin Mo was happily signing for the delivery.

Ten A1-grade evolution potions were worth five houses in Haicheng City! Moreover, without a certain amount of connections, one could not even buy them with money!

As for Lin Mo, he had received another ten for free from the beginners training ground.

“I have to win another ten when I go back tonight!” Lin Mo thought.

At the same time, he looked at the delivery man and asked, “Which delivery company are you from The service is so good!”

“Aha!” The delivery man scratched his head.

How could the service not be good They had to clear the area for you every time they delivered a package.

“Our companys express delivery is not open to the public.

If you feel that the service is good, please give me a five-star rating!”

After saying that, the delivery man turned around and left, afraid that he would expose himself.

Lin Mo also took the package and prepared to rush back to the gym.

There was still class at night, so he had to continue staying idle over there.

“Why do I suddenly feel like… I seem to be involuting while staying idle” Lin Mo suddenly had such a thought.

He rushed around every day to be idle.

Wasnt that a little involuted

However, when he thought about how others were cultivating tirelessly while he was doing nothing, Lin Mo immediately threw this thought to the back of his mind.

“If this is still called involuting, then theres no peace in this world!”

Lin Mo strode towards the alley where Yin Jian had been beaten up.

“Captain, Captain!” The delivery man saw Lin Mos route and hurriedly called into his wireless earpiece.

“The target client is heading your way.

Please pay attention!”

“What” The captains surprised voice came through his earpiece.

“Then Ill hit this guy harder!”

There were several routes from the school to the gym.

The route that Lin Mo chose now was a little different from when he came.

He stopped as he passed the entrance of an alley.

What did he see Isnt this Yin Jian being beaten up inside! Moreover, Lin Mo had seen these two people yesterday.

Logically speaking, he should greet someone he knew.

However, for a moment, Lin Mo did not know what to say.

Could it be… Ah, what a coincidence.

Another beating

The atmosphere was suddenly strange.

At this moment, a little yellow dog passed by in the alley and could not help but look up at Yin Jian, who was being beaten up.

Then, it walked to the telephone pole beside Yin Jian as if nothing had happened and peed before walking to the side to continue watching.

Yin Jian was also a little confused.

It was fine if he was beaten up, but Lin Mo actually saw it.

This was a little embarrassing!

In a daze, the package that Yin Jian had been protecting fell out.

While he was being beaten up just now, a hole had already appeared in the package.

The A1 evolution potion inside had just slid out of the hole and… landed beside the telephone pole with great precision.

It was in the area that the little yellow dog had just “marked”.



The potion landed right in the center of the marked area!


The fragile potion bottle shattered on the floor.


Yin Jians eyes widened.

“My A1 evolution potion!”

This was a potion that he had just painstakingly obtained from Uncle Wang!

It was full of all the heartache his father suffered!

And now it just spilled all over the floor

Fortunately… Yin Jian was more or less experienced in solving such problems!

Almost without hesitation, before the potion was completely mixed with the other liquids and before the potion had seeped into the ground, Yin Jian suddenly erupted with great strength and broke free from the two people who had grabbed him.

Then, he plunged to the ground and crazily recovered his losses!


“Well …”

Lin Mo was dumbfounded.

Peppa Pig and Captain Woof were also dumbfounded.

Even the little yellow dog that had made the mark was dumbfounded.




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